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    Arendelís Serpent's Skull Journal. (Complete! 06/25/13, With Pictures!)

    Arendelís Serpent's Skull Journal.

    No, the Heroes of the Barrow have not returnedÖ Instead we have the 5 Castaways and their adventures through the Serpentís Skull Adventure Path. This is a Pathfinder game with 5 players and 1 DM. 4 of the participants you may recognize from the original Story Hour, with 2 new players, picked up during Shackled City. One of those 2 has decided to take the reins as DM, allowing me to participate as a player.

    Though many seem to dislike the ďjournalĒ style story hour, Iím going to use this as a tool to keep track of my characters experiences through the AP and hopefully someone will enjoy reading it. This journal will of course contain spoilers for the Serpents Skull AP and will be from the (perhaps limited) perspective of my character, Arendel Whisperson. Unlike most adventurers, Arendel is not a brooding orphan. He is a happy, well adjusted son of a single mother (a powerful Eldritch Knight) on a quest to sate his desire for knowledge. He prefers diplomacy (World Traveler (Diplomacy) Trait) over fighting, but will defend himself and his friends in a pinch.

    DM Ė Soanso

    The 5 PC castaways are as follows:

    Arendel Whisperson Ė Human Fire Elemental Wizard 1 (Abciximab)
    Chumba-Wumba Ė Human Female Barbarian 1 (Gretchen)
    Max ďLittleĒ Hammer Ė Human Fighter 1 (Peteinmaine)
    Acemodius and Kay Es Ė Tiefling Summoner 1 and his Eidolon. (Mundinironhand)
    Taraz Nadar (AKA: Tíar Roddan) Ė Aasimar Oracle 1 (Adam B.)

    As this is a playerís journal, my perspective on events may be skewed. Please keep future spoilers out of the thread.
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