D&D 4th Edition [Adventure] Serpent's Skull: Souls for Smuggler's Shiv (DM: Mewness; Judge: THB) - Page 102

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    While Kane and Noriaki finish off the creature in front of him, Takahaan notices an opening. Calling to Sasha, she steps back and aims, firing two arrows at the bird-creature attacking Castile but it manages to swoop out of the way at the last second.

    Seeing Castile under pressure he calls out to her as well. "Lady Castile, we will come to your aid! Strike hard and end this."


    Move: Shift Sasha to L3

    Standard: Sasha does Twin Strike on Pneckosaur 1. Miss.

    Minor: Inspiring Word on Castile. Heals her for 17, bringing her to 45 HP.

    Sasha's attack roll: 1d20+9=13, 1d20+9=15

    Heal: 1d6=4
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    Edit: Lol ... looks like I'm not the only one who wanted to use Sasha this turn! Okay ... so let's so a re-write ...

    Trying to shake the painful ringing from his ears, Kane reaches out to the reptile's mind next to him and links it to his arcane ward. "No birdie, you face K-kane"
    As Noriaki strikes down the screamer and roars in triumph, his ears seem to balance, his mind comes together in decision, and once again just as he is about to cast, his vest illuminates brightly and dazzles the Pneckosaur by his side. The air explodes between the two long necked reptiles, but the freezing air is unable to pierce their thick scales.

    Realising the chicks paid no heed to his arcane call, Kane attempts to use his own voice, imitating Sasha, calling the chicks much more softly and warmly this time. And the chicks seem to respond, moving away from the edge of the cliff towards Kane.


    Minor Action: Aegis of Shielding on Pneckosaur 2
    Freezing Burst centred between 2 pneckosaurs
    Move Action: Kane uses Nature to call chicks
    What can I say ... I really hate the dice roller.
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    GM: Noriaki killed Pscreamy 1, so roar of triumph is active if he wants it (it would reduce the defenses of the Pneckosaurs by 2)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbear View Post
    Edit: Lol ... looks like I'm not the only one who wanted to use Sasha this turn! Okay ... so let's so a re-write ...
    OOC: Sorry :P That poor girl is being manipulated by all of our manly men PCs!
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    OOC: Ah, sure, mewness

    As the pterosaur dies, it lets out one last scream of anguish. The other pterosaurs are shaken upon hearing its death cry.
    L4W: Noriaki Matsumoto, Barbarian Samurai

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    Quote Originally Posted by GROMkill
    "Lady Castile, we will come to your aid! Strike hard and end this."
    "Right! They'll never expect this" she replies confidently. "Okay birds, get ready for: SPECIAL ATTACK TECHNIQUE - SPINNING BEAR CLAW!"
    Naturally, she makes the name up on the spot.

    Castile places her large shield between herself and the pneckosaur that narrowly missed her, and she uses the cover to march straight toward the other bird-lizard. When she gets herself nice and surrounded, she twirls about with her axe like she's performing a lutz jump. The technique completely surprises the pneckosaur and it foolishly stumbles in the path of her axe. The other bird-lizard, more confused than anything else, ducks out of the way.

    Castile tries to follow up with a shield bash attack, but all that spinning has left her a little dizzy...

    Castile actions / stats
    Move: Pass Forward to L6.

    Standard: Hack and Hew vs Pneck 1 and Pneck 2. Crits Pneck 1 for 24 damage and Castile gains 8 THP. Misses AC 13 against Pneck 2. Pneck 1 is marked, but I'll let Kane's mark stand on Pneck 2. (1d20+9=29; 1d20+9=13; [1d12+7=19], crit: 5)

    Free: Bold Victory! when Castile bloodies Pneck 1. She gains +2 AC TENT.

    AP-Standard: Using Bravura Presence. Tide of Iron vs Pneck 1 misses AC 14, so Castile grants CA until the end of her next turn. (1d20+9=14)

    PC:Castile (Dekana) - L4W Wiki- Female Dwarf Fighter 4
    Passive Perception: 19, Passive Insight: 14
    AC:21, Fort:20, Reflex:17, Will:16, +5 saves vs poison, Speed:5
    HP:8 THP + 45/52, Bloodied:26, Surge Value:13, Surges left:11/13
    Initiative +2
    Action Points: 0 (encounter)

    +2 AC TENT (not included above)
    Granting CA TENT

    MBA: Waraxe, +9 vs AC, 1d12+7 damage and gain 4 THP (see Combat notes below)
    RBA: Waraxe, +9 vs AC, 1d12+7 damage, 6/12
    Combat Challenge, Pass Forward
    Crushing Surge, Tide of Iron
    Bold Victory, Dwarven Resilience, Guardian's Counter, Hack and Hew, Shield Edge Block
    Comeback Strike, Dwarven Thrower Waraxe, Second Chance

    Combat notes: +2 melee / close damage with THP, +2 to attack roll on OAs, OAs stop enemy movement
    Immediate actions
    1. Shield Edge Block when an adjacent enemy hits Castile with a close or melee attack and would have missed with a -4 penalty to the attack. Immediate Interrupt, +8 vs Fort, 2d6+4 damage and +4 THP. Effect: The target takes a -4 penalty to the triggering attack.

    2. Combat Challenge when an adjacent enemy marked by Castile shifts or attacks an ally and doesn't include her in the attack. Immediate Interrupt, MBA vs AC. On a hit, the target is also pushed 1 if that would force it out of range for its triggering attack (no push otherwise).

    3. Guardian's Counter when an ally within 2 squares of Castile is attacked and she isn't included. Immediate Interrupt, Castile and the ally switch places and she is the target instead. After the attack, she makes a basic attack vs the attacker.

    4. Opportunity Attack as usual, 1/turn. MBA+2 vs AC. On a hit, the target stops moving (if a move provoked the OA).
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    H˙ LÝ blows a strange note, with clashing overtones and harmonics. The long-necked creature, already reeling from Castile's blow is distracted and confused by the note. The strange sound helps clear Noriaki's head, but unfortunately, H˙ LÝ still can not clear her own.
    Dissonant Strain (Will) vs. Pneckosaur 1: 18(1d20) +8 = 26; 6(2d6) +5 = 11 Pneckosaur takes 11 damage, is -2 to attacks TENT. Also, Noriaki can make a saving throw.
    Noriaki save vs. Dazed: 18(1d20) = 18 yay!
    H˙ LÝ save vs. Dazed: 3(1d20) = 3 boo!
    H˙ LÝ
    The Black Fox Fox Spirit (Changeling) Bard 4
    Initiative: +3, Passive Perception: 18, Passive Insight: 20
    AC:19, Fort:13, Reflex:17, Will:18
    +4 vs. AC, 1d6-1 damage

    HP:27/39, Bloodied:19, Surge Value:9, Surges left:8/8
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: unused
    Powers: Fox Spirit Disguise, Wild Shape, Staggering Note, Vicious Mockery
    Blunder, Dissonant Strain, Fox Spirit Trick, Grasping Claws, Majestic Word x2, Words of Friendship, Noble Presence, Painted Drum
    Stirring Shout, Canon of Avoidance

    Virtue of Cunning: Once per round, when an enemy misses an ally within 9 squares of the Black Fox, the Fox may slide the ally 1 square as a free action.

    L4E characters: Fenwick Orc Barbarian 9, Kaeysari Shifter Fighter 7, The Black Fox Bard 4

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    Sasha utters a little scream of frustration as both her shots miss. “Get it together,” she mutters to herself furiously. “This isn’t just practice!” Meanwhile, the little reptile-birds move toward Kane, all except for the one on the very edge of the cliff, which struggles to regain its purchase on the rocks.

    Pterosaur Wranglin’, Round 3

    The injured long-necked reptile bird strikes savagely at Castile with both beak and claw, but its blows barely make any impression. It then takes off so suddenly that it avoids Castile’s counterattack and flies beyond her reach.

    The less-injured of the two takes off, circles around, and charges Kane, but he has little trouble avoiding the blow.

    The smaller creature swoops rapidly down on Noriaki, clawing him and knocking him to the side (which provokes another little scream from Sasha), before veering sharply away and up with a triumphant squawk that sets everyone's teeth on edge. Noriaki feels the sword stir eagerly in his hand, hungry for blood.

    actions and rolls
    Chicks 1-3 move as close to Kane as they can get. Chick 4 gets up from prone.

    Pneck 1 recharge diving charge
    3(1d6) = 3

    Pneckosaur 1 attacks Castile: Pneck 1 basic vs AC (+2 CA), Castile; damage
    3(1d20) +11 +2 = 16; 14(2d10) +5 = 19

    And a minor action attack: Pneck 1 rake vs AC, Castile; damage
    19(1d20) +11 +2 = 32; 2(1d6) +6 = 8
    hits for 8.

    Move: sly takeoff, a shift + move that provokes combat challenge. Castile combat challenge vs AC (-2), Pneck 1; damage
    8(1d20) +9 -2 = 15; 3(1d12) +7 = 10
    misses. Pneck 1 shifts then moves to E5 (6 squares up).

    Pneck 2 recharge diving charge
    5(1d6) = 5
    success. Move: sly takeoff. Shifts away from Kane and moves up for a charge.

    Standard: Pneck 2 diving charge vs AC, Kane; damage
    5(1d20) +11 = 16; 2(2d10) +10 = 12

    Pscreamosaur 1 does a flyby on Noriaki. Pscream 2 swooping slash vs AC, Noriaki; damage
    19(1d20) +11 = 30; 7(1d8) +6 = 13
    hits for 13. Hideous squawk gives Castile, Kane, Noriaki, and Takahaan a -2 penalty to attack rolls until EONT. Noriaki is bloodied and slid to L10. Pscream 1 moves to T14 (7 squares up)

    Note: Takahaan could use Guardian’s Counter to take this hit (in which case he and Noriaki swap places) but would be slid out of the way before he gets to make the basic attack. (And it would prevent Noriaki from being bloodied, of course, which is less fun for his sword.)

    As a move action, you can make a DC 20 Nature check in an attempt to calm/coax the chicks. If you succeed, each chick immediately takes a move action as you direct, and does not take one on its usual turn. Chicks have a move of 4 (and see the section on terrain).

    As a move action, you can make a DC 22 check with some other skill to attempt to influence the behavior of the chicks. I’ll allow anything that seems reasonable (Arcana to produce compelling lights or noises, interpersonal skills, etc.). If you succeed, pick one of the following effects:
    -- one chick immediately takes a move action as you direct (and none on its usual turn) or
    -- all the chicks give up their move actions for the round and do nothing.

    Regardless of how many attempts you make to influence the chicks, no chick may take more than one move action each round.

    As a standard action, you can make a DC 14 Acrobatics or Athletics check to grab an adjacent chick and hold onto it to keep it safe. You must fulfill the usual conditions for maintaining a grab (hand free, not dazed, etc.). While grabbed, a chick is considered to be in your square, but cannot be targeted by attacks. Each round that you hold the chick, you must repeat the Acrobatics or Athletics check on your turn as a free action. If you fail, the chick escapes into an adjacent square and moves on its turn as usual.

    If you successfully influence a chick that you are holding using one of the methods above, it will stop trying to escape for as long as you hold it. You do not need to make any further Acrobatics or Athletics checks.

    The chicks count as your allies, and can be targeted by things that affect allies. They do not have any attacks, cannot flank, and they do not provoke OAs when they move. If you use an effect on a chick that allows it to spend a healing surge and recover hit points, it is fully healed by that effect.

    Special Note about Falling
    Because falling off the rightmost edge would probably be fatal (and at the very least would take a character completely out of the fight), it is impossible for a PC or Sasha to fall off into the blue area during this fight. If you would fall off under the normal rules (i.e. you are forced over the edge and fail your save), then you stay prone on the edge and in addition become dazed until the end of your next turn.

    Terrain and Elevation
    All terrain is normal except for the nest, which is difficult terrain. The different shades of grey represent rock ledges at different elevations. The red numbers are elevations relative to the rough, light brown terrain at the top. (You can also tell where the drops are by the shadows: a thin shadow represents a 5-foot difference and a thick shadow represents a 10-foot difference.)

    Moving to an adjacent square that is 5 feet higher or lower costs an extra square of movement. Moving to an adjacent square that is 10 feet higher or lower requires climbing (DC 15). Chicks can handle 5-foot changes without spending extra squares of movement, but they can’t handle 10-foot changes at all.

    Controlling Sasha
    Companion NPCs in Combat

    Any PC can take a standard, move, or minor action to have an NPC perform an action of the same (or a lesser) type. E.g., if you want Sasha to use Twin Strike, you spend a standard action. If you want her to move, you spend a move action. An NPC is limited to the usual number of actions each round (but those actions need not all be granted by the same PC). An NPC who has an immediate action can likewise only use it if a PC has an immediate action available to use on his/her behalf.

    NPCs can take free actions and opportunity actions normally, without the direction of PCs. They are always considered to have their weapons in hand and don’t need to spend actions unsheathing them.

    If all of the PCs act in a given round without giving any actions to a particular NPC, I will have that NPC take one non-offensive action. This will most likely be Second Wind if it is needed and available, and movement or Total Defense if it is not. (It won’t be necessary for PCs to spend their own standard actions to have NPCs use second wind.)

    HP 22/34, Bloodied 17, Surge value 8; Surges 7/7
    Str 10, Con 12, Dex 18, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 12
    AC 18, Fort 16, Reflex 18, Will 14
    Skills: Nature +8, Perception +8, Stealth +10
    Striker: 1/round, Sasha can deal 1d6 extra damage when she hits an enemy she has CA against.
    longbow +9 vs. AC, 1d10+5 damage (range 20/40)
    Twin Strike (standard; martial, weapon; ranged weapon, one or two creatures)
    Attack: +9 vs. AC, two attacks
    Hit: 1d10+1 damage per attack
    [o] Evasive Strike (standard; martial, weapon; ranged weapon, one creature)
    Special: Sasha can shift 3 squares either before or after the attack
    Attack: +9 vs. AC
    Hit: 2d10+5 damage
    [o] Crucial Advice (immediate reaction; ranged 5)
    Trigger: An ally within range that Sasha can see or hear makes a Nature, Perception, or Stealth check
    Effect: The ally can reroll the skill check with a +2 power bonus.
    [o] Heroic Effort (no action; personal)
    Trigger: Sasha misses with an attack or fails a save
    Effect: Sasha gains a +4 racial bonus to the attack roll or saving throw.
    [o] Second Wind

    Conditions: none

    Good Guys
    Castile (L6) HP 45/52; surges 11/13; -2 attack rolls, bold victory, grants CA
    H˙ LÝ (N3) HP 27/39; surges 8/8; dazed (save ends)
    Kane (L1) HP 38/38; surges 10/10; -2 attack rolls
    Noriaki (L10) HP 18/45; surges 9/9; bloodied, -2 attack rolls
    Takahaan (O7) HP 33/39; surges 8/8; -2 attack rolls
    Sasha (L3) HP 22/34; surges 7/7

    Chick 1 (N7)
    Chick 2 (J10)
    Chick 3 (O9)
    Chick 4 (H17)

    Bad Guys
    Pneckosaur 1 (E5 +6) 55 damage taken, diving charge used, -2 attacks, bloodied, marked by Castile
    Pneckosaur 2 (O6) 9 damage taken, diving charge used, marked by Kane
    Pscreamosaur 1 (N7) dead
    Pscreamosaur 2 (J14 +6) 25 damage taken, curdling screech used,

    Enemy Stats
    Please read the appropriate block(s) only when necessary to resolve attacks or OAs.

    Pscreamosaur (with the open beak)
    AC 19, Fort 17, Ref 18, Will 17; HP 62, bloodied 31
    Bite +10 vs. AC, 1d8+6 damage or 2d6+6 damage with CA.

    Pneckosaur (with the long neck)
    AC 18, Fort 17, Ref 19, Will 18; HP 80, bloodied 40
    Bite (reach 2) +11 vs. AC, 2d10+5 damage.

    Possible triggers that the DM doesn’t want to forget
    Black Fox
    Virtue of Cunning (no action; ally is missed)

    Combat Challenge (interrupt; adjacent marked target shifts or makes an attack that doesn’t include Castile)
    Guardian’s Counter (interrupt; ally within 2 is hit by an attack that doesn’t include Castile)
    Shield Edge Block (interrupt; adjacent enemy hits or misses Castile with a close or melee attack)

    Aegis of Shielding (interrupt; marked enemy hits a target within 10 and the attack doesn’t include Kane)
    Channeling Shield (interrupt; an attack hits Kane or an ally within 10)
    x Dimensional Vortex (interrupt; an enemy within 10 hits an ally with a melee attack)

    Rampage (free; Noriaki scores a critical hit with a Barbarian attack power)
    x Roar of Triumph (free; Noriaki reduces an enemy to 0 hp)
    x Shrug it Off (reaction; Noriaki is subjected to a save ends effect)
    Thaneborn Triumph (no action; Noriaki bloodies an enemy)

    Guardian’s Counter (interrupt; ally within 2 is hit by an attack that doesn’t include Takahaan)
    Vengeance is Mine (reaction; an enemy hits Takahaan)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails WranglinMap3.jpg  
    Papolstaanas (babbling kobold); Pharodeys (living statue); Scarmiglione (singing kenku)

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    Kane's armour once again flashes into the long necked pterosaur's eyes, causing it to turn its head a moment as Kane sends the spirit of his blade in search of the furthest pneckosaur's mind. He is repelled by a furious haze of anger, and the piercing ringing in his head is not helping his concentration in the slightest.

    Phantasmal Assault vs Pneck 1

    Shift to O5

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    double post...
    'I am a predator...the predator improves the race...I kill but not out of hate.'
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