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    Professor Masetin sees the party to the gate, from which they proceed back through the streets to the gatehouse, where Fenkton is posted. As they enter and approach the room in which they were initially briefed, they hear voices. One of them is Fenkton. The other is low, and sounds rather angry, "The people are not impressed by Ekton's lack of progress. It's been nearly four weeks since Lord Hallmaster and our Master Armorer have gone missing, and he has yet to turn over the slightest evidence concerning their whereabouts."

    "Please, Lord Astrix,"
    Fenkton's voice is calm, but fearful, "We need more time. We've found five helpers from abroad who can...oh, here they are." Fenkton turns to the group as they enter. He is overshadowed by a large human, dressed in shiny, gray leather. The man's six foot-eight-inch frame looms over the watchman like an enormous shade tree. "Hello. I trust that your return means you've found something. Any progress?" Fenkton asks hopefully.

    "As a matter of fact," Mab speaks for the group, "We have been interviewing Professor Masetin, and going through Professor Aramista's things, and we have reason to suspect that the thieving gang, recently exposed in the inn's cellar, might have something to do with the professor's disappearance. Would you be so kind as to take us there?"

    The "Aren't you going to introduce us?" the tall man booms.

    Fenkton jumps at the man's voice, "Oh, of course." the watchman turns back and forth between the big man and the adventurers, "Friends, this is Lord Vythdar Astrix, Peoples Council to Lord Ekton. Lord Astrix represents the interests of the citizens of Rioc Alair before Lord Ekton's court."

    The big man nods to the group, "Fenkton has told me that you are investigating the persons who have gone missing of late," he stares each of the five down, "I trust that you will not disappear as did the last group of 'investigators'." He pauses to let the words sink in, "You do realize, of course, that this cellar has been looked over several times. Of course, no one has remained in town long enough to report on anything they've found. Good day." With that Lord Astrix takes an abrupt leave, ducking his head as he exits the doorway to the briefing room, calling back, "Good luck with your investigation," not bothering to look back over his shoulder as if disgusted with the conversation.
    Luinnar, please read
    Draglin seems to find Lord Astrix's name a little odd, almost familiar, like a play on words. 'Astrix" seems to refer to stars, but with a subtle Draconic twist
    Insight DC 25
    Draglin repeats the name out loud several times an realizes that 'Vythdar Astrix' sounds exactly like 'Vyth Darastrix' which means 'Steel Dragon' in Draconic: An odd name for a human living in such a racially homogeneous city.
    Fenkton sighs as the big man leaves, "You'll have to excuse Lord Astrix. It is his job to see that the people of the city are taken care of, and he's under immense pressure to resolve this issue of missing persons." The watchman's eyes shoot up as he remembers Mab's request, "Oh. Of course I can take you to the inn." Right this way.

    Fenkton leads the group out of the room and through the double gates, and out into the bustling shantytown that surrounds Rioc Alair's outer walls. The goup needs not look to hard to find The Crystal Mug. It perches on a precipice overlooking the harbor with a gabled wall painted to advertize its presence. The street-facing walls of the inn are wrapped about by a planked porch, and the main entrance is overhung by a placard depicting golden ale erupting foamily from a translucent tankard. The sounds of music, laughter, clanking mugs, and jovial conversation (as well as the occasional drunk) spill from the door and windows and out into the street.

    As the group steps up onto the porch, Fenkton produces a scroll from a shoulder-bag he is carrying at his side. It reads:
    "By order of Lord Ekton, Governor of Rioc Alair, all who read this message are to provide the five who bear it with unrestrained cooperation. They are hereby permitted to carry weapons and perform any tasks as necessary to achieve their ends. Anyone found to have hindered their investigations will be punished to the fullest extent of the law, up to and including execution."
    The scroll is signed 'Emril Ekton' and bears a rather ornate seal.

    Fenkton shrugs sheepishly, "It's what he does when he can't spare a formal entourage. As it is, I have to return to my post, but this letter should get you anywhere in the city." With that, the junior watchman turns and makes his way through the crowded streets, back to the gatehouse.

    The laughter and tavern noises come to an abrupt halt as the odd fivesome enter the common room of The Crystal Mug. A tankard might have lighted on a table, or a whisper might have passed from one patron to another, but for the most part the only the sound of the traffic from the street is audible. All eyes in the common room follow the party as they make their way to the bar, their footfalls raising dust from the floor and producing a seemingly thunderous 'clunk' with every step.

    Upon reaching the bar, they are approached by a young gentleman in an apron, barely in his twenties, attempting to lighten the atmosphere with a friendly smile, however forced, "What'll it be sahrs?"
    GM: Diplomacy Check DC 18

    RP your requests/demands. I suggest that you roll first, and post your characters' comments consistent with the response that the roll is likely to produce.

    Because it's been a while since I posted last, I'm including a reminder of your objective: You are at The Crystal Mug. This is the inn, the cellar of which, was recently discovered to contain the den of a complex ring of thieves. You believe that this den, though heavily picked over, may still contain clues as to Professor Aramista's whereabouts.

    Hence your parlay with the innkeeper to gain access to the inn's cellar. Regardless of the outcome you are determined to get to the cellar. It's just a matter of whether it will be done quietly or by force.

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    Quote Originally Posted by H.M.Gimlord View Post
    Diplomacy Check DC 18
    GM: Is this another required check?

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    GM: Yes. At each of the 4 locations you arrive at, you roll diplomacy to determine the cooperation level of the primary "host". During the first visit, your "host" was Professor Masetin. In this visit, it is the young innkeeper.

    I could roll this for you, but it's more than just a game mechanic. It's a way of guiding the dialogue between you and the people with whom you interact. In this case especially, failing is often more fun than succeeding. After all, this is a tavern on the outside of the city walls. You have a 'Carte Blanche' from the governor (that you don't necessarily have to show people), and no telling what tempers will flare. .

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    Gloom looks around. Having all eyes turned on him seems to not bother him for a moment. "Hi, we are not here to cause any trouble... just to look at some trouble you had lately. You want to speak about it somewhere people won't stare at us." suggests Gloom

    I'll roll normally. I am not sure the bonus from round of skill challenge will help on the diplomacy.

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    "These ones have been sent by the Governor to investigate a brigand lair existing beneath this place, how might these ones gain access?"

    Diplomacy 11

    OOC: Tact included (or lack thereof). Looks like we'll be doing this one by force...

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    OOC: Sadly it is impossible for Draglin to succeed the insight check

    On the way to the inn Draglin seems to be mouthing the name "Astrix". When he gets to the inn he shakes his head and enters. He must have given up on whatever he was thinking of. We're here to looks for some thieves Draglin says in a loud voice. Some you had in here a while ago. They kidnapped some people...probably stole something...ring a bell?

    OOC: Diplomacy = 5

    Oh my, what a nice place you have here young man! Mab says coughing a little under the man's foul breath. My name is Mab, but you can call me Auntie Mab! All my friends do! Famous fortune telerl and fey seer extraordinaire!

    Here, let me tell your future, no charge! she says, grabbing his hand. Oh my, your money line is very long! That means great fortune in the future! Oh and I've never seen a life line this length!

    Oh..she says, he face fallen. From here it seems that a great shame will befall you again as it did in the past...something about pickpockets? Oh dear, perhaps they've returned!

    But never fear dear! she says smiling. You are in the presence of experienced adventurers! We'll have those nasty people evicted before you can say Rumpelstiltskin!
    OOC: Diplomacy = 18

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    OOC: It's been almost a week since the last update. Are we just waiting for @dimsdale to roll for Max?

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    OOC: I suppose I could use this as an excuse, but the majority of rolls have failed the DC, so there's really no need wait for dimsdale. I've got to head off to work, but I'll post an update tonight, and I promise to pick up the pace (meaning less long reading assignments and more encounters).

    Truth is, I don't have as much time as I used to during the week. Weekends are pretty free, though. Things are getting better, but I'm afraid it'll be like that for the next two weeks.

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    ooc: A lot of this is all my fault. DMing two addies and having three characters in other adventures taken more time than I thought. I've posted late a couple times in Iron Sky's adventure. I'll work on posting more quickly. I know in my addies that i don't like to wait long between posts.

    ooc: diplomacy check: 14

    Been doing this type of work for a while now all the warlord states after the rogue speaks. You can count on us. He nods his head, trying to hard to look confident in his ability to perform the task at hand, thinking though that his is not doing a good job at it.

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    OOC: I'm doing two addies as well, and I can feel your pain .
    GM: Diplomacy Rolls:
    Draglin, 5
    Auntie Mab, 18
    Max, 14
    Gloom, 15
    Dante, 11

    Diplomacy Failure! Get ready! Failing was never this fun!

    Status: Skill Challenge interrupted by encounter...
    A stout man rises behind the group as they are gathered in front of the young innkeeper, "Give the man a break! You got no idea what this fellah's been through." The others grumble in agreement, "Last thing he needs is a bunch of freaks opening up old wounds!" More grumbles ripple through the common room accentuated by the occasional, "Hear-hear!"
    Streetwise DC 15
    THe man speaking was outside, and within earshot when Fenkton was explaining the meaning of your Lord Ekton's scroll.
    DC17(Same roll)
    You are no longer within the city walls. If these men were bearing weapons when they put in at port, they are likely to still have them.
    DC 22 (Same roll)
    The speaker bears a gray insignia on his tunic depicting a dragon. You noticed this insignia on at least three other men in the tavern when you walked in.
    DC25 (Same roll)
    You find it odd that the insignia is made out of shiny gray leather, similar to that worn by Lord Astryx.
    The man steps a little closer with a 'friendly' smile, puts the palm of his left hand on Max's shoulder, and with the other, brushes the skirt of his tunic aside revealing a worn-looking, but serviceable mace. His hand comes to light on the pommel of the weapon.

    Many of the patrons are already trying to exit the common room. Some upstairs, some out onto the street.

    Two men, get up and, upending chairs and tables, barricade the exits.

    Five others rise, and reach for weapons.

    The man's smile turns to a sinister grin.
    GM: Initiative: 1d20+12=16 (OK. They're a a little slow).

    Read up. If your initiative exceeds this one, then go ahead and post your actions.
    Gloom -T,-8 81/81HP 11/11HS 1AP
    Draglin -T,-7 74/74HP 9/9HS 1AP
    Dante -T,-6 67/67HP 6/6HS 1AP
    Auntie Mab -T,-9 60/60HP 7/7HS 1AP
    Max -S,-7 67/67HP 8/8HS 1AP

    Human Ruffian 1 -Q,-7 96/96HP
    Human Ruffian 2 -R,-6 96/96HP
    Human Ruffian 3 -S,-1 96/96HP
    Human Ruffian 4 -V,-1 96/96HP
    Human Slavehunter -R,-9 103/103HP
    Human Knife Fighter -Q,-5 214/214HP 1AP
    Human Blademaster 1 -U, -4 94/94HP
    Human Blademaster 2 -W,-5 94/94HP
    Sorry for the rotated orientation and the size, but hey. It's a big inn.
    Terrain: Please Read

    • This will be treated as difficult terrain, but Creatures that are hit while standing in a square that is more than 1/4 occupied by a piece of furniture are subject to a DC 18 athletics check. Failure means that the creature falls prone in a random square adjacent to the piece of furniture and takes 1d6 points of damage.
    • Dropping (or falling) prone behind furniture gives you total concealment and superior cover against any creature on the opposite side of the furniture. From any angle, it provides normal cover, but no concealment. From the same side, you are simply prone.
    • Chairs and stools can be moved 1 square as a minor action, but tables and benches require a standard action. Moving anything further than one square expends a standard action and a move action. (I'm going to assume that everyone here is strong enough to move a table so no strength check ).
    • Chairs, stools, food, plates, cutlery, and mugs can be used as improvised weapons requiring a minor action to pick them up.

    The Bar
    More accurately, squares -v,-10 through -V,-6 and -W,-6 through -Z,-6.

    • Hurdling the bar takes a 2 square jump check (Athletics DC 20), but, if successful, it allows a creature to continue its move without counting the square hurdled.
    • Failure means that you fall prone on top of the bar taking 1d6 points of damage (see Furniture).
    • Creatures can climb over the bar in 2 squares of movement (4 if you count the bar stools. Remember that bar stools are difficult terrain and are not included in this cost).

    Wall Torches

    • These can be used as improvised weapons.
    • To remove a torch requires a minor action.
    • Hitting with a torch does 1d4 fire damage.
    • If a torch is used as a ranged weapon, it can possibly set fire to something. On a roll of 1 with a d6, the target square becomes a zone in which any creature passing through the zone takes 1d4 fire damage. Every round thereafter, a 1d4 is rolled. On a roll of 1, the zone grows to an adjacent square.


    • Bystanders are the ones without illuminated bases.
    • Bystanders are unarmed, and were either curious as to the outcome of the fight, but unwilling to engage, or they were trapped in the bar before they could get out,...or they are asleep in a drunken stupor, unaware of what is happening.
    • For every bystander hit (whether you do it or not), the party loses 100XP (after doubling) from the encounter total.
    • For every bystander killed (whether you do it or not), the party loses an additional 400XP(after doubling) from the encounter total.


    • The kitchen is behind a bar with a stove/oven visible and stairway leading up (Remember you're looking for a cellar). The oven is hot. Being pushed or slid into it deals you 1d6 damage.
    • The rest of the kitchen is not yet viewable from your vantagepoint.

    Door to the Northwest

    • You are, as of yet, uncertain where this door leads.
    • Breakdown requires a DC 20 strength check.
    • Picking requires a DC 20 Thievery check.
    • Opening (or trying it) requires a minor action.

    Stairway to the Southwest
    This stairway leads up. (Remember you're looking for a cellar).
    Enemy Stats
    Human Ruffian

    Human Knife Fighter

    Human Slavehunter

    Human Blademaster

    OOC: *EDIT*: Oops! I accidentally illuminated the bartender -W,-7. He is not joining the fight, though if he is hurt, I'll waive the XP cost .
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