Gone Fishing | Joe Abercrombie

A bunch of writers taking part in a D&D game at Epic Confusion. Hope someone videos it or tells us how it went.

Im off up to London and thence to Detroit City to participate in Epic Confusion, where activities will include an all-star authorial D&D session featuring:

Brent Weeks Cleric

Scott Lynch Gnome Illusionist

Elizabeth Bear Ranger

Jim Hines Fighter

Peter Brett Monk

Pat Rothfuss Wizard

Joe Abercrombie Thief

And being Dungeon Mastered by Myke Cole and Saladin Ahmed.

How cool is that? Alright, so its not exactly cool as most of the worlds population would define the term. But I still reckon its pretty cool, if you know what I mean. Ive even broken my dice out of cold storage. The feel of those cool plastic edges in my palm, like an old warrior unearthing his old broadsword from his war-chest, preparing to enter battle one last time against insurmountable odds Well, alright, not much like that at all.