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    All three of my questions revolve around classes...

    Will classes be different enough to warrant being their own class instead of a build?

    How do mechanics distinguish one class from the next?

    Will Hybrid/Gestalt/Multiclass rules be flexible enough I can create a working Hybrid class without the need to make said class core (i.e. Can I combine a Fighter and a Cleric to make a Paladin therefore removing the need to have a Paladin in core?)

    Thank you for your time.
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    Q1. Much has been said about crunch and DDN trying to get the best from any edition. But what about fluff, are you trying to distill what is common ground to every edition or there's space for innovations or recent fluff such as 4E's fomorian's?

    Q2. Will there be a default cosmology or modular guidelines for using Great Wheel, World Axis and homebrews?

    Q3. Yugoloths are back? :P

    PS. More fluff on articles. You guys are focusing only on crunch.
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    Q.How do you plan to differentiate the sorcerer and the wizard in 5E? Will they have different access to the same spells or will there be a much greater difference?

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    Q: What, if any, are the plans for the GSL? Will it be expanded to include new material? Is it possible that some or all of the non-ip 4e material might be released under the OGL once DNDNext is released?

    EDIT: I just realized the OP specifically requests no "business side" questions, which this would be. Sorry for that; this is really the only question I'm excited to see an answer for, so just ignore this post, I guess.
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    I watched the PAX East Q&A session about D&D Next development, and the explanation of the player's ability to create characters with their own chosen level of complexity and play the same game was very interesting. However I could not help but think this is already sort of the way it is now with different class builds. You can either go with all the suggested powers for that specific class build (e.g. Battle Cleric or Two-Blade Ranger), or you can choose your own, building a more custom character. Can you go into more depth about how what you're planning for the different complexity choices is different from 4e's class builds vs. custom builds?

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    Is an economic model being designed for 5E?

    By this I mean, is treasure in the form of gold going to have worth and relevant usage? Is a crafting system going to integrate into such an economic model. What is the value of magic items gained as treasure that are of no use to the player characters? (something similar to breaking down magic items in 4E?) Is such an economic system going to be able to scale as treasure amounts increase as the character and encounter levels increase?

    Will there be relevant "money sinks" designed into 5E from the start?

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    4e made teamwork and party play the main factor in winning an encounter by having different roles, balancing classes, conditions other characters can take advantage of, and out-of-turn powers to influence actions by or on other characters. So far nothing has been said about keeping this cooperative play in Next. Will this be in Next and if so what are some ideas being considered to do this?

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    I would like to know your milestones working towards the release of the open playtest of D&D Next. I would really like to know how many you think you completed, how far you have to go.
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    What are your thoughts on strongholds and followers? Are there any plans for a domain-management system, a mass combat system or other systems that would be required for "now I'm a leader of men!" type campaign transitions?
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    All right, I'll dive right into the big hairy mess:

    One of the big points of conflict between 3E/Pathfinder and 4E fans is the 4E hit point recovery mechanic (healing surges, etc.). How do you perceive the two sides of that split (that is, what do you think each side wants)? Do you think the two can be reconciled within a single hp recovery system, or is this something that will have to be broken out as a module?
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