4E [Adventure]: A Knight in d'Argent Manor (DM: renau1g, Judge: Luinnar) - Page 12
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    OOC: Oh ho! That's even better! Hmm, let me edit that turn

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil1889 View Post

    OOC: DM/Judge question: I think the spell in the previous round actually would have hit Lilli; if this is confirmed that this is the case, then Lilli will have actually used Shield spell to ward it off.
    OOC: I appreciate the honesty , but I had forgotten to include cover in the attack against Lilli so it was a miss and you still have your shield

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    OOC: Turn updated, hit dwarf reflex 24 for 21 damage and moved for some cover.

    EDIT: @renau1g I realized I probably should have used my other attack roll (rolled a 6) and just changed the attack type. In that case, I would have missed the attack, but would have used Heroic Effort to make sure I hit (total 20 vs. reflex). Let me know if that is okay with you and I'll adjust the stat block.
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    OOC: Fine by me

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    OOC: @renau1g , Did Malakai have to use his Hellfire Heart power to take down the elf? Just need to know so that I can adjust my stats if necessary and know if I can use it this round or not.
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    OOC: No he didn't, it had like 12 hp or something before the initial attack. You still have it, sorry that I missed the note, my background is set to white, so the font is a bit hard to read for me.

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    OOC: OMG!! EFF the Enworld dice roller! WTF!?

    Malakai feels the sensation of cold steel and the burning of a deeply penetrating wound. For the first time, he feels true fear as the Drow yanks the blade from his guts and sees his lifeblood flowing freely onto the grass below him. However, when Artemis counters the Drow with a powerful attack of his own, causing the dark-skinned elf to disappear, Malakai's fear turns to full blown rage. Something deep within Malakai's soul twists and thrashes, and the Tiefling's eyes widden.

    "Oh, Drow… you shouldn't have done that… now it wants to come out to play…"

    A wicked laughter, high pitched, yet guttural and multi-voiced, erupts from Malakai, and it is obvious that it is not the Tiefling's natural voice. A corona of flames envelopes Malakai, yet doesn't seem to burn him in the slightest.


    The pupil of Malakai's eyes expand until the entirety of his eye is black. Lines of yellow and red snake their way across the surface of his eyes, making them look like pools of molten lava. The Tiefling's already red skin darkens to a crimson hue, and his elongated face spikes blacken. The muscles all over his body bulge and swell and his nostrils widen slightly.

    Sniffing the air, the thing that was Malakai snaps its head in the direction of the bloodied Dwarf and a completely evil grin spreads over its face. Feeling the connection between itself and its home-realm fully, it levels Malakai's red-glowing blade at the bearded bandit and shouts something in a strange, chaotic language.

    An arching beam of fire launches toward the dwarf, aimed straight at its heart. At the last moment, however, the dwarf jumps aside, feeling the heat of the burning beam of energy as it misses by a hairs breadth.

    Screaming in frustration, Malakai whips his head toward the Dragonborn, and the beam follows suite. The energy doesn't miss it's mark this time, and a hole burns its way through the creature's shoulder. Cackling in laughter, Malakai squeezes his left hand into a fist and jumps up and down excitedly as he sees the heat in his enemies chest expand in a tiny explosion of flames that further burns the Dragonborn. Wanting to continue his rampage of destruction, Malakai sets his burning eyes, once again, on the Dwarf and launches another bolt of fiery energy his way, but once again the Dwarf just barely manages to escape the demonic brute's wrath.


    --Minor: Diabolic Soul: Malakai transforms into a diabolic brute until the end of the encounter. While he is in this form, he gains regeneration 2, increases his fire resistance by 5, gains a +2 bonus to damage rolls, and his bonus to attack rolls from his Bloodhunt racial trait increases to +2.

    --Minor: Shield of Flames: Malakai activates an aura 1 that lasts until the end of his next turn. He has partial concealment against enemies in the aura, and any creature that makes a melee attack against him or ends its turn in the aura takes 5 fire damage. A creature can take this damage only once per turn.

    --Standard: Elemental Bolt vs Dwarf.
    --Free: Elemental Escalation: Elemental Bolt targets both Dwarf and Dragonborn, and deals an extra 1d10 damage on a hit.

    Rolls 18 vs Reflex vs Dwarf, which misses.
    Rolls 21 vs Reflex vs Dragonborn, which hits for 31 fire damage.

    --Free: Hellfire Heart: Dragonborn takes 6 fire damage and takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls that include Malakai as a target until the start of Malakai's next turn.

    AP: Standard: Elemental Bolt vs Dwarf. Misses.

    OOC: Attack Summary
    - Elemental bolt vs Dwarf misses
    - Elemental bolt vs Dragonborn hits for 31 fire damage
    - Hellfire Heart deals 6 more fire damage to Dragonborn
    --Dragonborn now at 17/69 hp
    - AP Elemental bolt vs Dwarf misses

    Malakai's Stats
    Malakai - Tiefling Sorcerer (Elementalist) 4
    Passive Perception 12, Passive Insight 12
    AC 17, Fort 17, Reflex 13, Will 20 (Partial concealment vs Melee until End of next turn)
    HP 21/46 Regen 2, Bloodied 23, Surge Value 11, Surges 10/10
    Speed 6, Initiative +2
    Action Points: 0, Second Wind
    At-Will Powers: Elemental Bolt, Ignition
    Encounter Powers:Elemental Escalation (Fire) used 2/2, Hellfire Heart, Shield of Flames
    Daily Powers: Diabolic Transformation, Black Wrath of Hell
    Item Powers: Chromatic Robe Power (Encounter), Flame Bracers Power (Daily)
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    Lerrick's attention is focused on the turning tide in the battle as his companion's leave both the dwarf and the dragonborn in rough shape when suddenly excruciating pain is felt in his lower back.

    "Can you heal yourself so easily dwarf" she hisses.

    The human boldly strides out of the building, his staff encased in ice as his attention is focused on Malakai, "So you wish to assault us with flames? Feel the icy death of the untold cold of Nynorsk" he states as the staff is leveled at an area behind the tiefling.

    Suddenly, a blizzard springs up from the area and envelops Dina, Malakai, and the unfortunate Berry. The man's eyes light up as his staff flashes brilliantly and as it dissipates in the blink of an eye, both Malakai and the animal are lying on their sides unmoving.

    The archers all move for a better shot location.

    The dragonborn teleports outside and fires more blasts of arcane energy, but the flames and blood interfere with the spellcasting and both shots go awry.

    The dwarf comes around the corner and spots the druid, and rushes forward, the morningstar slamming into Nate.


    Lerrick Misses, Nathantiel misses, both of Artemis' attack hit, Lilli hits (kills one scrub) and bloodies dwarf, Malakai hits the dragonborn and bloodies it.


    Map - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...yTmt5UVE#gid=0

    Drow - attacks Lerrick - vs fort (lerrick)l dmg (1d20+11+2=28, 4d8+7=27) hits for 27

    Human - moves to current spot uses Swirling Blizzard - area burst 2 centered on R29 - vs ref (Malakai, Dina, Berry) (1d20+13=32, 1d20+13=25, 1d20+13=33) hits all 3 for cold (2d8+9=19), uses arcane surge to max damage against Malakai, so 19 to Dina, 25 to Berry & Malakai

    Scrubs - move to current spot.

    DB (dragonborn) - teleports to current spot, unleashes Arcane Volley - vs ref (Dina, Artemis) (1d20+13=18, 1d20+13=15) misses

    D (dwarf) - moves to W28 - charges Nate - vs ac (nate); dmg (1d20+13+1=26, 2d8+7=22) hits for 22


    Please include your mini-stats in your combat posts.

    Artemis: 28/42, bloodied, 5/8 surges, used SW
    Malakai: -4/46, bloodied, regen 2, 9/10 surges, dying, unconscious, prone
    Dina:30/54 -
    Lerrick: 24/57 - bloodied
    Nathantiel: 49/61 - marked (dwarf)
    Berry: -6/30, bloodied, dying, unconscious, prone

    D: 40/93 - AC: 24 - F/R/W: 22/19/19 - bloodied
    DB: 17/69 - AC: 20 - F/R/W: 18/21/20 - bloodied
    Elf: 4/55, used Elven Accuracy - dead
    Drow: 47/71 - AC: 22 - F/R/W: 19/19/21 - used arcane escape
    Human: 105/105 - AC: 24 - F/R/W: 22/21/19
    5 x X (scrubs): 1/1 - AC: 21 - F/R/W: 19/20/18

    x on map denotes scrub

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    Immediate Interrupt

    As the blizzard swirls around Dina and Malakai, Dina attempts to disrupt the caster, but her view of the human gets lost momentarily in the storm.

    Shocking Feedback (Human) (1d20+13=14, 2d6+7=13)

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    "Lerrick! You alright?! I'll be right there! I've got some fool to educate in the power of the cosmos. Malakai! Pick yourself up man!"

    Moving toward the human, Artemis makes a swirling motion behind him leaving rifts in the time space continuum. With a mighty swing, Artemis tries to force the disruption into the human wizard, but the wizards force of will deflects the hexblade's attack.

    "Impressive," Artemis comments, "Let's have another go."

    He feints left, makes a half swing low to the right. The human is quick, but expects the move to be the hexblade's full attack. As he starts to move, Artemis spins back and lands a solid blow to his enemies chest, light spilling with the impact of the starshadow blade. Artemis brings his iron rod up during the blow and sprays the human with acid.


    Movement: Move to U-25.

    Standard: Wield the Warp vs. human (fort): 1d20+13, 2d10+13 → ([6, 13], [5, 4, 13]) 19 vs. fort, miss.

    AP: Resplendent Blade vs. human (ac): 1d20+13, 1d10+15 → ([20, 13], [4, 15]) Roll. Crit! I'm going to activate the Ironscar rod daily in addition to the crit damage: 2d6+1d8 → [6,6,8] = (20) Roll. Nice! Grand total damage to the human is 45 and he is -2 to attacks TENT (Artemis).

    Atremis Harks- Male Human Hexblade 5
    Initiative: +3, Passive perception: 11, Passive Insight: 16

    AC 21 (20): For: 16 Ref: 18 Will: 20
    Resist 5 cold

    HP: 28/42 Bloodied: 21 Surge value: 10 Surges/day: 5/8 Speed: 5 squares,
    Languages: Common, Primordial

    Action Point: 0

    Second Wind: used

    Powers: Resplendent Blade, Eldritch Bolt, Dire Fate
    Wield the Warp 1 2, Heroic Effort, Spectral Fade
    Confusion of the Cosmos, Shard of Darkness, Inspiring Word, Frostwolf Pelt, Ironscar Rod, Lesser Planar Ally

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