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    Epic+ Fey (musings)

    What possibilities are there for epic/immortal Fey, other than the obvious Fairy Queens/Kings (who wouldn't be numerous, and probably wouldn't go very high anyway: I don't think it would make sense to have e.g. Titania be a match for Orcus or Tiamat.)

    Maybe planetary Fey that embody the biosphere of a whole planet? The rock/structure of a planet? The fire and energy of stars, or the starbirth-grounds of nebulae?

    Ancient Titans of Faerie/the Feywild that once reshaped the realm to their whims, but now lie bound, their bodies transformed into major geographical features (mountain ranges, seas, islands etc.)?

    Searing energy beings that 'bleed' life energy into the world from Faerie/Feywild/the Positive Energy Plane -- or dark versions of them, that twist the landscape for hundreds of miles around them into nightmare ecosystems of plague and predation gone mad.
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