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    Wallflower's .sig

    I had an old .sig thread here in the META Forum, and before that, a very long .sig on my posts. Now, it is here. Thanks you all.

    Djordje (Javahead, Lurker, and all-around Wallflower (a riddle wrapped in an enigma.))

    ...:|:Story Hours:|:...
    - Sep's never-ending-story:
    - - Divertimento (I)
    - - The Lady Despina's Virtue (I,II)
    - - The Heretic of Wyre (I,II)
    - - The Rape of Morne (I, II)

    - Miscellaneous Tales:
    - - Travels through the Wild West - (I & II, III, IV, V, VI, & VII)
    - - Wulf's Collected Story Hour(I)
    - - Meepo! Story Hour (I)
    - - PirateCat's Story Hour (I)
    - - Wizardru's Story Hour (I)
    - - Posy's Story Hour (I)
    - - Greenwood Trader's Story Hour (I)
    - - In Hextor's Name (I)
    - - Drusilia Na´lo: The Making of a Watchman (I)
    - - Di'Fier Anton: The Making of a Watchman (I)
    - - Clearwater Crusaders (I)

    ...:|:ENWorld PbP Gaming:|:...
    - As a Player:
    - - Shades of Netheril (Thread: I, II; OOC; Character Sheet)
    - As a Dungeon Master:
    - - Crimson Road (Thread I; OOC; Cast of Characters)
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    I Defended The Walls!

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    Other .sig type nonsense

    Thank you, thank you. You're very kind. I'll be here all week; invite your friends, and try the veal. - Piratecat

    "If anything proves how dumb Trolls are its the fact they encourage flames, from which they can't regenerate. Its like a Rakshasa offering a two for one sale on blessed crossbow bolts." - Bagpuss

    Whoever said "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder" never played D&D.

    (Should save on some space removing these from my sig proper...)
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    my PbP Character list
    Loskeruina "Loske" Wenmegil: D&D 3.0(Female/Half Elf/Ranger) from "Remember the Cavindale!" Game OOC RG
    Jasper Bakemeier: CoC (Male/human/solider) from "Dunwich Return to the Forgotten Village" Game OOC RG
    Krog: D&D 3.5(Male /Bugbear/Barbarian) from "Trail of Fire" Game OOC RG .
    Austin Krenek: Modern/UA (Human/Male/Fast) from "Modern in New Orleans" Game OOC RG
    Sir Drevan Whiteshield: Ravenloft (Male/Human/ Knight of the Crown) from ôMisery in Mordentö Game OOC RG
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    EvilEeyore's Big Honking Sig

    My Stuff


    The "back to the dungeon" philosphy isn't about baking pies, it's about finding orcs and stealing theirs.--nazgul

    Current Games I am In:

    Academy at Drell Proving that college students can challenge the world.
    I play KithKalin Khaladuar, rogue, playboy, scoundrel, Elven Lord. Coupled with his faithful sidekick (familiar ferret) Turin he shall right wrongs and wrong women... or something...
    OOC 1,2
    IC 1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,

    Celtic Dreams Celts out to make or break a buck.
    I play Nak mac Feagle a Pictish Hounds Master and Archer. His fierce loyalty and short stature ensure he'll live long enough to get to his rewards, as long as he doesn't die first...
    OOC 1,
    IC 1,

    Black Spine, Red Blood A Dark Sun campaign, with too many 'Good' heroes...
    I play Grykee a lazy and dishonest (by Elven standards) elven minbender. There will be partying if she has to Dominate the whole lot of 'em.
    OOC 1
    IC 1

    Age of Mortals; Knights of Solamnia A Dragonlance campaign with heavy armor and strong honor.
    Merritt Stone, Justicar, Nightwhisper... Small time hero from Nightlund, with a crooked family tree...
    OOC 1
    IC 1

    Old Games

    Dubious Distinctions
    2nd place winner in MacBrea's GoD2 3 kills 37 rounds survived
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