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    June 6 session-end recap

    As Gadreman burst through the door and sprung the trap, Helmhold felt a massive heat on his chest and fainted. Gadreman proceeded to assault the fallen Mittendiener, dealing a massive wound, then turned on Argus who was trying to stop him. The group tried various ways of getting the battle-rager to desist, and Fleck finally planted the suggestion that there were hobgoblins hiding in the forest that needed to be found. With Gadreman out of the way, Kirran healed Helmhold back to consciousness.

    Every character except Gadreman is now sixth-level. For those who have not added that level yet, let me know what you add a level of so I can keep E's sheet updated.

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    Sorry I had to take off. Guess I'm not as better as I thought. Started getting all dizzy after a couple hours, and just couldn't hack it anymore. Maybe I can make it all the way through next weekend.

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    Speaking of 6th level.... Em, by any chance could you get together the xp for gadreman that you hadn't been able to get to? I've only received XP once, and that was a while ago.

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    Hey folks - just wanted to let people know ahead of time that chances I'll make it next Sunday (the 20th) are slim. If I get in on time and onto the university network, I'll be there, but honestly after a 14hr drive to my new research appointment, it's unlikely.

    See y'all tonight.

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    Ok! Tonight, we try a different server.

    Room open:
    Server: Dev III
    Room: T13K FMTG
    Pass: 'emiricol'

    I'll be watching this board for the next hour, hour and a half. If you're having trouble with the server, reply here or ICQ me and we'll see about something else.

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    Sly, Gadreman's current xp total is 13425.

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    We got a problem.

    Rish's laptop crashed and won't reboot. Not sure if we'll be able to get it going again.

    I'm going to go try running it on my work computer. With luck, we'll be back in half an hour... if not, I don't know.

    Sorry, guys.

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    Massive pile of lag and crashing. I've no idea if I'm still connected. Anybody still there?

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    The private room isn't showing up as such for Kirran and me, and so we can't enter passwords. Not letting us in.

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    Thankfully that got resolved!

    Levels as of tonight:

    • Fleck, Wiz 6
    • Valdir, Fighter 2 / Ranger 2 / Seledyne 2
    • Rolf, Ranger 3 / Druid 3
    • Argus, Druid 1 / Monk 3 / Barbarian 1 / Fighter 1
    • Kirran, Cleric 6
    • Gadreman, Barbarian 1 / Fighter 3 / Ranger 1
    • Aros, Rogue 1 / Bard 5
    • Meier, Rogue 6
    Last edited by Emiricol; Sunday, 20th June, 2004 at 07:47 PM.

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