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    I have to admit, I'm pretty lenient about Star Trek first seasons. Other than maybe the original series, every first season of any Star Trek series has ranged from pretty darn bad to godawful with writing and acting kinks still being worked out.

    They came out of the gate with Disco pretty heavy handed, taking a firm stand on a lot of stuff and that annoyed a lot of people. But, now that all that stuff's established, they don't have to keep hammering away and they can just use it.

    And, let's not forget, that these are the shortest seasons Star Trek has ever seen. They only have a dozen or so episodes to establish stuff instead of the 20-24 they had previously. There's really only so much you can do in the time they have, so, a lot of questions are going to have to wait for a next season.
    Beats me how Trek gets weak season 1s do often.
    Takes time for metaplot to kick in I suppose. Sci fi shows often peak season 3 or 4 I suppose.

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    As life would have it, after my post about how I'm not really enjoying the show as much as I'd like to, episode 5, for me, was really good.

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