[AU] Lost Dreams [Closing Down]
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    [AU] Lost Dreams [Closing Down]

    Okay my other campaign is winding down and I am getting ready to run my Arcana Unearthed campaign. This will only be my second pbp game that I am DMing though I have joined lots. Having learnt a few things in my first one I am going to try and encourage heavy roleplaying. I was tempted to start at higher than 1st level, but as AU is still pretty new I think that people will enjoy it a lot even at the begining. With that in mind here is the Recruitment pitch.

    3rd level.
    Standard Array + 5 point buy.
    You can spend 3 points on a starting Hero Point.
    AU rule book required and it will be the only source for starting players.
    *Edit: CBoEM is acceptable too.
    2700gp to start, can only buy mundane items but you can set aside some of your money for items that I will give you.
    Max hp at first, 1/2 + .5 hp at every other level (ie d6=3.5hp/lvl)

    I will post a character sheet in a RG thread once we get some interest, backgrounds/descriptions/personality will be required. I do not need everyone to know each other.

    House Rules:
    I want to try out a fan created system for multiclassing casters, so if anyone wants to try it out here is the link. [Link](doc file).

    Posting Rules:
    In the IC thread once it gets going I would like you to post your character name, race and class in the Subject. For anything you say I would like you to put it in {color=silver}""{/color} For any throughts put it in {color=plum}{i}{/i}{/color} And for an character information or out of character posts {color=purple}{size=1}{/size}{/color} (replacing all '{'s with [ of course) During combats I would like you to post your pertinent combat stats in the Subject next to your name.

    [AU] Lost Dreams Characters
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    I would like to join. Colours and tags look a bit daunting but I'm sure I'll manage. Hm... 1rst level.. yeah, I wouldn't mind either way, but a bit of a higher level might work better for giving us the chance to develope more of a background on the character. I'm cool either way, just let me know.
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    Any chance of going higher than 1st, Erekose? I'll happily play either way, I just have an easier time with backstories and character creation when I can think of some things the character has actually done, rather than what I'd like him to do.

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    Wouldn't mind joining - though I might be a slow poster due to my timezone differences... Also should probably pass on that I've only ever lurked on these pbp forums before. Is that a problem?

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    If you don't mind having me, I'd like to join too. You know, I'm one AU game short .... Oh, and 1st level is always fun.

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    I'm interested.

    My posting schedule is about once per day, M-S, Central Time (USA, GMT -6, IIRC) in the mornings. That's about the most frequent I get around to posting without impinging too much on my real life.

    I've read through the AU system a couple of times and think I have a handle on it. I'm probably going human mindwitch. Stats forthcoming once I've hammered them out. When you say "standard array + 5 points," are the +5 points on a one-for-one basis?


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    Wow lots of replies great! As far as posting schedule I usually do about 1/day weekdays and timezones arent too much of a worry Gladius as I am in Japan so you are closer to me than those in the States.

    So Welcome Malarky, Corinthi, GladiusNP, GPEKO and Zhure to the Lands of the Diamond Throne. Still accepting upto 3 more.

    As far as Standard Array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 I think it was) then point buy for the other 5 points, so with normal point buy everything starts at 8. Then 1 point increases your score by 1 up until 14 then it costs 2 points to go to 15 and 2 more points to go to 16, then 3 points to go to 17 and another 3 points to go to 18 (for a total of 16pts).
    Score Points
    8 0
    9 1
    10 2
    11 3
    12 4
    13 5
    14 6
    15 8
    16 10
    17 13
    18 16

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    Just got AU last week & I definately wouldn't mind joining---though, if u are looking for someone with more AU expierience, thats fine to

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    NarlethDrider you are certainly welcome.

    At the request of those above I think I can bump the starting level up a bit. Lets go with 3rd level. As far as spending gold I am going to borrow (read pilfer) a wonderful idea from Ray Silver and tweek it a bit.

    You get your full allotment of 2700gp which the DMG gives for 3rd level characters. But you can only spend it on mundane equipment, though Dire/Devanian/Masterwork/Alchemical stuff is all perfectly okay. You can also allot however much of that you want to magic items which I will give you. So for example if you spend all you want on mundane equipment and end up spending about 600gp, then you can tell me to hand over 2100gp worth of magical loot. No more than 50% (1350gp) can be spent on any one single item - though it would be difficult to spend that much on a mundane item it is possible. You can also give me a wish list of the type of items that your character would have picked up while adventuring.

    So far we have one person intending to play a Human Mindwitch, sounds good to me, any idea what the rest want to play. As the group is so big multiple characters of the same race/class is perfectly fine.

    I will post some starting information about the setting in a bit, but for those of you with access to the Diamond Throne book we will be starting in Ao Manasa. Ah heck here is the stuff from Monte's site about the city:
    Ao-Manasa is also a busy port city. Gold has been discovered far north of here, and now would-be prospectors and miners use the port of Ao-Manasa as a staging area to launch their expeditions. Odd tales of beasts and even undiscovered peoples along the northern coast come back with the returning miners, as well as stories of endless frozen lands of eternal winter.

    Of all the giantish cities, this is the most remote. About 17,000 people call Ao-Manasa home. A quarter of these are giants, another quarter sibeccai, another quarter human, and the rest faen. These are a rugged folk accustomed to ill-tempered weather and the rough surrounding lands. Countless flocks of goats and sheep graze outside the city, attracting numerous predators for wary shepherds and goatherds to spot.

    The steward of Ao-Manasa, Gri-Taresh, has watched over the city for almost 100 years now. He commands his people's respect through his wise and practical solutions to problems. For example, when he saw how well the bounty on wolves and dire animals helped protect the region from predators, he placed a bounty on goblins, trolls, hags, crabmen, and other dangers to the city. The bounties draw adventurers and mercenaries to the area to help control these threats.
    And here is a link to a colour version of the map of the Lands of the Diamond Throne.

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    If you arent opposed to a PbP newbie in the game I would be interested in the game as well. Magister as a class prefered, however I can be flexible.

    At work curretly so I will post more detail later.

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