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    As the attack and its provoked responce come to an end, and the black brotherhood represenative remains unharmed thanks to the fields around the meeting, the Red Elf glowers at the point where the attacker came from.

    'Such distractions do nothing but shake our minds from the matter they must consider.' Speaking to the air, he continues, in hopes that the assaliant will hear these words; 'Come back to this meeting and talk. Violence at this point is useless, both figurativly and physically. Speech, however, may yet turn out to be another matter.'

    Calm now, the Red Elf turns his gaze back to the Wanderer. His glove continues to give off a harsh crimson glow.


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    Kas steps forward,

    "Gnome, how dare you talk of promoting peace, and then threaten us with war? What might i ask you, have you done for peace? The Union of Oerth, as it is properly called, and you so often forget, has done ten-fold more than your nation. The peace conference in Jalpa was held by us at our insistance! The evil that was known as Vecna WAS SLAIN BY MY HAND! Were it not for me, THARIZDUN WOULD YET WALK THIS PLANET! The evil that was Acererak's empire was destroyed at the cost of hundreds upon thousands OF OUR LIVES. The victory of Oerth over the shade was made possible by our allowing other nations to march their armies THROUGH OUR TERRITORY! The peaceful unification of people, enemies for many more years than your nation has existed, WAS ACCOMPLISHED BY US!"

    Shaking his head, as though to clear it of anger, he continues,

    "Gnome, what have you done? We have put our lives on the line many times for peace. Admittedly, we have made many transgressions against the peace we fight to protect and build now. And indeed, we are still working for it. Who among you has openly announced your intentions and the intentions of your nation to all, in an effort to reduce tensions? Who among you has declared free sharing of technology, so that all might benifit? Who among you has openly pledged assistance to Kalanyr's magical research? We have done all of these gnome. Know this well: as you stand here and presume to threaten us, all the while we suffer your disrespect for our people, we have bowed in to the concessions of the mightly Oerth Alliance, not for our own good, but for the good of Oerth. While we allow the wanderer's "people" to be moved, you attempt to spark a new war."

    Kas steps back slightly,

    "What concessions are you willing to make for peace?"

    Shaking his head slightly, Kas goes on,

    "No, you have shown you will not make concessions, although i hope you can prove me wrong about that. Perhaps the better question is 'Why are you so eager for war?' Is it that not enough have already died? Perhaps you wish for more to waste their lives fighting each other when they should be fighting for the survival of Oerth? Perhaps you wish to test your new weapons of war? Either way gnome, we will not fight you. We make this concession as an effort for peace. Take your willingness to fight to somebody else, perhaps they will abide you."

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    "Archcleric, i agree with you that Acererak is more important than this argument. Here is my suggestion: let us gather together the greatest warriors from each nation wishing peace, then, and with the aid of the dragons, not only the metallic, but certaintly also the gem dragons allied with the UO at least, and with information on the location of Acererak that i believe Kalanyr would be more than willing to release, we, as warriors of Oerth, can lead the attack. Undertaken in this manner, it would be a task undertaken by the peace-wishing nations of Oerth, a joint task, for Oerth, by the people of Oerth. Not a war undertaken for power or vengeance, for wars bring only hardship for the people of the warring nations. But a cleansing, undertaken by the brave warriors of the many nations of Oerth, as the first coordinated act of those nations, to free Oerth of the shadow cast by the evil of Acererak."

    Kas telepathically sends for his elite guard, they teleport into the room around him, and all present can feel that they hold great power. Lithedenor Ytnivv, dragon mount of Kas, and another of his elite guard, appears outside of the building, and those inside can hear the building and nearby trees being buffeted by the currents of air his wings produce until he settles down in the courtyard, changes his shape into that of a human male, and strides into the room, taking his place at Kas' side.

    "Archcleric, I offer the people of Oerth the services and lives, should it come to that, of myself and my elite-guard as the first to volunteer for the task force to end Acererak's evil. We stand as the representatives of the Union of Oerth. Do you, in the name of the people of Oerth, accept our offer?"
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    "Lord Kas, Lord Kessel," Hazen says urgently, "this bickering is pointless."

    "It is true that many brave Union forces died to stop Acerak. This is the real concern. It was also necessary to march through the Union of Oerth to deal the Shade a might blow."

    "The Union of Oerth was aided by the Sky-Sea League in its efforts. I was pleased that a member of the Oerth Alliance could assist in this noble cause. I believe we should offer further assistance, although there are other threats besides Acerak."

    "The Union of Oerth is trying to make amends. I think they are going through a period of self-evaluation. Do not judge them too harshly Kessel."

    "I ask that the Oerth Alliance provide some assistance in the fight against Acerak. I believe we must stand with the Union of Oerth in this cause."

    "For myself, I am concerned with many threats. However, Acerak is determined to achieve apotheosis. I would ask that the both of you, Lord Kas and Lord Kessel, try to be at peace with one another. For argument only serves the interest of common foes. Foes who would devour life and soul. In light of this, our differences may seem less important with some reflection on these matters."

    (OOC: Have to go. Try not to fight.

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    "Lord Kas, I agree with Hazen, for now. Let us put aside our current bickerings, and focus on the situation at hand. Now is a time for us to prove ourselves and our words to each other."

    "And as for me not promoting peace... I promote peace, through superior firepower. I believe that threatening those that would perform evil deeds with my vast arsenal is the best way to keep them in check."

    "But, again - let us put aside our bickering, for now. Focus on the event at hand. If need be, we can continue our argument at a later date."
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    "My lord is most willing to move against Acererak, The information will be released."
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    "Well put, Kas, Hazen." the image of the God-Emperor smiles, "Truly, other matters must take precedence. Acererak is the greatest threat. Perhaps something good will come out of this. I will send an embassade with my people from the Lonely Heath to Hope Island, I think the Angels will come to realise how much they have in common with the Chursh of Aerdi."

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    The Wanderer stands there with his mouth wide open for a long time, not speaking.

    Finally, he splutters:

    Hazen, I think your person from Earth was very wise.
    The fate of that world is a good indication of where this kind of talk is leading.
    A world of ruins, destroyed by magic and nuclear weapons.
    Acererak's Apotheosis would be bad, but to destroy our world with magic and weapons would be worse.

    (The Wanderer then turns red with fury, and looks at the God Emperor. He roars)

    Who do you think you are?
    The Great Kingdom of Aerdi annexed the Lone Heath by military force.
    We never agreed to any such annexation.
    Then, when the Dark Union formed, it again annexed the Lone Heath.
    You have the height of arrogance - Gods, they call ME arrogant?? - to state that my people - I should say the people under my protection, for they are not MY people - are your citizens?!
    They are NOT your citizens!!
    We did not vote to join your Dark Union.
    We did not ask to join your Dark Union.
    We don't WANT to be in your Dark Union.

    You are a boy who plays with magic he presumes to comprehend, and calls himself a great ruler when he sponsors Olympic Games of Torture.
    You dare to call ME a traitor?!

    YOU are a traitor.

    (CAUTION - the Gloves come off now. The Wanderer is really going to let everyone have it. This is strictly IC.
    But the demand by the God Emperor for the Wanderer's extradition as a traitor has caused him to lose it, in a fit of fury)

    Forrester of the United Commonwealth of Toril makes you look like a piker, O God Emperor!! (he sneers that word.)
    Forrester personally ate elven children, while they were still alive!
    Forrester, ordered his troops to eat all the elves, alive or dead.
    Forrester, singlehandedly exterminated the entire elven race of Toril!

    And all of you ...

    (The Wanderer looks around with deadly anger)

    Your Alliance of Oerth, works with him.
    Your Alliance of Oerth, has sacrificed the people of Oerth, OUR PEOPLE, to protect him.
    I watched as you gave him the secrets of 10th level magic!

    You call Acererak bad?!

    Yes, he killed several hundred thousand people, devoured their souls, and seeks Apotheosis.
    But Acererak did not kill MILLIONS of people, exterminate an entire race.

    You are FRIENDS of this person.
    You ask this person for aid!
    You welcome this person with open arms!

    (The Wanderer whirls.)

    You're no better, God Emperor.
    You'd sell out our people to Forrester and the Torilians in two heartbeats.
    So would you, Kas!
    Lieutenant of Vecna! Kas, the Lieutenant of Vecna!
    Do tell ME how good and noble you are. ALL of us know the horrific crimes you committed, again and again, gleefully, as the right hand man of Vecna!
    People massacred, people tortured, people terrorized, the whole Suel Imperium cringing in fear under the boot of Vecna and his lapdog, Kas!

    So, let's see:

    We have Forrester the Torilian, who eats elves.
    We have Kas, Lieutenant of Vecna the Mad Dog.
    We have the God Emperor, a boy who plays at being a Divinity, and takes my lands by force, then calls me a traitor because I don't like it.

    And we have the Alliance of Oerth, which works with Forrester, welcomes him with open arms, and calls him a good man.

    (The Wanderer starts laughing hysterically.)

    And you are worried about ACERERAK??

    Why, he'd be perfectly at home, if he were standing here right now.

    (The Wanderer glares at the God Emperor)

    You'd start a war, over my people, and in that war you would wreck our world, and then Forrester would come and conquer us all.
    Maybe then, YOU'D end up on the dinner plate!

    (He turns, and points at Hazen)

    Or YOU might be the main feast.

    (He turns, and points at the emissary of the Black Brotherhood.)

    YOU most certainly would be dessert!

    (He looks to Kalanyr and GnomeWorks and Hazen.)

    You both have supported me, and I thank you for that.
    I appreciate your efforts as well, Hazen.

    But you should all put away your nuclear toys, your magical toys, and your weapons, all of you.
    And you, O God Emperor, should shut your mouth, for children shouldn't speak when their elders council silence!

    What we should do is STAND TOGETHER, AS THE PEOPLE OF OERTH.

    For, although the average Torilian is a good person, their leadership is bad.
    I don't care if they say they've had a change of heart.
    I don't forgive mass murder, no matter how long it's been since the event.
    I know the Torilian Leadership for what it is.

    They want to come and take over our planet, and treat us as they treated their own.
    If they treated their OWN so badly, just how do you think they will treat US?

    But who will listen to me?
    I'm an old man, a hatemonger, a raving lunatic.
    So you say.
    Well then, say it and be done!

    Kalanyr, GnomeWorks, if you will still help me, let us teleport to the Lone Heath, and save my people.
    Let us go NOW, and free my people from the mad clutches of the God Emperor.

    And then, if the God Emperor wants to throw a childish temper tantrum, he can do it without my people being at risk!

    (The Wanderer, having blown off all his steam, quiets down. Which is good: he is beet red, and his breathing is coming with difficulty.)
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    "Wanderer, do you not listen with those ears, or are they purely decoration? Indeed, you prove the fool you are with these accusations. Had you paid attention, you would realize the God-emporer stated that your people are free to leave with Kalanyr's assistance! And you insult us for allowing it?

    Nay, your attempts at starting a new war, and that was indeed what your speech was, whether you know it or not, will not work. Calmer heads are present here, and we'd like to be able to discuss events in a civilized and peaceful manner. Right now, we're discussing Acererak. Your people have been allowed their leave by the Union of Oerth, so do stop complaining.

    Perhaps you should heed your own advice and be quiet, we elders wish to discuss the matters at hand."
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    Edena, i sent you the template for the Union of Oerth for turn 5. Did you receive it?

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