Scarred Lands: Ask the Sage [New and Improved!]
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    Scarred Lands: Ask the Sage [New and Improved!]

    Just a reminder of where we've been: Old Ask the Sage Thread.

    Okay folks. I figured since we had a ten page thread, time to start a new one. Mostly because I don't want newbies to feel crowded. Before I begin taking questions, I'd figure I'd get around to reposting that Pr-class list. So here it is again without further ado.

    Relic and Rituals:
    Blood Witch: Master of using the arts of Blood Magic, the Blood Witch also taps into his/her titanic heritage, being able to establish a link to the titans
    Crypt Lord: There are necromancers and then there are crypt lords. Powerful necromancers that under go many changes until they themselves become one of the powerful intelligent undead out there, liches.
    Incarnate: Servants of the Titaness Denev, they are to druids what druids appear to others, strange and mysterious, with ties few can understand. They believe themselves to have been and always will be a part of the eternal Cycle. Their powers of memory enhance their wildshaping as well as spellcasting
    Penumbral Lord: One of the few to have mastered shadow magics very well. Arch enemies of the clergy of Drendari, Penumbral Lords also have ties to that most mysterious race, the Slacerians.
    Sea Witch: Able to bond with their ships and help to defend it, Sea Witches are potent seaborn spellcasters.
    Viligant: The elite of the elite. While many serve the Vigils, a Vigilant him/her self is a hardy warrior, able to survive and fight in places most other heroes might end up dead in.

    Animator: Master of animating the dead, Animators also understand the art of creating golems as well. They ability to create undead is second to none.
    Mourner: One of those that serve the Chorus of the Banshee, Mourners are dedicated to remembering and honoring the dead. They are also capable of placating troubled souls in Hollowfaust.
    Shade Touched: While some practice the art of necromancy, those born in Hollowfaust some times find other uses. Shade Touched are an elite group of men and women able to channel negative energy to be used in very roguish/steathy ways. Often employed by the Guilds to act as spies and occasional assassin, the Shade Touched are as much feared as respected.
    Speaker of the Dead: While the Chorus honors and remembers the dead, those that are members of the Reader of Cracked Bones prefer to communicate with them. Speakers are potent spellcasters that use their abilities to learn from and often for the dead.
    Unfailing: Another branch of those that serve, the Unfailing are an important branch of the city of Hollowfaust. For their ability to harness and use negative energy to become more undead as well as serve as faithful bodyguards, they are both something to be feared on the battlefield and respected in peace.

    Mithril Knight: One of the Four Swords, Mithril Knight are the elite of the elite. Serving as guardians and able to channel the holy power of the Mithril Golem, Mithril Knights are fearsome foes and dedicated heroes. Let none stand between them and their fearsome swords of Mithril.

    Warren of Ratmen:
    Grenadier: Master of hurling objects, most grendiers are specialists in using many potent inhaled/contact poisons. While many are Slitheren, the art had fallen into use by some Vigilants.
    Tail Fighter: While there are numerous combat styles, Tail fighters are capable of turning their tails into even more deadly weapons. Indeed they prove even worse than one merely armed with its teeth and claws.
    Twilight Warden: An elite group of Ratmen in the Mourning Marches, they seek out and destroy those that would try to disrupt their way of life. They are to the other Ratmen in the Marshes what the Vigilants are to Vesh.

    Burok Torn:
    Rune Master: Skilled spellcaster, they are taught the art of runes at an early age. Indeed they learn much and often can find ways to leave their runes active even after they are long since gone.
    Stone Guardsman: While the art of the dwarven defender is well known, the Stone Guardsman are more focused on using such powers in other ways. Their ability to withstand powerful blows as well as track enemies, make them powerful foes for those that would challenge the might of Burok Torn.
    Iron Guardsman: Much like their brethren, the Iron Guardsman too use the secrets of the dwarven defender to help in protecting the internal security of the city.
    Tattoo Adept: A skill mostly reserved for dark elves, a tatoo adept focuses the power of their tatoo magic to greater levels.

    Secrets and Societies:
    Courtesan of Irda: While few can fathom their intentions, most Courtesans are a group of female spies and occasionally troublemakers bent on using their craft of lovemaking and subtle manipulation for their own ends.
    Horseman of Vangal: The most feared of Vangal's followers, the Horseman is Vangal's rage incarnate. Experts in using his favored weapons, the Horseman is both a skilled rider and a bloodthirsty savage.
    Incarnate (Revised): See R&R 1 folks.
    Silver Knight: A Sword of Corean, the Silver Knight is a dedicated foe of all those creatures that would invade the Scarred Lands. While they are close to celestials, Silver Knights loathe to involve such creatures except in dire needs. A Silver Knight dedicated himself/herself to ridding the Scarred Lands of the influence of demons, elementals and those that summon or use them.

    SLCS: Ghelspad:
    Aerial Cavalier: Experts in the art of tactical flight, Aerial Cavaliers are often seen among the Urian elves. Few can match their skill at using their mounts in combat in the sky.
    Brother of the Scarred Hand: A collection of astestics driven by a need to heal, they channel their own energies towards healing others, often by using their own or others in such as way. They are also dedicated followers of the titans, and as such forswear any and all ties to them.
    Forgemaster: An expert in the arts of forging weapons, a Forgemaster is truly a servant of Corean given flesh. While the Iron Knights are skilled at creating weapons and armor, a Forgemaster is capable of turning such skills into even grand ways to serve the Champion.
    Gold Knight: A sword of Corean, these paladins are dedicated healers. Indeed even some clerics of Madriel are in awe of their power. The Gold Knight is indeed a force of healing and hope in times of crisis.
    Iron Knight: A sword of Corean, Iron Knights are dedicated to forging and siegecraft. While seeming stern and tactiurm compared to other orders, few doubt their prowess in battle or at being able to forge mighty weapons and armor in the service of their god.
    Keeper of the Eternal Flames: A sect of clerics, paladins and others, these chosen people follow and create a special flame that ignites hope and destroys evil. A Keeper is as much as champion of Corean and Madriel as he/she is a weapon against the darkness.
    Knight of the Morning Sky: Elite warriors, often drawn from disillusioned paladins, they fight undead and help to protect the Order. In the process they gain powers similar of that to paladins themselves.
    Renewer: A champion of Denev, these druids and rangers dedicate themselves to fighting the taint of titanspawn as well as turning the blasted wastelands of Scarred Lands into something more liveable. Truly fearsome and fearless, especially with their skill at rapier hornsaw blades, A Renewer is a force of change and goodness in the twisted wilds of the Scarred Lands.

    Calastian Battlemage: While many wizards and sorcerers are skilled in the art of combat, Calastian Battlemages are adept at both countering spells, and using their own spells are wider/greater ranges. They have also mastered the ability to negate the arcane heat that plagues other arcane spellcasters, thus allowing them to be able focus on improving spellcasting in armor. (Usually light)
    Dragon Knight: If paladins have a darker half, this could be it. A Dragon knight is an utterly lawful creature devoted to their mounts, the mock dragons. Powerful riders, possibly even equal to that of the Horsemen of Vangal themselves, Dragon Knights are a force on the battlefield akin to dragon fire itself.
    Halfling Stalker: Silent, deadly, swift, these skilled marksmen and experts at shooting from close range are as much a part of the Calastian army as any other.
    Kilharman League Envoy: Envoys are superb spies and masters of connections. They are often used to find anything, figure out who best to blackmail or find the juiciest gossip to their advantage.
    Monk of the Sacred Chain: Devoted to "chaining" their bodies, Monks of the Sacred Chain draw on the nature of the Slaver to enhance their natural fighting skill. They use their favored weapon, the spiked chain, as greater tools to this end.
    Thorned Purifier: While most are clerical, Thorned purifiers are mediciants in the service of Chardun. Their powers of persuasion as well as devotion to the Slaver grant them powers to inflict his wrath and serve his will.

    Relics and Rituals II: Lost Lore
    Heliann: The snow witches of the Albadian snows, they are as much a ruling body as a coven. Their skill at channeling away the cold and using tatoos make them formidible foes to those that cross them.
    High Astrologer: The stars hold all, or so they say. High Astrologers learn various ways to master and harness these powers for themselves, often being able to summon such creatures depending on which star is in accendacy. They are also able to predict the future.
    Jordeth: Devoted defenders of the Ganjus, the Jordeth are as much special policing force as devoted to the woods themselves. The Jordeth forge bonds with their "tree brothers" or Treants. In exchange they learn how to better hide themselves and also use the forest itself to become a greater part of it.
    Lady of Serpents: A cult of female assassins, these long nailed witches are soemthing to be feared. They are more skilled than other assassins at the use of powerful posions, often laquering their nails with it. A Lady of Serpents is a foe never to be taken too light.
    Sage of the Phylactric Vault: Specialists in many fields, these wizards with their devotions learn new ways see into the planes, learn oneriomancy as well as forge new disciplines. Sages are mysterious but no one doubts when it comes their disciplinces, they can be as potent as any archmage.
    Son of Mirth: A member of the Krewe of Bones, these spellcasters are in charge of using the negative energies in Blood Bayou to help further augment the Krewe and thus the Carnivals might. They are able to become closer to undead and thus serve the will of the Jack of Tears more closely. Masters of the art of bone crafting, the Sons (a misnomer as there are some women that serve them), also use the swamp to keep themselves hidden.
    Spirit Walker: While druids learn to harness nature, spirit walkers tap into the more primal parts of Scarn, that of spirits. Some are elemental in nature, others merely ideas. Even so, a spirit walker is a master of using and calling such spirits, powering spells and body in their service.
    (Psionic Pr-classes)
    Order of Obsidian: Created by the gods and titans to combat the threats of the Slacerian cults and creatures, these potent yet secretive order works hard to combat these threats. In the process they gain greater powers to combat psionic attacks and psionic creatures used or created by the Slacerians.
    Cultist of the Shade: One of many various cults, this one is a precessor to that of the Penumbral Lords. Indeed this cult was seen as a go between for both the Slacerians and the Penumbral Lords. Their manipulation of shadows as well as their ability to use slacerian powers makes them very deadly foes indeed.
    Warped One: Not all seek the power of the Slacerians. Some become infected by the language virus itself, often altering their thinking. Warped Ones are such an example, a group of twisted psions and psychic warriors that in losing their sanity, gain greater powers including being able to drain psionic items and unleash power psychic blasts.

    Hornsaw Sentinel: A mad little clan, these rangers and druids forge great bonds with their new animal companions, the Hornsaw Unicorns. Thus they use their animal companions horns as weapons as well as learn to channel their animal's rage for themselves.
    Lillandeli Archer: A sharpshooter in every sense of the word, Lillandeli archers learn to enhance the damage of their arrows as well as increase their ability to use bows. This added to their own spells to increase a bow's ability makes them very deadly foes, but only to those that have tainted the Hornsaw.

    Shelzarian Knight Fighter: Expert in the art of knife fighting, these guys are a close quarters fighters nightmare. Their skill extends not just in using a knife in hand to hand combat, but also in throwing such blades. A Knife fighter is one bad little man.

    SLCS: Termana
    Death Touched: Much like the Unfailing or the Shade Touched, death touched have been touched by negative energies that emnate from the Isle of the Dead. While not actively using this power, they find themselves becoming more resilient to its effects as well as become more undead in the process. Also they often find themselves able to cast necromantic spells but never quite the same as those that actively pratice it.
    High Magus: One of the oldest elven spellcasting orders, these experts in blending abjuration and illusion make them very deadly spellcasters indeed.
    One in Black: Like their brethren the Slavers of the Death, the Ones in Black are an order of Charduni devoted to serving him and enslaving in his name. Their abilities to create undead as well as use warscepters mark them as near equals to paladins themselves.
    Sister of the Sun: Devoted female paladins, these Sisters use their skills to not only harm undead but redeem those that have lost their way. While not passive in any sense, they prefer to redeem rather then destroy. Of course some times redemption can lead to destruction...but the Sisters believe the greater good is always served no matter what.
    Tepuje Winddancer: Experts in the use of Tepuje Windgliders, Tepuje Winddancers are an elite and exclusive corps who are part scout, part messenger and part aerial warrior.
    Viromancer: While termana is home to many diseases and venoms, Viromancers learn how to harness such powers to increase their effectiveness as well as make them much deadlier.
    Weaver of the Spirits: A shamanistic group, Weavers are those devoted to speaking for such spirits as well as weaving illusions to give them form and shape. Using mind altering herbs, they are able to directly communicate and voice the Ushada's will to their tribe. In exchange for this, the spirits grant the weavers the ability to create powerful illusions and greater understanding of the natural world.

    Faithful and the Forsaken:
    Constellation Weaver: Using the power of the stars and patterns, these spellcasters create magical items from mundane things.
    Divine Archer: Divine counterpart to Arcane Archer
    Ramrider: Charduni that have forged special links with Charduni Battle rams, these warriors thunder into battle with a fevor that's terrifying.
    White Fist: Another charduni sect of divine warriors, these focus on keeping the order and sancity of their race from all outside forces.

    Secrects of the Assathi:
    Ancestral Warrior: Much like Totem Warrior, Ancestral Warrior call upon the spirits of those that came before them to help in combat.
    Dragon Warrior: Mystics who channel the power of ancient dragons in combat.
    Locus Master: Masters of the logi, energies the Assathi use, these are able to channel this power at far greater length
    Ornamancer: Master spellcasters who have learned the art of gem magic.
    Paragon Warrior: Master warriors who try to become symbols of their race's might.
    Relic Hunter: Finder of lost artifacts sacred to Assathi.

    I'm doing the player's guide separate.

    Wizards, Bards and Sorcerers:
    Adept of Flame: A fire-wielding arcanist infused with the power of the defeated titan Thulkas.
    Angel-blooded: A sorcerer that learns to cultivate the celestial blood of his heritage, awakening angelic powers within himself.
    Blessed of Mesos: Uber-sorcerers that wield the power that is the legacy of the Sire of Sorcery, including attracting an arcane devourer as a cohort.
    Demonologist: Not a servant of fiends, but a master of them. The demonologist is an arcanist who masters the arts of summoning and binding fiends to do his will.
    High Chorister: The highest ranks of the Chorus of the Ages, masters of song and memory who eventually come to hold the Memory of Denev.
    Japhinian Dynast: The masters of a pirating mafia-esque criminal organization, Japhinian Dynasts bear the legacy of the sorcerers and orc-blooded who were cast out during the Ledean Empire. Now, these half-orc sorcerer pirates draw on the power and fury of the Blood Sea.
    Keeper of Epics: A master of a myriad of bardic epics, including the magics that come along with knowledge of such.
    Master Cabalist: Those who delve into the occult properties of the True Names of the gods, learning to draw upon the power of the gods to some small degree.
    Moonwitch: Shapeshifting witches of madness, nightmares and the moon.
    Rage-bringer: A tribal bard who uses his bardic music to inspire rage rather than heroism in his allies.
    Shelzari Eroticist: An exotic dancer from the City of Sin. (You've seen her on the forums.)
    Slaver of the Dead: A Chardunite necromancer, capable of creating an army of undead over which he is the absolute tyrant.
    Voice of Sumara: Strange sorcerers who constantly hear the whispers of the dead of old Sumara, and gain strange knowledge thereby.

    Fighters and Barbarians:
    Archer of the Steppes: The finest of barbarian horse archers, the archer of the steppes develops not only a unique form of barbarian rage, but also a bond with her mount, allowing the beast to go berserk when she does.
    Chain Legionnaire: The slaver-centurions of the Legion of Chain no longer serve any single government. Instead, they put their mastery of the spiked chain and the binding mysteries of their practice up for the highest bidder.
    Dancer of Steel: The order of Venirian sword-dancers who eventually became the Legion of Steel, the dancers of steel excel at the use of acrobatics and swordplay.
    Knight of the Coventacle: The ancient military arm of the Ledean Coventacle of the Ancients, the knights of the Coventacle are an outcast and hunted order. Nonetheless, they still remember the ancient secrets that allow them the blessings of their titanic patrons.
    Knight of the Oak: The elite knights of Vera-tre are spear-wielding wood elves clad in living oaken armor who defend their people and homes from outsiders. What the Jordeh are to druids, the knights of the Oak are to warriors.
    Lodge-warrior: The Lodge-warrior is a wood elf who has dedicated his life to defending his peoples' reincarnational monarchy and way of life. To this end, he perfects a fighting style in emulation of one of the Four Eldest Beasts.
    Master of the Iron Wind: Exemplaries of the aristocratic Iron Wind Brotherhood, the Master of the Iron Wind can wield the rare and exotic iron war fans of his training with deadly grace and agility. At higher levels of understanding, he even comes to master the strange secrets of the Iron Wind itself.
    Mercenaries of the Hawk: Sellsword falconers, the Mercenary of the Hawk strongly bonds with his raptor, making him the perfect scout. It is said that these rare few mercenaries are able to actually see through the eyes of their birds.
    Nine Stings Master: A graduate of the arts of the Nine Stings War College, the Nine Stings Master wields a pair of shortswords with grace and precision.
    Ragewitch: A barbarian sorceress, the ragewitch is an inheritor of two barbarian legacies - that of innate magical use and overwhelming fury. The ragewitch learns to combine these two ancient talents, becoming a maelstrom of magical rage, smiting the enemies of her people.
    Totem Warrior: A savage warrior that learns to channel not just one totem, but comes to serve a multitude of them. The totem warrior gains blessings from each of his patrons, gaining minor shapeshifting talents and the ability to channel totems (via the Totem Feats introduced in this book) for longer.
    Warrior of White Fire: A master of the arts of the ancient Legion of White Fire, the Warrior of White Fire is a quarter-staff wielding war-arcanist, skilled in spellcasting in armor as well as channeling his spells through his whirling quarterstaff.
    Whitefur: Barbarians from the High Snows of Albadia, whitefurs learn to channel their totem, the huror in ways never before seen by the weak warriors of more civilized areas. The whitefur becomes more immune to the cold as he advances in level, and learns to summon the blizzards of the huror around him in order to vanquish his enemies.

    Clerics and Druids:
    Anchorite: A priest of either the gods or the titans that withdraws from the doing of mortals into the wilderness, undergoing great ascetic suffering in order to better pursue enlightenment.
    Cultist of the Forge: Heretics found among both the church of Corean and the cultists of Golthagga, the Cult of the Forge teaches its adherents to forge thier souls in the crucible of life, gaining great strength and resilience. They hate the undead fiercely, for the undead are a perversion of life and weaken the temper of the spirit.
    Defender of the Faith: Ritualists and great religious leaders found among both clerics and druids, defenders of the faith gain increased ability when casting True Rituals, and learn to draw upon the faith of their followers in order to heighten their own abilities.
    High Judicator: The lawgivers and judges of the city of Hedrad, the high judicators are Hedradan clerics who pursue the twin goals of justice and order. The highest of the high judicators are chosen as inquisitors of Hedrada (see the Creature Collection) when they die.
    Khetan Phagist: Vicious and unholy cannibal druids, the Khetan phagists are the elite of the druidic theocracy of Khet, gaining great powers from the consumption of the flesh of their enemies.
    Initiate of the Ram: Druids who dwell around the fallen city of Amalthea, the Order of the Ram is dedicated to defending and preserving the Amalthean rams and ewes. These druids learn to create the Amalthean helms of legend, and gain many powers and abilities related to their charges.
    Oracle of Hedrada: Seers and visionaries, the oracles of Hedrada learn to peer into the heavenly vault of order, seeking the truths of the future.
    Pursuivant: Seekers of the taint of titans, pursuivants are clerics who have taken up the calling to hunt down the works of both druids and titan-touched sorcerers, gaining increased resistance to the spells of both, while cultivating the ability to destroy them.
    Scourge of Tanil: Fiercely independent, the scourges of Tanil take up bows to defend the defenseless in the name of their goddess. These women form the center of the Wild Hunt Heresy of the Tanilan church.
    Seeker on the Wind: Sorcerer-scions and druids of Mesos, the seekers learn to detect the lingering traces of the Sire of Sorcery on the very winds, calling up those powers to aid their own magics or hinder the sorceries of others.
    Stormsinger: In the heights of the greatest of thunderstorms can sometimes be heard a high, keening song - this is the song of Lethene, and the stormsinger druids learn this song in order to call up great songs and soar about on its winds.
    Totem Caller: A druid with connections to many totems, the totem caller learns to use his wildshaping ability to assume the traits of many of his totems, gaining increased abilities while channeling his totems.

    Rangers and Rogues:
    Black Thorn Ranger: Member of the Order of the Black Thorn, the Black Thorn Ranger has dedicated his life to fulfilling the aims of Chardun. Something of a black counterpart to Corean's paladins, the Black Thorn Ranger gains many benefits directly from the Tyrant god.
    Blood Sea Pirate: Scalliwags and buccaneers who sail the crimson waves of the Blood Sea, the Blood Sea pirate has not only overcome the oft-debilitating, rage-inducing, mutating ichor in his home sea, but has turned them to his benefit.
    Bounty Hunter: Masters of grappling and infliction of non-lethal damage, bounty hunters sell their services to the highest bidder. There is no morality inherent in them, however - for every bounty hunter that works to bring criminals to justice, another works as a slaver.
    Brother of the Crimson Temple: Kukri-and-scimitar wielding ranger guardians of the Crimson Temple, the site where Mormo fell to divine treachery, the Brotherhood is made up of fanatical madmen who explore the power inherent in them and unlock the ophidian gifts of she whose memory they have sworn to protect.
    Trapmaster: Small creators of pit-traps, deadfalls and other jungle guerilla warfare, the trapmasters learn how to craft their traps to take advantage of the weaknesses of their Favored Enemies.
    Goreguard: The fat-yet-muscled pit fighters of Fangsfall do more than simply provide bloody entertainment for the masses - they also run subtle and vicious covert operations. Some of this is for simple crime - but others have more devious goals in mind.
    Huntsmaster: Elven rangers with wolf allies, the huntsmasters of Vera-tre patrol the edges of the Ganjus, learning the Ways of the Hunt from their lupine companions. But on nights of the full moon, a great rage fills the heart of these warriors, and woe betide the enemies of the elven people. It has been years since the Great Hunt was last called - how long before it is called again?
    Master of the Scaled: The masterminds behind the criminal organization that sprung up in the ordered and lawful city of Hedrad, the Masters of the Scaled find that the techniques of both larceny and arcane might that allowed them to survive and prosper in the stringent City of Law more than suffice for achieving underworld dominance in other parts of the world.
    Oaken Shadow: Spies and watchers of the elven people, if the Jordeh are the spirits of the Ganjus, then these are its shadow. Oaken shadows learn to use the forest glades that are their home to maximum benefit - when they do not wish to be seen, the forest itself hides them.
    Vigilant Arcanist: Wizards and sorcerers of the vigils, the vigilant arcanist turns his magical knowledge towards fulfilling the goals of the Vigils. Woe betide those favored enemies who face his magic, for they find that the vigilant arcanist's bite deeply indeed.
    Vigil Stalker: Where the vigilants patrol the wild areas, the enemies of Vesh would be apalled to learn of the existence of the stalkers, who act as master spies against those forces and powers which might threaten Vesh. Let the vigilants be regarded as heroes - the stalkers do the dirty work.

    Monks and Paladins:
    Acolyte of Justice: Hedradan paladins who roam the less-settled areas of the world, acting as judges, juries and (when necessary) executioners for those frontier areas without solid justice in place. With the ability to detect the truth and enact punishments to criminals found guilty, these guys are stern, hammer-wielding enactors of justice.
    Brothers of Steel: An order that includes the Monks of Mithril, the Brothers of Steel serve the Adamantine Church of Corean. Through stern self-discipline, they become weapons against evil and lawlessness. As they increase in level, they gain increased abilities to fight the enemies of their respective Order - be it titanspawn for Mithril Monks or outsiders and elementals for Silver Monks.
    Dawn Spear Adepts: Monks with a mastery of the Madrielite Dawn Spear martial art style, these spear-fighters are peace-bringers and healers. They gain the ability to inflict significant nonlethal damage with their signature weapon, and to channel their ki through the light of the sun, transforming grevious wounds into mere bruises.
    Exemplar: Arguably the first of the monks in the Scarred Lands, exemplars are mighty ascetics who seek to understand the lessons of the Perfected One, becoming mighty paragons of the union of mind, body and spirit. Such mastery enables them to perform feats that border on the supernatural.
    Hearthguardian: The boar-riding paladins of Goran, hearthguardians have taken oaths to protect the chosen of Goran. Whether they do this by defending beseiged Burok Torn, or by wandering among the dwarven folk outside of the home of dwarves, they are distinctive in their mighty boars-head helms.
    Initiates of the Forge: Though a Coreanic creed in this age, this order of monks gained their techniques from some of the more esoteric teachings of the cult of Thulkas. These monks shatter their bodies on the anvil of discipline and reforge their very flesh and bones into powerful instruments.
    Knight of Tears: An off-shoot order of the Knights of Silver, the Knights of Tears are based out of Hollowfaust. Dedicated not to vanquishing the ghosts of old Sumara, but to helping them find their final rest, the Knights of Tears are not only able to hear their longing voices, but are protected by the lingering goodwill of those ghosts who they have helped to pass into their final reward.
    Knight of the Silver Heart: The Urian elf paladins of Corean, the Knights of the Silver Heart are to Aerial Cavaliers what paladins are to normal knights. Their winged mounts gain a link with their riders unbeknownst to most of the Urian aerial knights.
    Mithril Knight: Revised from its first appearance in Mithril: City of the Golem, the Mithril Knight is a leader of men and hero of the people, wielding a glimmering mithril blade forged from the very Mithril Golem itself.
    Nightblade: Holy slayers in the service of Belsameth, these monks turn their discipline and dedication to the service of murder. Members of the Cult of the Ancients, as well as other assassin leagues, the nightblades answer only to their own superiors.
    Swan Knight: Though there is only one true Swan Knight in all the Scarred Lands at any one time, there are many who uphold her creed and prepare to take up her mantle once she dies or passes into Madriel's paradise. Women of virtue, strength and valor, the Swan Knights hold true to Madriel's promise of protection and healing for the weak, and justice for those who would abuse women and children.
    Waverider: Sailor-monks whose time on the seas has resulted in the evolution of their kick-based martial art, the waveriders seek perfection in the glare of the sea's sun, and the rolling of the waves.

    And from preview of the Blood Sea:

    Seaborn: Chosen of the sea goddess, many of these seaborn fight out in the depth of the Blood Sea, trying to cleanse it of the taint of Kadum.
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    Sages have a frightening amount of work to do. That's impressive.


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    Dear Scarred Lands Sage,

    I have heard that laser surgery can do wonders for unsightly scars. Have you tried this?

    Helpfully yours,
    Unscarred in Uzbekistan

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    Wow. I hadn't realise how much material had been produced.

    (copies list to steal ideas for Midnight and Dawnforge)

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    A helpful list, but, two things...

    Quote Originally Posted by Nightfall
    Courtsean of Irda: While few can fathom their intentions, most Courtseans are a group of female spies and occasionally troublemakers bent on using their craft of lovemaking and subtle manipulation for their own ends.
    ...the Courtesan's of Idra are not a female group. It's open to both sexes, although most are woman.

    And two, there's a huge amount of misspelled words in the list (three in the quote I used alone).

    Because it's not a Scarred Lands thread until I've thrown in my discriminating (or over-critical) eye.

    Otherwise, a good way to kick things off.

    Though come to think of it, a collected list of errata might be nice as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eryndel
    Sages have a frightening amount of work to do. That's impressive.

    I do my best Werner. Next up. FEATS!

    Quote Originally Posted by hong
    Dear Scarred Lands Sage,

    I have heard that laser surgery can do wonders for unsightly scars. Have you tried this?

    Helpfully yours,
    Unscarred in Uzbekistan
    I don't like lasers. Besides I don't have scars. Just the rest of the land.

    Quote Originally Posted by Derulbaskul
    Wow. I hadn't realise how much material had been produced.

    (copies list to steal ideas for Midnight and Dawnforge)

    Yeah and I haven't even done the feats yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trickstergod
    A helpful list, but, two things...

    ...the Courtesan's of Idra are not a female group. It's open to both sexes, although most are woman.

    And two, there's a huge amount of misspelled words in the list (three in the quote I used alone).

    Because it's not a Scarred Lands thread until I've thrown in my discriminating (or over-critical) eye.

    Otherwise, a good way to kick things off.

    Though come to think of it, a collected list of errata might be nice as well.

    Sorry you are correct. There is no female only requirements. I will correct my misspellings. (And yes it's never an SL thread unless Enkili's avatar comes to critique me.)

    Errata...we'll see. I still need to do feats.

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    isn't Irda IP for the DL material?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trickstergod
    (snip) Though come to think of it, a collected list of errata might be nice as well.
    Errata for Scarred Lands?

    Wouldn't that be too much information for the ENWorld server to hold?


    Are you really going to summarise the SL feats? That would be cool. Thanks in advance if you do.

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