Fishing for Interest - FR/Planescape game

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    Fishing for Interest - FR/Planescape game

    I'm thinking about starting a pbp game, about 8th-10th level, good- and neutral- aligned characters. Most likely set in the Forgotten Realms to start, but with a heavy Planescape-inflenced campaign. No evil characters.

    I would like to start with 4 players; however, if there is enough interest, I may consider allowing more.

    Races allowed: any. Talk to me about ECLs, I take ECLs on a case-to-case basis, and don't always agree with WOTC's ECLs.

    I would like characters with some background involving the Planes or attachment thereof, but it is not required.

    Much more I can't really say without giving away some of the storyline.

    I would like the players to be able to post at least once every 2-3 days. A commitment of sorts?

    I wouldn't be able to start the game until about mid-May, because I am currently involved in Finals for my last semester in college, and am moving to Indy the first week of May, but I want to see if there is enough interest in the game for me to start working on it.
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    Sounds interesting so far . . .


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    Sounds interesting. I'd like to play an air mephit, if that's possible; I'd likely be on the Material as a result of a summoning, or being the ex-familiar of a wizard.
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    I'm interested as well.
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    Ditto on the interest. I like both Planescape and FR.

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    Probably a bit late to get in, but I am interested.
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    Ditto what Ghostknight said. This sure did fill up fast.

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    Add one more to the long list.

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