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    Wednesday, 3rd July, 2019, 06:09 PM
    This is an exceeding tricky book to evaluate. The audience for this book is the narrow group that plays D&D but also enjoys the Penny Arcade live games. I’m uncertain how it will be received by D&D fans who aren’t Acquisitions Incorporated fans: even as someone who has watched the live games but not the C-Team games there was a lot of references I didn’t get. Like the new race. And because...
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    Wednesday, 3rd July, 2019, 06:01 PM
    Product information... View for more details
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Wednesday, 14th June, 2017

  • 08:58 AM - Hussar mentioned Brodie in post Hack Or Heartbreaker?
    I'd point out that it's not a case of hating on level based systems (although, I do understand where you're coming from Brodie - it's certainly a thing). It's that level based systems don't accomplish some things very well. Again, if you're coming from a heavily Sim based play game, levels don't work. Look at GURPS as a perfect example of this. You get better in GURPS by spending points on various skills. But, your points are always very limited and there is no guarantee that you will get significantly more points throughout a campaign. Your 100 point character (to pick a random number) might very well be a 120 point character by the end of the campaign. We ran a GURPS space game years ago based on the Kim Stanley Robinson Mars trilogy. Basically we were the colonizers of Mars and a lot of the features of the campaign were pulled straight from the books - the politics involved, the creation of a new society, etc. It wouldn't make much sense to have a level based system there. We were all accomplished professionals hand picked to go to Mars. Making me a level 1 scientist wouldn't make sense. Jacking...

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Monday, 15th October, 2018

  • 10:24 PM - Morrus quoted Brodie in post "DnDSports": Competitive Play With Prizes
    Is anybody else here a long time reader of Knights of the Dinner Table? I'm hoping that I'm not the only one here who thinks this sounds extremely similar to Hackmaster tournaments that are run at conventions in the comic. Those are based on *actual* tournaments that are run at conventions in real life, dating back as far as the 1970s. Competitive D&D play has always been a thing.

Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

  • 06:39 AM - MNblockhead quoted Brodie in post When the Fans Take Over
    One thing not mentioned in this article? Matt's soothing voice. (Well, I find it soothing, anyway.) I had a different reaction. When I first tried listening to his videos I was turned off by how quickly he spoke. His style didn't work for me and I didn't give him much of a chance. But as his popularity grew and after the stronghold kickstarter, which I backed, I decided to give his YouTube videos another chance. The difference is this time I listed to him on my phone with Youtube Red--so basically like a pod cast. I found him much better to listen to than to watch on You Tube on the TV. I've now become a fan and listen to him regularly.
  • 03:24 AM - Morrus quoted Brodie in post D&D In Ready Player One? (SPOILERS)
    I know I'm going to lose some street cred here for saying this, but I honestly don't know the difference between a lich and demi-lich, either. A demilich is a floating skull. A lich is a humanoid undead wizard.

Wednesday, 14th March, 2018

  • 03:23 AM - mach1.9pants quoted Brodie in post Pathfinder 2 - Levelling Up, Skills, Feats, Faux Leather, More!
    I'll give it look as well. Everything seems interesting so far, though the hit point thing still bugs me. D20 hit points in general bug me. "You can roll and possibly get a bunch of hit points or you can take this standard amount, which is just shy of half of what you COULD get." When I run a d20 game, I always tell my players to take the max amount. However... The very first time I did that, they became worried that I was going to be throwing a lot of damage at them. When I did homebrew rules for a d20 western and a d20 space game, i just baked that in. My stance on d20 hit points is probably another reason I enjoy Shadow of the Demon Lord so much. Who knows? I may actually end up liking PF2 as much as Shadow of the Demon Lord. You've misunderstood PF2 hitpoints. They are fixed and that amount is equivalent to PF1 max. Fighters get 10, wizards 6, etc every level

Sunday, 10th September, 2017

  • 06:46 AM - R_Chance quoted Brodie in post Cower In The Shadow Of The Demon Lord
    One of the things I love is that - while it has a level-based system - it's up to the GM as when the characters advance in level, not some arbitrary experience system. The basic rules say that when they complete an adventure, they should level up. So if you have them start as starting level (level 0), you can run eleven published adventures and they'll be maxed out. It's funny, but to me it being up to the GM when PCs level up is more arbitrary than an XP system. Adventures tend to vary in length and content, so, as yardsticks go, that's a bit difficult to use. All, imho, of course. Anyway, it sounds interesting, but that could be my love of Moorcock's Eternal Champion stories surfacing...

Friday, 8th September, 2017

  • 10:19 PM - aramis erak quoted Brodie in post Fantasy Flight Games Announces Genesys RPG
    Just to add what others have said, there's also things that trigger when you get a certain amount of successes. Weapons in FFG's Star Wars have crit ratings; when you get that many successes, you do a critical hit and the GM rolls percentile dice on a critical hit chart. Of course, the NPCs can also get critical hits; I've been hit with a few. Rules As Written, Personal combat and vehicle combat criticals are never from extra successes, only advantages or triumphs. There are some tables where you can spend successes on multiple different things... Mass Combat, for example. You can either increase the number of objectives or the quality done on one with each extra success... ... but it is little used in the RAW.
  • 06:54 PM - Staffan quoted Brodie in post Fantasy Flight Games Announces Genesys RPG
    Just to add what others have said, there's also things that trigger when you get a certain amount of successes. Weapons in FFG's Star Wars have crit ratings; when you get that many successes, you do a critical hit and the GM rolls percentile dice on a critical hit chart. Of course, the NPCs can also get critical hits; I've been hit with a few. Not quite. You get crits from advantages, not successes. Successes add directly to damage, and advantages can either trigger a crit or a weapon ability (e.g. if you hit someone with a flamer, two advantages can set them on fire).

Thursday, 7th September, 2017

  • 02:06 PM - Ratskinner quoted Brodie in post Fantasy Flight Games Announces Genesys RPG
    It would be similar. Imagine rolling 6d20 with 5 Fate dice (I'm choosing numbers at random), and 3d20s are red and 3 Fate dice are red. The non-red are yours while the red ones are what your trying to overcome. If you roll successes on your dice, they'll counter the successes on the reds. Any uncancelled successes carry over and become the result, whether good or bad. Kind of like opposed rolls, but your rolling the GM's dice yourself. Now, let's say your d20s and the red d20s cancel each other completely, but the red Fate dice come up blank and yours are +'s. You didn't succeed, you didn't crit fail, but you've created an advantage against the enemy. For example, you're fighting on the beach and you overextend on your sword swing, missing the opponent. Regaining your footing quickly, you throw a handful of sand into your enemy's eyes. That'll make it harder for him to hit you on your turn. That's the basic gist of the Genesys system. There's also Triumphs and Despairs, which are basically u...

Saturday, 19th August, 2017

  • 11:20 PM - Morrus quoted Brodie in post Congratulations to the 2017 Gen Con EN World RPG Award Winners!
    This led to me finding out (from Robert Schwalb via the Google+ group) that stuff has to be submitted by the company for consideration. I don't know how true that is now and I don't know the particular details of how things are chosen. It's been true for 17 years, is true today, and there are no plans to change it. If you are interested in knowing how the ENnies work, over the click on "How Does It All Work?" under "About Us". It's all very transparent. It's a fan-created (by us right here at EN World), volunteer-run way to give individual writers, artists, etc. some appreciation and positivity in today's negative internet culture.
  • 09:55 PM - Jester David quoted Brodie in post Congratulations to the 2017 Gen Con EN World RPG Award Winners!
    To me this sounds like a possibility. And to reiterate what someone else said, Wizards didn't even bother making their presence really felt while Paizo did at Gencon this year. And I'm not going to buy the crap line that Wizards - being owned by Hasbro - is going to be more concerned with HasbroCon than Gencon. Gencon is the biggest gaming convention and Wizards has the granddaddy of all RPGs; they should be dominating the con floor by sheer force of will. Instead they go 'screw it, we can get more exposure at Pax and HasbroCon because we won't have competition there.' Weren't both Mearls and Crawford at GenCon? Yeah, thy didn't have a booth, but WotC doesn't really sell stuff anyone and wouldn't have a new book to get into hands. Well, that and the hotel, airfare, and boooth costs for a major presence at a GenCon they can hit 2-3 other cons.

Thursday, 20th July, 2017

  • 07:30 PM - jamesjhaeck quoted Brodie in post Delve into Critical Role's campaign setting with co-writer James Haeck!
    Does its inclusion on the show REALLY mean it was created to add drama? Or could Mercer have simply thought coming back from death just too easy as they got higher level? Personally, I think the resurrection rules are a great addition to D&D (even if it's homebrewed) and think it's something that should be in core D&D. Sure, it does add drama, but also can encourage a group to care about characters other than their own. "I didn't like Frank at all so you can count me out of the resurrection ritual. F' that guy." "What about all those times he had your back?" "He was trying to pick my pocket! And that's exactly why he died: he was trying to pick me pocket during combat and took an arrow to the throat that would have otherwise hit me!" Even though player doesn't give a crap about Frank, he cares enough to state why he won't participate. Anyway, reading through the PDF, I can almost hear Mercer reading it as if it were him setting a scene on Critical Role. A little surprised to learn that it...

Thursday, 6th July, 2017

Friday, 30th June, 2017

  • 05:13 AM - heptat quoted Brodie in post Fantasy Flight Games Announces Genesys RPG
    And I mostly came here to post about FFG's lack of an L5R rpg. However, I don't think this would be a good fit for L5R like heptat seems to suggest. I suggest it might be a good fit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Then again, heptat might just be saying it'd be nice to have a new L5R rpg. I'm not sure a new edition is required—4th edition is pretty good. But now that FFG own the rights, it seems quite possible they'd would work on a new RPG for L5R...and Genesys is their new (and only) RPG system... But what would I know? :)

Thursday, 15th June, 2017

  • 11:32 AM - Saelorn quoted Brodie in post Hack Or Heartbreaker?
    Rules should also limit that. And oWoD rules generally do in character creation. Requiring a character to reach a certain plateau before being able to use a certain ability makes sense.I'm not sure how oWoD does it, but if it essentially amounts to gating certain abilities behind different experience thresholds, then that's a rough level system. The concept of levels is too useful to be discounted entirely. Back to the idea of levels being unrealistic, life is full of 'levels' if you close enough. Martial arts are prime example. A 5th degree black belt is going to be better than a brown belt. Ranks in the military is another example. A general has more abilities at their disposal than a private. With gaming, levels are only unrealistic when it's just 'I just leveled up, now I've got all these supercool powers I didn't have last level!' Maybe it's more that sudden shift that some people don't like about a level-based system? Life is all about gradual progression.That's not any different betw...

Wednesday, 14th June, 2017

  • 10:00 AM - pemerton quoted Brodie in post Hack Or Heartbreaker?
    Older RPGs are built on obsolete tech. <snip> Class and level limited design is obsolete tech. You can provide all the benefits of it with none of the drawbacks by, say, including optional templates to enable emulation of classes and leveled advancement without having any of the limitations and hitches involved in it.I don't agree that class and level design is "obsolete". If players are expected to engage the game by way of strongly mechanically-defined roles, classes are a good way of doing this. And levels can be useful as a reward mechanism (eg classic D&D) or a pacing mechanism (eg 4e D&D). But if you don't want those things; or, if you're not prepared for the costs that class and level impose (eg not very gritty/"realistic"); then don't use class and level! I personally don't understand the hate (strong word, but I couldn't think of anything else) towards class/level-based games. Leveling I can understand to a degree; you gain enough xp and you ding a new level and suddenly...
  • 07:43 AM - Sword of Spirit quoted Brodie in post Hack Or Heartbreaker?
    I personally don't understand the hate (strong word, but I couldn't think of anything else) towards class/level-based games. Levels create awkward mechanics, like how a master alchemist/smith/flower decorator has to be able to withstand large amounts of damage in order to get their skill levels high enough to qualify as a master at their trade. And the corollary where being a master warrior lets you be a better carpenter/brewer/hair stylist than someone who has actually dedicated themselves to it. d20 tried to solve that by making non-adventuring classes like expert and commoner, but it didn't actually fix anything. They were still assumed to advance by gaining XP (the 3e DMG said so) more or less the same way as adventurers, even if it was in the background. There are these walls set up between what makes sense in the setting, and what the rules allow. It also, for me, has a psychological effect of implying characters with higher levels are more "important." Who wants to get into a love ...

Tuesday, 13th June, 2017

  • 09:56 AM - Saelorn quoted Brodie in post Hack Or Heartbreaker?
    D20 comes close, though. So does GURPS.I would say that these two systems are iconic for being non-interchangeable. D&D is known for not being able to pull off realism, and that's the main thing that GURPS is known for; meanwhile, GURPS is known for making combat incredibly lethal, to the point where D&D-style heroism is nearly impossible under that ruleset. Even D20 Modern can't really pull off a realistic modern setting. The closest it can come is action movies.
  • 08:44 AM - pemerton quoted Brodie in post Hack Or Heartbreaker?
    no system works well for every setting. D20 comes close, though. D20 has some pretty significant limits even on its home terrain. Here are just three: * No default mechanic for resolving social conflict; * No mathematical concordance between combat stats and other stats, which can make mechanical transitions/interactions between combat and non-combat hard to manage; * A lot of scope for actions to become auto-successes (due to the interaction between bonuses and DCs).

Monday, 29th May, 2017

Sunday, 28th May, 2017

  • 02:35 AM - Scribe Ineti quoted Brodie in post Check Out Modiphius' Star Trek Miniatures!
    Don't mind me. I'm just a nitpicky Trek fan. ;) Is there any other kind?? :D We love our Trek, but if some of the FB comments are to be believed, you'd think Modiphius managed to kidnap everyone's mothers and shoot them out the torpedo launchers without a spacesuit.

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