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Completed War of the burning sky in January 2018 as GM.
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Completed War of the burning sky in January 2018 as GM.
Now GMing Zeitgeist

Thursday, 4th July, 2019

Friday, 30th November, 2018

  • 03:43 PM - Lylandra mentioned Mrpereira in post This isn't even my final form
    ... I didn't fear to go all-out on them. Of course they didn't stand a chance against the breath of a great wyrm. Sorry guys. Believing that all of his friends are dead by now, Tinuviel returns to the trial chamber where he find a puzzling sight: Haathon and other spirits he doesn't know stand inside the room, surrounding Katrina, Cuin'halar, Torrent, Shalosha, Three Weeping Ravens, Rhuarc, Rihalles, Kienan and Telshanth who are hovering in midair. They appear to be unconscious, but alive. Haathon turns toward Tinuviel and smiles at him. “Thank you for freeing us. Let us return to you what you have given. Become one with your soul. Become who you want to be.” Tinuviel realizes that this offer to “become who he wants to be” includes him as well, but he's quite comfortable with who he is right now. However, as the others are regenerating, he sees that Torrent transforms into an elf in front of his eyes. An elf who appears to be neither Shahalesti nor Taranesti. Note: Thanks Mrpereira for this inspiration. I really wanted to allow them to retrain whatever they wanted at this point, but it appeared that they were quite comfortable with their decisions. Torrent on the other hand knew that she wanted to become an elf, so she took the opportunity to change her race. While regenerating, unconscious Cuin'halar dreams about his mother Eshânii. He's only a little boy in his dream, practicing basic magic. She seems happy about his progress and wraps her arms around him. She then whispers “Let me show you something we'll do once you get older, my sweet Cuin.”, takes his tiny hand and weaves a tiny spell of soul magic. Then he's back again, lying on the floor of the trial chamber while Tinuviel is staring down at him in disbelief. The two brothers then embrace firmly and are soon joined by Torrent. Together they repair the Torch and then... the dragon egg resonates again, shortly after the soul shard is returned to the Torch. “Not now... why now?!” Cuin utters in...

Monday, 15th October, 2018

  • 04:24 PM - Tormyr mentioned Mrpereira in post WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)
    1. Did they came off a long rest and burn through all of their resources on the young chuul and skeletons? If so, they need to figure out how to last longer. There are several adventures in the future that stretch the heroes to the breaking point. 2. Did they go back in the fire tomb and rescue Sheena? They will need someone to provide teleportation services. 3. They should learn about the teleportation beacon, as more will show up in adventures 5 and 12. This campaign saga does require a bit of patience on the part of the players. Questions are answered several adventures down the line rather than immediately. Simeon, their prime method of divination, is likely dead, and the Shining Light of the Shahalesti has taken over Seaquen. Times are dark indeed. Mrpereira gives a great breakdown of the acts of the campaign saga. If the heroes fail in Dassen, Dassen and Seaquen will both fall to the might of the 3rd Ragesian army. The heroes would then be on the run during the second act until they return to Gate Pass. Controlling Dassen and Seaquen would keep the 3rd army occupied, but Dassen not be sending any help in the future adventures.

Tuesday, 9th October, 2018

  • 02:11 PM - trencher7 mentioned Mrpereira in post WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)
    So this is how I plan the next session (I am fully aware that the best plan never survives first contact with the players ;) ) - The main group loots the rest of he stuff of the witches in the swamp - They will find some clue that directs them to Lee Sidoneth being in league with the witches - The lone hero in the city goes visiting the play (I will use Mrpereira ´s summary which he was so nice to send me beforehand) - Giorgio starts his betrayal, the hero and 3 lvl3 NPCs try to stop him - The 3 NPCs will likely be killed during the fight - The hero will be saved by Sheena Larkins who teleports them both to Lyceum while the Wayfarer ship teleports/ bursts - The hero and Sheena will be healed - Lyceum Mages contact the main group and inform them of what happened and announce Sheena who will teleport to them and bring them back to the City - Sheena will get stuck in the Pyromancers Tomb - Main group will travel to Seaquen, meanwhile Seaquen´s fleet attacked the elves - Main group arrives in Seaquen and sees the destruction, storm is at its peak - They see that Seaquen´s fleet is defeated but the elves are helping rescueing Seaquen´s sailors from the water - Group is reunited and heads to Lee´s home to find a severely wounded Giorgio and a map pointing to the prison/ the tomb´s entrance - Group clears the Tomb and has final encounter with Lee a...

Friday, 5th October, 2018

  • 10:51 PM - trencher7 mentioned Mrpereira in post WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)
    Guys, thank you sooooooo much for your help! Especially a big special thanks to Tormyr! There is a lot of food for thought. Thank you that you were willing to write in such detail! Your and Mrpereira 's ideas on that matter are brilliant! I will be away over the weekend but I will let you know how I plan to proceed.
  • 04:42 PM - Tormyr mentioned Mrpereira in post WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)
    ... the ruins to stop the hurricane from finishing the job (and save Sheena Larkins). More of the inhabitants and some of the buildings of Seaquen survive, but most of the refugees are still dead. Regardless of which direction you choose, Seaquen is likely no longer strong enough to be the center of the resistance. The heroes need allies and a new place for the resistance to relocate. They first turn to Dassen, setting up the next adventure. The heroes are sent with Balan as an advance group before the rest of the resistance relocates. If they are successful there (gosh I hope so; your heroes need a win), Dassen becomes the new stronghold of the resistance, and Bresk is hit by the Scourge super weapon in adventure 8. I have to say, I am impressed by your willingness to let the heroes make their own decisions and not be led around by the scenarios in the adventures. You have truly made this saga your own, and I hope that you and your players continue to have fun with it. P.S. And Mrpereira, having Shaaladel be the allied commander, completely cruel punishment, but totally appropriate to the situation. ;) I laughed out loud when I read, "if only Foebane was still alive."

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Friday, 22nd March, 2019

Tuesday, 5th February, 2019

  • 12:25 PM - Tormyr quoted Mrpereira in post WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)
    Maybe let them decipher the name Koren from the journal; the name of both the Obelisk and Kreven's wife. Due to the bad rolls, they miss out the obelisk part initially. When they interrogate people about Koren, they will learn that it is Kreven's wife, a former wayfarer. It will give them some info to follow, but not quite spot on. Then Koren is the scourge. Sheena Larkins would agree with that. :)
  • 09:35 AM - trencher7 quoted Mrpereira in post WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)
    Maybe let them decipher the name Koren from the journal; the name of both the Obelisk and Kreven's wife. Due to the bad rolls, they miss out the obelisk part initially. When they interrogate people about Koren, they will learn that it is Kreven's wife, a former wayfarer. It will give them some info to follow, but not quite spot on. Brilliant idea!!!

Wednesday, 17th October, 2018

  • 05:21 PM - Lylandra quoted Mrpereira in post WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)
    The adventure states that the Ragesians set it up underneath Seaquen, so I always assumed they brought it with them and activated it (it is 1 foot by 6 feet, so it is likely possible to break down into smaller pieces to transport it). There is also one in chapter 5 when they teleport to Ostalin, but I always assumed that the Ragesians invented it and maybe traded it to Ostalin (or they stole the secret). Lyceum doesn't have one or know about them before the PCs find it, so it is reasonable to assume that it is a Ragesian invention. And I always though that it was created in Ostalin, then introduced to the Ragesians by Lee Sidoneth :D (but honestly, this and the Burning Sky are nifty in-universe methods of preventing players from teleporting everywhere)

Tuesday, 16th January, 2018

  • 12:09 AM - Lylandra quoted Mrpereira in post MrPereira's WOTBS D&D 3.5 Campaign (SPOILERS IN THE POSTS)
    Ah, that's pretty standard. Weekend game day is 8-9 hours with the occasional 12 hours if we simply don't want to stop or we all got the next day off. Also, grats on making it through the whole AP! So... which of your characters became the new heart of the world? Or did your party go a totally different route? Or... do you simply don't wish to spoil that info yet? Also, I know of two elves who would really appreciate the Shaaladel-statue and would gladly place it in their garden for decoration. I do have a few questions about Zeitgeist (that I can't seem to find the answer to in the forums) but I don't think this is the right post as players of Zeitgeist could be reading along. You mean players like me? :D Mh, thinking about all the stuff our Zeitgeist DM would like to ask if he finds the time... maybe make a spoiler-y FAQ thread for DMs only? (There is this other thread but it is more general and descended a bit into plot-hole picking)

Saturday, 13th January, 2018

  • 10:08 PM - Tormyr quoted Mrpereira in post MrPereira's WOTBS D&D 3.5 Campaign (SPOILERS IN THE POSTS)
    As for Leska, I have printed her stats out in a "quick" reference way with spells, abilities etc. It is only 12 A4 pages... My notes for the campaign is atm. at 160 pages in Word. It has been a project that is much more comprehensive than what I thought it would be. What. :erm: That is immense. You are dedicated. :)

Thursday, 19th January, 2017

  • 03:59 AM - Bill T. quoted Mrpereira in post Bill T's WotBS campaign, reincarnated
    My players took some time to get to grips with the height. 2500 feet is quite a difficult to imagine I guess. Actually, it was sort of lame. I stated that the cliff was half a mile tall, and that Spider Climb lets you move at two miles an hour. The math shouldn't have been that hard, but no one managed to connect the two statements. Oh well.

Wednesday, 18th January, 2017

Wednesday, 4th January, 2017

  • 06:16 PM - thekwp quoted Mrpereira in post Bill T's WotBS campaign, reincarnated
    Well done with that book. I would like to echo that sentiment as well. Definitely something I will crib from, when the time comes. And... Simeon briefly made a celestial dire blue whale fly. If he can make the spell permanent, Seaquen will use the whale to transport Xavious Foebane's army of 15,000 to strike the Ragesian armies' unprotected flanks. Alert Guthwulfe immediately! That is a pretty awesome bit of Glibness!

Friday, 23rd December, 2016

  • 07:56 PM - thekwp quoted Mrpereira in post MrPereira's WOTBS D&D 3.5 Campaign (SPOILERS IN THE POSTS)
    So far so good - now I just have to get back to writing up the sessions. I haven't written anything since the posts disappeared. Since the last post we have only played two sessions, unfortunately real life has been rearing it's ugly head preventing play time. So we are two sessions behind the story where we will pick it up tomorrow at our next session. Yes, real life does have a way of doing that, but hopefully having gotten your posts back up you will be able to get some movement going on writing up the recent sessions as well. Does it help to know you have an audience for your posts?
  • 07:53 PM - thekwp quoted Mrpereira in post MrPereira's WOTBS D&D 3.5 Campaign (SPOILERS IN THE POSTS)
    Pfff - this really made me sad - which is why I haven't been posting for a long time. Luckily I had the file in a word document, but I lost recaps worth almost 33 word pages... that is quite a lot. Anyway, here we go with reposting the entries :) Thanks for reposting these! Yes, the loss demoralized me a bit too, and I was much less further along than you were. I am glad I had some backups as well, though I missed the revisions I did in the posting process, which has taught me to get a backup after I do the final posting as well.

Wednesday, 2nd March, 2016

  • 08:43 AM - StreamOfTheSky quoted Mrpereira in post MrPereira's WOTBS D&D 3.5 Campaign (SPOILERS IN THE POSTS)
    Finally after a long day of marching they arrive at what looks like the destination for their journey. In a clearing they spot a tall tower. So, when my party reached it, they were suspicious. One player had put a level in Sorcerer w/ the previous day's level up and got a cute little rat familiar. At first, the player was thinking of having the rat go climb up to the door on the balcony, and I kept thinking to myself, “oh god, please don't make me kill off your little pet right after you got it!” I would've felt so awful... Thankfully the centaur fighter ended up going up first and plummeting instead. Just thought I'd share... :) DM Note: This is whare I added Paradigm Dogwood to the mix. When they realized who he was a lot of pieces of the puzzle fell into place for the players. The biomancy happenings in Seaquen combined with the winds, and the nagging feeling that the Ragesians may not have been alone all made sense in that instance, with me having to explain it. It was actually...
  • 07:52 AM - StreamOfTheSky quoted Mrpereira in post MrPereira's WOTBS D&D 3.5 Campaign (SPOILERS IN THE POSTS)
    Sorry I haven't replied to this in months, I've been so busy... DM Note: To make sure that the players were not killed for being red dragons or felt too powerful to be apprehended, I had Kiernan invent a mass polymorph with duration of rounds. It will expire just as they arrive, but seconds after the damage hits. I still wasn't sure on the polymorph gaining subtypes and qualities, so I didn't even use that idea. Honestly, if you stack protection from energy with resist energy 30, the fire has pretty much no chance of killing anyone (and anyone who has Indom's Boon can't die from it anyway!), so the precautions are a bit overblown, IMO. I actually really hate the mechanics of the burning sky, they work the opposite of the fluff. Single super long 'ports quickly hit the damage cap, while multiple “short” (~100 miles per) 'ports (what you'd expect is safer) will freaking kill you dead. But, I digress... DM Note: Somewhere along the way I decided that Ostalin would have a strong f...

Friday, 19th February, 2016

  • 05:00 AM - Bill T. quoted Mrpereira in post 3.5 Scions of Gate Pass (SPOILERS IN THE POSTS)
    I am looking forward to seeing how your Group did things, it is almost a shame that the elf turned into a gnome with the Innenotdar story, based on how it went in my Group :) Why do you think it a shame? Ari's hatred of the Shahalesti has developed to pathological levels over the course of the campaign so far. I can't decide if I'm impressed or appalled -- both, I suppose. ;)

Sunday, 7th February, 2016

  • 07:29 PM - Bill T. quoted Mrpereira in post Shouting "fire" in a burning theater
    your post reminds me that I am still behind in putting the last updates up on the exploits... I will get around to it :) Well, well? ;) I think I would make sure to give the party a lot of objectives, so the player that is snooping around will be left out (and nobody really wants that) if she stays behind. And alternatively stress that the rehearsals are very demanding and that they go over the same scene relentlesly for hours, giving her less time to snoop around. Besides, what is there to find onboard the ship, I am pretty sure that any incriminating evidence is elsewhere :) What, the Wayfarers have a secret home? Vaguely possible, I suppose. Anyhow, part of the trouble is that there is some amount of down time already baked-in because the party's wizard is going to hit the books. I like your idea of simply keeping her busy and fast-forwarding to the next scene with the whole party. Just don't give her the opportunity and no one will be the wiser. :devil:

Friday, 25th December, 2015

  • 08:08 AM - StreamOfTheSky quoted Mrpereira in post MrPereira's WOTBS D&D 3.5 Campaign (SPOILERS IN THE POSTS)
    They were very close to confronting Pilus, but in the end reason won out and they decided that they would not confront him as long as they needed his help. So I did not get to run Stream's encounter. :( Aww... Now that we're both in the same boat, though, have you been wondering about.... Finding some logical way to have the alliance with Pilus come back to bite them in the ass? I mean, I was just re-reading the campaign's Foreword the other day, and as it states: From the beginning, though, I decided War of the Burning Sky would eschew cosmic conflicts and classic good-evil dichotomies in favor of a more postmodern perspective, where enemies all have reasons for their actions. Sure, you can play the adventures such that the Ragesians are evil and can be killed without remorse because some of them consort with devils, but I tried to make sure we gave the heroes plenty of opportunities to turn the tide by allying with potential enemies, and more than a few opportunities to damn themselve...

Wednesday, 25th November, 2015

  • 08:17 AM - StreamOfTheSky quoted Mrpereira in post MrPereira's WOTBS D&D 3.5 Campaign (SPOILERS IN THE POSTS)
    Huh. I'm mid-chapter 6 now and Chapter 4 remains by far my favorite one we've gone through so far, and the players felt the same way. Odd that it's your least favorite. I do in general (veering too far in either direction still being bad, of course) favor "railroading" over "sandbox", maybe that's why our views differ so much. As for turning the fire forest heroics sour, I still had the letter but actually had Lady Timor (politely) bring it up when they met her (since it's her lands they left wide open to attack), with her basically telling them to bear in mind there might be unforeseen consequences for their actions, even if it is the right thing to do. Added a bit of philosophical/ethical discussion to what is otherwise a rather bland travel quest. Riding out to her and Dashgoban is easily the dullest part of the chapter, though it's at least brief. Anyway they are off towards Seaquen and then the Monastary of the two winds, and we are catching up on real life. We just finished cha...

Monday, 2nd November, 2015

Monday, 26th October, 2015

  • 03:45 AM - StreamOfTheSky quoted Mrpereira in post MrPereira's WOTBS D&D 3.5 Campaign (SPOILERS IN THE POSTS)
    Heh, these are finally getting me motivated to post about my game. I might start a thread soon, it's just a bit...verbose right now. I also provided towns to buy/sell stuff at along the way. It's really crazy when you think about it otherwise... they get level 1 gear, whatever loot they find through chapters 1 and 2, and then have to wait till they hit level 5 and spend several more weeks fighting random encounters in the wilderness before they can finally reach another shop! (Well, my group had level 3 wealth to start with, but still). So you tried to make something out of those ridiculous one line "adventure hooks"... I gave up on that idea pretty fast. Glad Haddin continued to be annoyingly helpful, that's what makes him so fun. How did he get invited to the War Council after separating from the party, anyway? The romance is an interesting angle... Katrina ended up sleeping w/ a PC in my group, but that was all it lead to; the PC basically tried to hook up w/ everyone. I'd be su...

Wednesday, 23rd September, 2015

  • 11:24 PM - StreamOfTheSky quoted Mrpereira in post Game balance and experience with potential adjustments
    Chapter 9 or 10 would definitely make the most sense. I just suggested cramming her return into Chapter 5 because that means it happens soon enough after that you don't need to put much/any effort into leveling her up and she's still fresh in the players' minds. Plus Chap. 5 is bereft of encounters. Although finding a way to logically insert her would be tough... Those last two sentences are an issue w/ Chap. 5 in general that I had. I...Chap. 5 is a whole other topic, and one I have a fair bit to say about.... I haven't done more than glance at the last 3 chapters, but I could see 11 being content-weak. I have a rough idea for events to spice it up for my game, but they'd be completely irrelevant to you and your plot. And they're hardly set in stone. Of the first 9 chapters (I'm on 6 now, but have read ahead), 3 and 5 seem by far the weakest to me. Chapter 3 went terribly and half the players left they didn't enjoy it so much and my game nearly collapsed. Chapter 5 ended up going wel...

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