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    Wednesday, 3rd July, 2019, 03:20 PM
    The best way to get really ripped is to get enslaved (preferably as a child) and forced to turn a giant wheel. Do that and it seems to work all the muscle groups. Worked for Conan.
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    Saturday, 22nd June, 2019, 05:13 AM
    Do they know that? Since HP are a combination of luck, will, and skill, many tables describe attacks only causing serious damage strikes on the blow that reduces to zero. So they can still be looking for that well placed or lucky hit. Even if you describe HP as pure meat, are there enough of those high level people around that they know there are people like that? Do those rules apply to...
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    Friday, 21st June, 2019, 05:46 AM
    Or they think about how this punk just killed Jeb, Bob, and Sven who they have known for years and were friends with. They decide this scum needs to pay and all rush him? Have you seen how police or military folks react when someone attacks one of their own? Rarely is it to run away. It could be considered just as video game style to play the guards your way.
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Sunday, 23rd June, 2019

Saturday, 22nd June, 2019

Wednesday, 6th September, 2017

  • 04:53 PM - Ovinomancer mentioned Aenorgreen in post How would you rule on this Dispell Magic?
    You saying "This" to Aenorgreen saying "Actually I did not say 'starts to run'" makes no sense. Strangely, Aenorgreen said much more that "Actually I did not say 'starts to run'". I agreed with everything you said except the "starts to run," which you did say. The knight would have to move into the room with the wizard before anything else would happen. Rolling initiative before he moves makes no sense. I agreed that his movement could be interrupted after he had moved into the room with the wizard. Wait, are you plisnithus8? Why are you posting under two different accounts?

Saturday, 8th July, 2017

  • 06:14 AM - Henry mentioned Aenorgreen in post Three level 7 PCs vs a Roc in an open field...
    I think powers should work as they are described. It is not a realistic game, you are already fine with a bird big enough to carry an elephant, what is so odd about using ki to stun it? If you start going down the path of what really works, the game falls apart. I have to agree with Aenorgreen -- first, there's nothing rules as written indicating the Roc is immune to these abilities, large or small, and the stunning is just as magical as the Roc's ability to ignore the square-cubed law; Rules as Intended, it doesn't appear the designers meant for the creature to be immune to these things. Rules as Fun, there's quite a bit of heroic imagery in a trained fighter clipping a giant bird's wing just enough to unbalance it and knock it out of the sky long enough to escape, or for the Monk to hit the right nerve cluster to discombobulate it for a few seconds; for something with that high a CON score, it won't stay that way for long. If it's a special creature (The Chaos Roc of the Mindspin Mountains!) then it's one thing to have extra immunities; but just assuming a creature is immune because "it makes sense" should be done judiciously, because it just doesn't hold up in a world with undead, bird kaiju and people casting spells, anyway. EDIT - I'll grant you the one on trip ma...

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Saturday, 22nd June, 2019

  • 01:15 AM - JacktheRabbit quoted Aenorgreen in post How many 1st level Fighers can an 11th Level Fighter Kill?
    Or they think about how this punk just killed Jeb, Bob, and Sven who they have known for years and were friends with. They decide this scum needs to pay and all rush him? Have you seen how police or military folks react when someone attacks one of their own? Rarely is it to run away. It could be considered just as video game style to play the guards your way. Except in real life everyone knows that one well placed or lucky bullet and the guy who killed their buddy is going down. In DnD if they started with 12 and the 11th level just killed 3 then there are 9 left, end of next round there are 7 or 8 left and it goes downhill from there because the way DnD works means they are never getting that lucky stab that kills the 11th level fighter with 100 plus hitpoints.. The only reason the math seems to suggest 10 to 12 is a threat is because less than that die when they are constantly replaced so there are always 8 opponents taking swipes and the 11th level does nothing to use terrain to pro...

Friday, 17th May, 2019

  • 07:15 PM - Stalker0 quoted Aenorgreen in post The economics of Continual flame
    I think you are confusing quality with physical form. Sawdust is just very small pieces of wood. Fabricate changes the shape and size of the materials. So if that sawdust was all of teak or mahogany it would make fine quality furniture with a fabricate spell (assuming skill proficiency). If it is all knotty yellow pine it would not be as good. I see no reason you couldn't take smaller gemstones and make a larger gemstone with it. There is nothing in the spell that suggests it would suddenly include a bunch of foreign material that was not there before. I agree, there’s nothing in fabricate that limits its ability to merge materials, in fact many of the examples would be just that. Turning ruby dust into a ruby seems completely within its purview. Now it won’t be a pretty ruby unless you had gem cutting but a ruby nonetheless.

Monday, 11th February, 2019

  • 12:05 PM - AndrĂ© Soares quoted Aenorgreen in post Cantrip House Rule
    Another effect is that it would make the Magic Initiate feat way less valuable. I think it would have a lot farther reaching effects than perhaps at first considered. People use Magic Initiate to choose damage cantrips? I've never seen that happen, but it might be just a sample of my play group's experience.

Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

  • 12:51 AM - jaelis quoted Aenorgreen in post magic ring
    I was considering it more against the mid-level ring. Imagine a single wizard being able to hold you in a wall of force with a cloudkill. But there are some great lower level spells. Fly, haste, even spider climb. And it is not just for the arcane casters. How about having both spiritual guardians with moonbeam or spike growth? I think it is an overly large boost to casters. You would rather have a ring of spider climb than a staff of power? That seems unlikely, but it's your call. No one is arguing that dwayne's ring isn't a powerful item. I'm just a little skeptical that it is more powerful than any item presently in the game.

Monday, 19th February, 2018

  • 11:54 PM - jaelis quoted Aenorgreen in post magic ring
    I probably would choose it over a staff of power. The staff gives a couple of free castings, but assuming you already have access to those spells it doesn't let you do anything you could not before. This ring lets you break the rules of the game. Fair enough, but I'm curious for, say the low-level ring, which level 1-3 buff spell do you feel is better than +2 AC, +2 spell save DC, and +2 on spell attacks?
  • 07:31 PM - jaelis quoted Aenorgreen in post magic ring
    I think having even one is unbalancing. It means you can have two concentration spells at the same time, which opens up lots of combos. Too strong. So you'd pick one of these rings over, say, a Staff of Power? Ring of Three Wishes? It might be good however to restrict it to having only one ring usable.
  • 10:10 AM - dwayne quoted Aenorgreen in post magic ring
    Assuming it is meant to basically give a free concentration I would consider it too powerful. The concentration mechanic is an important part of keeping casters from being too powerful and getting rid of the old days of having multiple buffs. it is limited in the use as you can only have two rings on at once, also the speels effected are limited to low med and high and if you just hand them out well that's your issue for giving them away. as a player may only ever have one in his life let alone two. they are not candy to be dolded out. letting a caster for go one spell effect with con, is not like in the old days as they could stack endless amounts. if having more than one of these rings would be unbalancing then don't give more than one out.

Wednesday, 3rd January, 2018

  • 05:34 AM - neogod22 quoted Aenorgreen in post Phantom Steed.
    Not that I expect this to work, but let me try. You can control a mount only if it has been trained to accept a rider. Domesticated horses, donkeys, and similar creatures are assumed to have such training. The initiative of a controlled mount changes to match yours when you mount it. It moves as you direct it, and it has only three action options: Dash, Disengage, and Dodge. A controlled mount can move and act even on the turn that you mount it. Note that IT can take actions. IT can act on the turn you mount it. Not your actions, its own actions. There is no mention that it shares actions with you, like the beastmaster companion says. You are adding things that are not there. Can you show where it says that it uses your move action or your action to command it? If not, why do you assume it does? So you bolded "it has 3 actions," but purposely left out the word "options" that is directly after actions with no period, or parenthesis, no coma. It's part of the same thought, and therefor...

Saturday, 14th October, 2017

  • 09:11 PM - Lanefan quoted Aenorgreen in post Invisibility and holding items.
    Of course this is DM interpretation, but I would focus on the carried part. A rope tied to the ceiling that you are climbing would not be invisible. If you were lowering that same rope down to your buddy using yourself as an anchor, it would be. If you tie it and stretch it across a hallway, since you are only partly carrying it I would say that is visible. This also avoids the problem of ladders disappearing as you climb them.All good, though I'd say the tied rope across the hallway would fade out as it neared the invisible person holding one end - like that's not suspicious at all to anyone who notices it! :)

Wednesday, 27th September, 2017

  • 10:30 PM - FrogReaver quoted Aenorgreen in post Calculating Overkill Damage
    It depends entirely on the situation. Is the target a single creature with 100 hp, or are there 10 creatures with 10 hp each. If the single creature than one attack is better as you have your hit percentage chance to kill it. It is nearly impossible with the 10 attacks. Conversely with the multiple creatures it would be better to have the more attacks. It is like trying to compare a fireball spell to a disintegrate. They both have their uses. The entire question's premise of one being "better" doesn't make sense to me. It depends on many conditions such as target hp, AC, ad/dis, the target's expected damage to you, etc. There is no single best. I totally agree. I also wanted to add that the only way overkill damage can ever have a chance of being useful is to calculate it when the number of rounds to kill an enemy for 2 characters are exactly the same. In D&D there is no set number of rounds. The probability distrubtions vary wildly because we use both a dice for the chance to hit ...
  • 03:38 AM - guachi quoted Aenorgreen in post Calculating Overkill Damage
    I am not sure what is the point of these calculations. Those who do more damage per strike will also have more overkill. Wasn't that already obvious? Yes. But to my knowledge no one has attempted to apply this to damage per attack for better comparisons between abilities. Is doing 120 damage in one attack better than doing 10 damage in each of 10 attacks? Maybe. Can you tell me if it's better? I'll wait for an answer and your reasoning, with math, as to why.
  • 02:50 AM - FrogReaver quoted Aenorgreen in post Calculating Overkill Damage
    I am not sure what is the point of these calculations. Those who do more damage per strike will also have more overkill. Wasn't that already obvious? I think the thought is that he can remove overkill damage from DPR calculations to make them more accurate (it doesn't but I think that was his original belief / premise). It's probably best to let him answer for himself though...

Monday, 25th September, 2017

  • 10:19 PM - Kobold Avenger quoted Aenorgreen in post ASI's at Character Level instead of Class Level
    Then that makes the Ftr/War dramatically more powerful than the straight fighter 8. Both characters have 3 ASI. The MC has all the powers of getting 2 levels of warlock for just losing the level 7 archetype feature. That houserule makes multiclassing better than doing a single class. X level Fighter vs. X/Y level fighter/warlock at certain levels might not have parity in balance. Many single classes don't have parity with each other at certain levels either. In that example the 11th level fighter would probably outdo a 9/2 fighter/warlock since an extra attack could bring more raw power than just 2 spell slots and 2 invocations.
  • 09:33 PM - cbwjm quoted Aenorgreen in post ASI's at Character Level instead of Class Level
    So what happens using this method if a you have 2 levels in say Warlock and are going to 6th as a fighter? Does the person now get 2 feats at this level (one from fighter and another from 8th character level?) Seems like a pretty massive boost. They would. The fighter feat at 6th is a bonus feat for the fighter reaching 6th level which falls outside the standard feat gain of 4, 8, 12, 16, and 19. Personally, I don't see this as a massive boost, the PC would have the exact same amount of feats as an 8th level fighter but they were more easily able to multiclass to fit their character concept without feeling penalised by missing out on an ASI or feat. I think I prefer the freedom that this houserule gives players in character creation but it seems many people on these boards hate multiclassing in general so will hate any houserule that allows them to keep their standard ASI/feats.

Wednesday, 20th September, 2017

  • 10:58 PM - DeJoker quoted Aenorgreen in post Teleport /fly /misty step the bane of cool dungeon design is RAW in 5E
    Your "must be the case" assertion would only be true for a home brew campaign that had that as a premise. Not D&D in general. Right, that's what I said. Given the premise, that must be the case. Not just for homebrew campaigns, but for any setting that used a similar premise. "Actual historical Europe, except magic is real but it doesn't really change anything" was an incredibly common premise in the nineties. I could name half a dozen D&D heartbreakers that went in that direction, from Fantasy Imperium to Furry Pirates. Actually that is not true Saelorn if we go back and examine this when it got started you made no assertion that this applied to a Homebrew setting at all. In fact you asserted the opposite that it pertained to D&D as a whole per RAW although you never actually used the word RAW but you did imply it numerous times. Post #83 What's wrong with teleporting paladins? People always complain that paladins do nothing with their spell slots but smite all the time. But when they use it...
  • 10:19 PM - Saelorn quoted Aenorgreen in post Teleport /fly /misty step the bane of cool dungeon design is RAW in 5E
    That setting would also need arcane magic users to be exceptionally rare and/or they simply don't go around casting obvious spells. That exact same logic therefore requires wizards to be exactly as subtle as the divine casters to keep that setting. That means your supposed distinction between arcane and divine doesn't logically hold.Not quite. Wizards aren't real, and have no real world analogue. We know what priests are like, so they have to fulfill that role - they have to exist as priests, and do priest things, which are fairly well documented. They have to exist, and have people know who they are, without actually changing the world too much. Wizards are self-regulating. If anyone finds out that you're an arcane spellcaster, then you get burned at the stake, so you can't go around letting anyone see you use your magic.

Tuesday, 19th September, 2017

  • 10:42 PM - Lanefan quoted Aenorgreen in post Teleport /fly /misty step the bane of cool dungeon design is RAW in 5E
    Priests are given spells for a reason, and abusing those spells in order to show off is the quickest way to lose them.I have to disagree with this one. Priests are given spells for a bunch of reasons. Depending on the deity giving said spells, one of those reasons might very well be to show off - in effect to advertise how powerful the deity is by way of what its Clerics can do. Any deity concerned with power (this would include most war deities, probably all evil-authoritarian deities, all Dwarven deities, and some wanna-be-monotheistic paladinic deities) or flashy chaos (some party deities, some destroy-everything deities) is going to want its Clerics to show off their power at every opportunity. Of course, there's also lots of deities who would probably prefer their Clerics to be way more subtle - any Thieving deity, any deity of secrets, any deity who might be seen as a challenger to another but hasn't got the power yet to back it up, and others - and that's cool too. But to say they ...
  • 09:09 PM - Caliban quoted Aenorgreen in post Teleport /fly /misty step the bane of cool dungeon design is RAW in 5E
    You mistakenly assumed all divine casters were required to serve a deity who gave them their spells. That was not always true. Simple example is druids who worship nature as a whole rather than a specific god. Others had clerics and paladins devoted to ideals or concepts, ie see Greyhawk. They also seem to be assuming that all the gods have exactly the same goals for their clerics and will arbitrarily withhold their blessing over trivial matters - even when it something that is beneficial to their religion. Demonstrating your gods power to a crowd of potential converts? Sorry, can't have the divinely empowered spoke person for their religion actually be able to back up their claims. Let's strip them of their spells just as they try to perform a divine miracle. That'll show them! (....Strange, I'm losing worshipers left and right, and all my clerics are quitting to become wizards and sorcerers...)
  • 03:24 AM - Lanefan quoted Aenorgreen in post Teleport /fly /misty step the bane of cool dungeon design is RAW in 5E
    How can you say divine is supposed to be subtle and then also say that it hasn't been for the the last 3 editions? When it hasn't been that way for 20+ yearsWell, 17 and counting... I don't think you can keep saying that is the way it is supposed to be.Why not? All it seems like he's trying to do is point out a reason that there's less of a difference between clerics and wizards in the newer editions than the early ones, and that this lessening of the difference might not be a useful development. You could just a well argue that AC is supposed to count down rather than up because that is how THAC0 worked. Don't care about THAC0 but AC counting down works just as well as counting up. It's just a different variant on the calculations a DM has to do on every net gain or loss in efficiency so whichever one you're used to, just stick with it. Lanefan
  • 02:04 AM - Saelorn quoted Aenorgreen in post Teleport /fly /misty step the bane of cool dungeon design is RAW in 5E
    I think you are having a bit of a selective memory. Many cleric spells have been very obvious. Cantrips Light - object starts shining Mending - break or cuts become whole Create water - a container suddenly has gallons of water in itDid the cleric do anything, though? I mean, you've labelled these as cantrips, which implies a later-edition take on them. I don't remember how Light used to work, back in the day, but Create Water is just about the definition of subtlety. If your water skins are suddenly full, where previously they were not, then something happened and you might chalk it up to a miracle, but it's hardly overt. It's not like you create a ball of water in the air which falls into the container. Likewise, Mending is more along the lines of a stage magician's trick. 1st level Cure light wounds - can literally take someone from dying to full instantly Inflict light wounds - can kill with a touch Obscuring mist - fog suddenly forms from youIf you touch someone and they die, the...

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