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Monday, 9th July, 2018

  • 03:28 PM - Jorge Jaramillo V quoted Zhern in post Explore The Unknown With Operation Unfathomable
    Operation Unfathomable is excellent, but then again, pretty much everything from Hydra Cooperative is top notch. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary and reminiscent of a bad acid trip, then I highly recommend Slumbering Ursine Dunes, Misty Isles of the Eld, and Fever Dreaming Marlinko. Each of the aforementioned titles are for Labyrinth Lord but easily adapted to most any system. And Labyrinth Lord is better than Swords & Wizardry, anyway.

Wednesday, 20th December, 2017

Friday, 10th November, 2017

  • 10:29 PM - Abstruse quoted Zhern in post News Digest: Last Unicorn RPG, D&D Job Posting Hints at Future, Movies and TV and Games, Green Ronin Announcement, and more!
    Glad you noticed it. I wouldn't want to be mistaken for a troll when that wasn't the intent. Edit: words are hard. I was more confused than anything else. Like...did Gaurav forget how to spell his own name because he just woke up too? Or did he just check to make sure I didn't misspell it the same way that WotC did (which, BTW, is misspelled not just on the lower thirds on the stream but in the video description even though we pointed it out in chat) and missed that I got the end part wrong? It didn't help that, when I wrote the draft for that, he still had his SpoopyHalloween Twitter name and his username is DoubleGXG on Twitch and Twitter, which doesn't help with spellchecking. So when I saw him in Tippy22's Twitch chat and asked him to check the spelling to make sure. Anyway, this is all Tom's fault somehow...
  • 09:43 PM - Abstruse quoted Zhern in post News Digest: Last Unicorn RPG, D&D Job Posting Hints at Future, Movies and TV and Games, Green Ronin Announcement, and more!
    "Gaurav Gulani" Gulati. Reference here. I mean...I just asked Gaurav to check about half an hour ago and he said I got it right? I'll have to ask him again when his stream goes live in a bit... Edit: And just saw his Twitter and yes, it's wrong. Going to have to mention that in his stream :p Also, fixing. Thanks! Edited Edit: Okay, I see now. I got it right in the column and wrong in my comment. Going to leave that one alone so this comment still makes sense and Gaurav can make fun of me :p

Friday, 29th September, 2017

  • 04:39 PM - Matrix Sorcica quoted Zhern in post Rappan Athuk - The Dungeon of Graves for 5E!
    I'll have to double check on that. We have discussed it and were looking at options but I'm not sure on the final outcome. I'll post back when I know more. Thanks. Other kickstarters, including ones by firsttimers, manage to do this, so really hope it will be possible.
  • 07:29 AM - mach1.9pants quoted Zhern in post Rappan Athuk - The Dungeon of Graves for 5E!
    It will be a Kickstarter and will be launching later this year. Patrick Frog V Frog God Games SO is there two kickstarters, one for maps and one for 5E RA? Here is some additional teaser art from Rappan Athuk 5e! Colin Chan does some fantastic work! I'm loving the art being posted up on the FB page - amazing stuff!

Monday, 1st May, 2017

  • 07:14 PM - Inchoroi quoted Zhern in post What sorts of things are you working on? (3PP or personal use homebrew)?
    I'm sure you'll get your wish on Tsar 5e. :) The question is will I die of anticipation first...
  • 07:00 PM - Inchoroi quoted Zhern in post What sorts of things are you working on? (3PP or personal use homebrew)?
    Gotcha. I'm pretty sure we've talked back and forth on the FGG forums. I can say for sure that there are 5e versions of some cool things on the way (Rappan Athuk and Tome of Horrors Complete) and there are quite a few more being considered by certain Frog Gods that I'm familiar with. :) Zhern You are familiar with me, yes. Just look for Knem Koth stuff. I tend to stay away from Rappan Athuk, because I only have a couple players that would enjoy it; the others would think it'd get a little samey (saying this as having never read it before, however, so I reserve judgement until I get to it). I'd actually prefer a 5e Slumbering Tsar to Rappan Athuk; the player that introduced me to FGG has it and has played it, sings it's praises, and says it's specifically suited to an evil bastard DM like me.
  • 04:50 PM - Inchoroi quoted Zhern in post What sorts of things are you working on? (3PP or personal use homebrew)?
    Count me in if anyone is half serious about doing this. I would love a 5E mega-dungeon. Rappan Athuk Inchoroi ? That'll take a while. Which ones, Inchoroi? No, not Rappan Athuk, although I'd enjoy it if I could afford it. Currently, I'm combining Stoneheart Valley and Sword of Air into one mega-campaign. I have plans, when money allows, of getting Lost City of Barakus and Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms next for conversion, then three of the old Necromancer Games modules that I love the idea of. Whenever the conversion of Stoneheart Valley+Sword of Air is finished, I'll post what they'll let me on FGG's forums, and here, if they'll allow it! Stoneheart Valley is finished 1st draft conversion, but it's messy. I'd also love to do Slumbering Tsar, just because it sounds amazing and terrifying.

Sunday, 26th March, 2017

  • 02:31 PM - CapnZapp quoted Zhern in post Yawning Portal's Disclaimer; Plus New Monsters
    Barghest, Champion, Conjurer, Enchanter, Evoker, Illusionist, Leucrotta, Martial Arts Adept, Necromancer, and Transmuter are from Volo's Guide to Monsters. It's important to clarify: these are identical reprints; duplicate stat blocks. This presumably means Volo will not be treated as "core" - any of its stat blocks used will not be simply referred to as, say, Champion in bold.

Thursday, 12th January, 2017

Wednesday, 11th January, 2017

  • 05:02 AM - TildenThorne quoted Zhern in post A Preview of Faerie Tales & Folklore, Old School Roleplaying of Historical Fantasy
    Hi TildenThorne - I'm intrigued, especially as a huge Swords & Wizardry and swords & sorcery genre fan. Is this going to be self-published/small press or will it be a Kickstarter? I'll make sure to spread the word to the S&W groups on FB and G+. At this point, I suspect I will be self publishing. I will likely publish a PDF on DriveThruRPG and looking into print on demand options. It was really intended for print, but I am just one guy. Of note, if you are interested, I am looking for roughly a half dozen interested people to send out preview copies of the full PDF. All I ask is no sharing past players, and hopefully a little written critique or review I can use to improve the final product. If this sounds like something you are interested in, let me know (and I'll probably need an email address to send it off). The game does come with a page of warnings... Which I will likely send out first. I don't wish to blindside anyone... But, I touch on some rough topics. Anyway... Let me know! I ...

Sunday, 20th November, 2016

  • 06:45 PM - Corpsetaker quoted Zhern in post I wish we could get more racial variety with Kobolds.
    Nothing says that we can't have more racial variety with kobolds. Just because it isn't written in a book doesn't mean it can't happen. That is the cool thing about creating fantasy worlds - the architects and those that play in those worlds have carte blanche to make these kinds of things happy. Write it up! Make it happen! The power is at your fingertips to make it happen. Never said I couldn't do it. Most DM's I know and no AL will allow homebrew.

Saturday, 19th November, 2016

  • 08:14 AM - Flamestrike quoted Zhern in post CHALLENGE: Change one thing about 5e
    Inspiration - not fixable, remove it. I do allow it in my game because my players wanted to keep it but I make them work for it in exchange. I give it out for really good RP, interesting and unique tactics and plans, exceptional use of their skills, and for really bad puns. I don't think the game needs inspiration as there are enough ways to gain advantage or bonuses without having an extra 1d6+ to bail a PC out of something where luck wasn't with them. I let my players award it as well as myself. Not sure what the +1d6 you refer to relates to? Death saves - reduces the risk vs reward for the players and removes a lot of the drama and tension when they have three additional chances to not die, especially if they have done something stupid that got them knocked down to 0 hp in the first place. My players were okay with removing it and going with a house rule - if a PC drops to 0 and no one is able to heal/stabilize the PC, they die at the start of their next turn. Additionally, hits that ...

Saturday, 5th November, 2016

Thursday, 3rd November, 2016

  • 04:49 PM - Sacrosanct quoted Zhern in post Wanting more content doesn't always equate to wanting tons of splat options so please stop.
    The dearth of WotC official "general content" is being filled by some quality 3rd party publishers. It really is a shame that some are too close-minded to even give them a look since they are only depriving themselves of the benefit. So continue on the fanboi crusade for a WotC official stamp on general content books and keep hoping they will meet your requirements and release the exact content you are looking for. A secret for you - it very likely won't happen. They have a brand, official setting, and an established road map to manage for 5e. They will release based on what has the widest appeal and offers the best coverage of as much content and crunch in a single book as possible. That isn't to say that won't change but the odds are very, very slim based on what Mearls has repeated often. Yeah, like it or hate it, WoTC has been very clear on their approach with classes. Rather than have class bloat (like 3e), they are taking an approach of greater customization. I.e., rather than have...
  • 11:58 AM - Abstruse quoted Zhern in post News Digest: Tabletop is Back and How to Watch, Margaret Weis Retiring from RPGs, Big Personnel Shifts in the Industry, Trapdoor Technologies closes, and more
    Hey Darryl, I think spellcheck might have changed the intended perennial to perineal in the blurb about Agricola. Pretty sure you didn't intend it to be described that way but it did bring a laugh. :) I don't know what you're talking about, the article clearly uses the correct word! ^_^;; Yeah, spellcheck got me on that one. Thanks for the head's up.

Wednesday, 2nd November, 2016

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