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Monday, 17th June, 2019

  • 08:41 AM - Neurotic mentioned Searinox Nagharha in post Dark Fairytale IC
    "Agreed. too much risk carrying it anywhere and we saw what it means to not resist it with those dwarves." Leonan agrees. VLAD the Destroyer, Azurewraith, Charwoman Gene, Searinox Nagharha, jmucchiello We seem to be stalled, but this format lends itself to easy recruiting if our illustrious DM has time to continue?

Thursday, 29th November, 2018

  • 03:01 AM - Leif mentioned Searinox Nagharha in post The Passageway
    In fact, Harald, Lee, and Risia can each give me a d10 roll to see what you can overhear. By the way, I'll NPC Fiftheach pending Searinox Nagharha's return. He hears nothink, much like Sergeant Schultz.

Tuesday, 27th November, 2018

Friday, 9th November, 2018

Saturday, 29th September, 2018

Tuesday, 4th September, 2018

Friday, 31st August, 2018

Friday, 29th June, 2018

  • 04:39 PM - Steve Gorak mentioned Searinox Nagharha in post "Birds of a Feather" DnD 5E OOC (Closed)
    Hey folks, My character is up. Since I had some time, and making characters is fun, I decided to make him a rogue 1 feylock 2. Searinox Nagharha, I am assuming that the rules for illusions are as they are written (i.e. you need to spend your action to interact with an illusion to get a chance to see through it - if you don't send an action, or if you cannot interact with it, you are stuck). Some DMs still apply a houserule of "disbelieving" illusions, but this not as per the rules. I want to clarify this from the get-go, because my character will be casting a lot of silent images. He'll be using them mostly to block line of sight and to hide. Also, what languages are useful in your setting? My character gets 2 bonus ones (aside from common and elf), so I want to pick some that can be useful (and fun, since I intend on pulling friends/disguise self as often as possible ;-) Thanks and cheers, SG

Friday, 15th June, 2018

  • 10:23 AM - Neurotic mentioned Searinox Nagharha in post Dark Fairytale IC
    ... rust beast? It's not pretty. If you can't move the rock that's on you not be as your guide." Dale looks over his shoulder as he finishes speaking just making sure no one is there. Leonan releases the magic into the air and changes tack. "So, what you're saying is we need to call someone else, such as guards to help open the stone and then close it behind us? Or do we simply find someone else to take us down, someone we can count on to help? You do understand you will not get paid for leading us to unpassable stone, right?" He positions himself to help with the stone and motions for prince Kalember to take the other side. While not as strong as the warriors, he is stronger than wizards usually are. And he can use magic to keep the stone from sliding fully back. While he waits for others to position themselves around he motions with his hands and lose earth, debris and dust swirl toward him and around his legs waiting to slide under the stone and keep it from slipping back. Searinox Nagharha, assuming no one objects to working together, I think you can roll again with advantage (help action) :)

Thursday, 14th June, 2018

  • 08:12 PM - Radaceus mentioned Searinox Nagharha in post "Birds of a Feather" DnD 5E OOC (Closed)
    Sex: Currently Male Race: Eladrin (autumn) I see what you did there... :) ___________________ Searinox Nagharha cool. Wasn't sure if you were curbing races toward common or not. Dragonborne it is then since I am already playing a Dwarf. I'll pitch a concept tonight or tomorrow. Paladin or possibly a cleric.

Friday, 30th March, 2018

  • 11:17 AM - Neurotic mentioned Searinox Nagharha in post Dark Fairytale IC
    "Maybe just run from obligations? Or abusive master, not that I think you are, master Aldan, just an option. Or from forced apprenticeship? Not that they want to run from the city, just from this particular career?" jmucchiello, Searinox Nagharha, VLAD the Destroyer

Wednesday, 3rd January, 2018

  • 08:16 PM - EarlyBird mentioned Searinox Nagharha in post EB's Storm King's Thunder - OOC (FULL)
    ...osen class to buy equipment. Plus group may pool leftover gold to buy group healing potions if they wish. Hit Points: - Max HP at all lvls Special Note: Arguments can be made to add in other class options (Barbarian Bear Totem) or even classes (Ranger/Hunter, fave enemy-giants fits the game nicely), but that usually leads to five seperate characters instead of a group of heroes. I would like us as a group to build up the party given the SCAG limitation. If as we discuss options and what not it seems a second full healer would be best, but two Arcana Clerics is a bit much, we could look into other options. The group will start out together, so something else we will be looking into doing is linking them together and then having them set out for the settlement of Nightstone. I will be making suggestions, using hooks in the adventure, and adding in what background info where I can to help out. But on the whole the group will be young heroes setting out to find adventure. Party: 1. Searinox Nagharha elf wizard (bladesong) 2. JustinCase - human warlock (undying) 3. jumucchiello - human rogue (swashbuckler) 4. tgalssy human cleric (arcane) 5. hero4hire halfling barbarian (totem warrior) 6. FitzTheRuze half-orc fighter (purple knight) LINKS: Rouge's Gallery In Character Thread

Friday, 22nd December, 2017

  • 04:08 PM - Neurotic mentioned Searinox Nagharha in post Dark Fairytale IC
    jmucchiello: Good crit on init :) Searinox Nagharha: you could simply drop down with the shield under you and crush them all :) Can you charge down the stairs? Never sure between changes in editions :( Leonan looks down, but his big companion blocks the line of vision so he's forced to advance slowly. "Can't see." Initiative: 1D20+4 = [3]+4 = 7 - low roll, I'm after the zombies

Thursday, 30th November, 2017

  • 08:09 AM - Neurotic mentioned Searinox Nagharha in post Dark Fairytale OOC [Closed]
    Searinox Nagharha, jmucchiello, I know it's fun and exciting when you join the new game, but could you please slow down a bit? With 5 posts a day the entire conversation from the guard to the captain passed without single post from Charwoman Gene and VLAD the Destroyer and me managed single post in each conversation. I've been known to do it occasionally when I randomly get together with Azurewraith online, but you need to stop afterwards and see if anyone adds something new that affects the future events. Thank you for your understanding :) P.S: PbP is slow, you get used to it eventually. Even fastest paced adventures rarely do more than about round per day.

Monday, 27th November, 2017

  • 12:28 PM - Azurewraith mentioned Searinox Nagharha in post Dark Fairytale OOC [Closed]
    Searinox Nagharha jmucchiello if you want to drop your selves in the portal room it's a large room with a floating platform in the middle assessed by a ladder with hooded acolytes maintains a portal.

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Tuesday, 4th September, 2018

  • 05:28 PM - Steve Gorak quoted Searinox Nagharha in post "Birds of a Feather"
    Thael opened his eyes to the sight of helpful hunters, his body aching from the still open wounds from the redcap. Looking at the helpful men, he asks "Are the villagers ok?". He then stares at the draconic paladin that approaches, his body too weak to reack, and feels the life giving energy flow to him. "Thank you my friend. We are now sibiling at arms" he says, gratefully and solemly. He then looks for the gnome in wolf from, and gladly see it is still standing. He tells it "I did not want to leave you alone to face the evil alone, I am glad you are still standing" He then goes about looking at the body of the redcap for clues of its origin, and any goodie it may have. Thael was from the Feywild, so he know a thing or two about fey. perception [roll0] He then turns his attention to the adventurers, calming his rage he adresses them in a More formal manner. "You have Proven that you can hold your own in a fight. Would you grace us with your assistance in taking care of this Matter?" "I will...

Friday, 31st August, 2018

  • 08:52 PM - Neurotic quoted Searinox Nagharha in post Dark Fairytale IC
    Ow my apoligies, Shildoor has No fondness for fishes or fighting in the water. So he'll Dash Swim to the Shore. But making sure he is the last one between his allies and the fishes. So they have more to eat? Just swim, I'm waiting to blast them when you all clear out. Azurewraith, I'll change my spell from thunderwave to ice knife. It will also explode, but hopefully instead of pulling me in, it will create temporary barrier and maybe even push me backwards. Shooting as soon as others pass me by (by single move this round I should be 5' from the shore and waiting) - unless you rule I didn't know that possible effect of the thunderwave is pushing water away... Surge result: 1D10000 = [7129] = 7129 Targets dominant hand inflates to a one-foot diameter - I'm guessing, no effect :(

Wednesday, 22nd August, 2018

Friday, 29th June, 2018

  • 10:35 PM - Steve Gorak quoted Searinox Nagharha in post "Birds of a Feather" DnD 5E OOC (Closed)
    Smarter opponents will still start to realize something is up if everything that appears is fake. Especially if Stuff Comes flying out. So in the short game, it will work. It will work Well. Tho in longer Fights with smarter enemies its usefullness will deminish at some Point (or the might Just run Right in) As for reputation I'm talking more as a Group. As for Friends & Disguise Self, that'll depend where you transform. If you transform into a Old Man out of sight, Walk up to a Guard, use Friends, then transform infront of him again he will still get Mad at you. Tho if you break Line of Sight good enough and then break your Disguise Self he will still be looking for the Old Man Good stuff & it makes sense. Looking forward to the start! Cheers, Sg
  • 10:00 PM - Steve Gorak quoted Searinox Nagharha in post "Birds of a Feather" DnD 5E OOC (Closed)
    Ow wow you've got some plans! Ok... Mmh.... I'm gonna make a Ruling here that will also apply too you guys regarding Illusions. I do support Illusion use but I'll have to clarrify some things now. First, if you were to recast the Same Illusion over and over again they will become Immune to it after some time (depending on their Intelligence) Also, once they interact with it they will find out its fake. For example if they shoot arrows at your Boulder and they pass through instead of bounce off they will realize something is up. And ofcourse, leaving any survivers might earn you a certain reoutation as a illusionist. Reading Silent Image it states that 'Physical Interaction' reveals it to be a illusion. And once a creature sees the Illusion for what it is, it can see through it. So to illustrate this might be something that could happen Round 1; You cast Silent Image Orc Archers lose a turn Orc Leader inspects Illusion and sees its fake, yells that It's fake to the Archers Round 2; ...
  • 07:11 PM - Steve Gorak quoted Searinox Nagharha in post "Birds of a Feather" DnD 5E OOC (Closed)
    I'm pretty free when it Comes to Illusions as i Love to use them in games myself ;) To awnser your first question, as long as the enemy has No reason to believe otherwise they will have to use their Action to check if It's real or not. However if they are a organized Group (say a orc warband or bandit Group, ect.) One could then Call out to the rest that It's fake (Same as you all would) As for your second question, pretty much any Language could be encountered, depending how deep you guys plan on going into the proverbial rabbits hole. However i would suggest Sylvan as this part of the world is very connected to the Feywild Thanks for the comments! Regarding the warband, if one of the orcs calls the image as being fake, it would still obscure line of sight of his allies (unless they take an action to interact with the illusion), right? Example of my understanding: My character casts silent image of a 20ft rock around the party. Since my character's companions are touching (interacting) wi...

Wednesday, 13th June, 2018

  • 07:50 AM - Kobold Stew quoted Searinox Nagharha in post "Birds of a Feather" DnD 5E OOC (Closed)
    Kobold Stew with those stats? Sure, I'll give you a reroll xD a "-" in 3 stats might be abit overboard :p Unless you wanna Roll with it ;) Nope -- I'll stick to it. When you roll, you get what you get. I need you to respect me in the morning.

Sunday, 10th June, 2018

  • 03:29 PM - Leif quoted Searinox Nagharha in post Watch Tower -- Search for the Back Door
    Ow Great xD so basicly Fifthteach thinks they have been lead along? No, not what I meant to imply. I've edited that post below now. All I meant was that Fiftheach can't see the tracks clearly. I was hoping that some others would roll to see if they can pick up the trail any better.

Thursday, 31st May, 2018

Monday, 30th April, 2018

  • 07:35 PM - EarlyBird quoted Searinox Nagharha in post EB's Storm King's Thunder - OOC (FULL)
    Honestly its either going to be Shadow Blade or Misty Step ;)Tho i like they shadowy Nature, perhaps instead turning it into a fog like BladeThere are so many things i also take into consideration with my spell selection its drivin me Mad xD Get a list together of 8-10 spells of 2-3rd lvl you really want and I'm sure somewhere along the way your character could find them. Will make sure an evil wizard cast them at you first tho. LOL

Thursday, 12th April, 2018

  • 10:42 PM - EarlyBird quoted Searinox Nagharha in post EB's Storm King's Thunder - OOC (FULL)
    2 quick questions 1: could i have Resummoned my Raven on the way back? 2: does the trip count as a Short Rest? 'Cause I'm all outta spell Slots :p 3: getting excited about this ;) 1. You should only have 1gp, 4sp, 8cp in leftover gold. After spending 10gp to summon her the first time. According to THIS overview of your starting funds. Once you are higher levels I wouldn't go to much into your character having the necessary materials, saying you picked them up in your travels without having to say every time your in a town that you do. You will need to just spend 10gp. At these lower levels we will keep track of all of it a little better. But not to worry I have big plans for your familiar - so you will be able to find the materials here in Nightstone, and be able to summon her. 2.Yes I am allowing a short rest for everyone, see above. 3.Glad to hear it, there is a lot of adventure ahead of us.

Tuesday, 3rd April, 2018

  • 12:44 AM - EarlyBird quoted Searinox Nagharha in post EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC
    JustinCase to finish the round. EB let me know if there is an issue with rerolling the attack die for the rewritten action as I did slightly better. ;) I saw your original post and was like WHAT? It is ok to re-post/re-roll if you get to it in say under 24 hours (as you did), but if you notice you miss read the map or what was going on later than that, please post in the OOC you want to try and redo your actions and will discuss it there. moves to P31 And uses his Action to Ready Prestidigitation. If Slayermighty gets within 10' he'll create a sensory effect resembling Sparks flying from an Anvil in his face This is really a neat action, kind of the sudden jack in the box like effect. Please keep this and other similar effects listed as distractions that can be like a distance Help Action to give others advantage to their attacks. NOTE: they will get a save, not normal for Help Actions, and higher level creatures (those with a +6 or better save) will be immune.

Monday, 26th March, 2018

Friday, 2nd March, 2018

  • 09:36 AM - Neurotic quoted Searinox Nagharha in post Dark Fairytale IC
    i seriously thought we were inside alrdy xD As I understand things, there are another door inside and separate (smaler) building the door leads to.

Tuesday, 30th January, 2018

  • 09:45 PM - EarlyBird quoted Searinox Nagharha in post EB's Storm King's Thunder - OOC (FULL)
    In other words, I'm pretty much rdy to go ;) still on the fence about His Arcane Focus (the 4 throwing knives or 1 shortsword like focus) but I'll work with either. Would you be interested in a ruby of the war mage if I threw one into the adventure??

Saturday, 20th January, 2018

  • 08:37 PM - EarlyBird quoted Searinox Nagharha in post EB's Storm King's Thunder - OOC (FULL)
    I bet we're going to have an interesting time with this one. I wonder how many of us will have our characters survive until the end... Well I can safely say you will survive the first giant you encounter, but after that things will get harder. (see below) If i can survive to lv4 i think i should be ok. Picking up Mobile at that Point will allow me to Attack and then move away from the Giants :p PS: Reading some More about the Bladesinger i found the side bar about the Different Styles. Now the playstyle i had invisioned fits perfectly with the Raven Style but The question will be then how strict you want to keep these Styles to what is written in the books ;) I don't know about that ideal, did you know that most giants do more damage with their thrown rocks? Cloud Giant: 3d8+8 melee, 4d10+8 stone Hill Giant: 3d8+5 melee, 4d10+5 stone Stone Giant: 3d8+6 melee, 4d10+6 stone Reading up on the class before I was going to suggest Eagle and 2 hand axes, because of you taking clan-cr...

Friday, 19th January, 2018

  • 01:03 AM - hero4hire quoted Searinox Nagharha in post EB's Storm King's Thunder - OOC (FULL)
    Well as we get along the way It'll get stronger Right? ;) I Mean i have 7hp and I'm charging Straight at the Bastards ;)That will be up to EB. I didn't plan on taking Beastmaster Ranger levels (as I think it is bad mechanically). He did mention it growing into full wolf stats. But that is still easily one shotted by a Giant. :) Sent from my [device_name] using EN World mobile app

Friday, 5th January, 2018

  • 12:45 PM - EarlyBird quoted Searinox Nagharha in post EB's Storm King's Thunder - OOC (FULL)
    EarlyBird Yeah that 5 is gonna Hurt x to your questions 1) I was thinking the Same thing. Which is why i might switch Wisdom with Strength. I was planning on using Mage Hand and Booming Blade to assist with smithing. Sounds themathical 2) Int will stay my main stat i Think. I'll have to think abit over as i find that Mobile is a must, together with Warcaster. So I'll have to see if its worth it. 3)Yeah Sounds about Right, but Most my chars End up that xD I finally read all of Bladesinger and it does look like you benefit from a high INT, I was just thinking it would be easier to get the 15 INT to 16 than to get the 14 DEX to 16. Please post up your background when you have a sec If I get to make a character I think for fun I want to do it like this..I may DM a game using this. 1) Pick a Race 2) Roll 4d6 best 3 In Order 3) Then Pick a Class I think it would make an interesting non min/max character, but still allow for player choice Count me in I love me some old school...

Thursday, 4th January, 2018

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