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Friday, 10th November, 2017

  • 03:23 PM - smbakeresq quoted MatsuKurisu in post [Guide] How to Win Fights and Intimidate People (Another Barbarian Primer)
    Solid start. I think you are really undervaluing the flexibility / impact of a grapple or shove prone splash You are maxing str and rage gives advantage on the athletics checks. Your athletic checks will almost automatically succeed This adds to the strengths of the sword and board build with minimal extra investment (1 feat) I have built a Var Human with Shield Mastery, using Axe and Shield. Need GM game play interpretation on the Bonus Action Shove Prone from Shield Mastery - Can you do this BEFORE your main attack action, if so you are golden :) (Not played this character yet, however will be my next game) For most combats you Shove Prone /Attack with Adv and if you need to be sticky you can release one hand (shield or axe depending on situation) and grapple the biggest threat (only needs one hand RAW) I would expand on the Athletics skill assement to flag its use for Grappling which opens a whole extra dimension of combat for str melee characters I played a Barb with a shield and hammer...

Tuesday, 9th May, 2017

  • 01:08 AM - Volund quoted MatsuKurisu in post Optimizing Tempest Cleric
    Resilient Con would be better than +2Con for the purpose of Concntration checks. These become more and more important as you level up I second Resilient (Con) if you plan to tank. At 5th level you will get Spirit Guardians which is good for tanking, and it's a concentration spell. Great choice for a character. My 10th level tempest cleric went straight to 20 Wis and not having Resilient (Con) or War Caster is starting to become an issue, and I have other fighter types in the party. If you're the tank, I recommend you do everything you can to help your concentration checks.

Friday, 4th November, 2016

  • 10:41 PM - Blue quoted MatsuKurisu in post UA Ranger in STK - play report
    Agreed with this. Very sensible suggestion Along the same lines, Natural Explorer gives a lot for 1st level which makes it very easy to grab in a game that allows multiclassing. I'd push back the Adv on Init and Adv of attacks against opponents who haven't acted yet in first round to 3rd or something so you actually need to invest in ranger.

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