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  • 11:31 PM - pukunui mentioned flametitan in post Sage Advice Compendium Update 1/30/2019
    flametitan: Fair enough, I suppose. It does feel like someone who has mastered the use of shields should be able to do it more efficiently (e.g. as a bonus action). The wording of the feat — and thus the accompanying ruling from JC — does not seem to be conducive with this interpretation. I think I shall just ignore it. No one in either of my groups has the Shield Master feat, but if anyone were to take it, I would allow them to use the bonus action shield bash before they make any attacks with their Attack action.

Thursday, 15th November, 2018

Sunday, 11th November, 2018

  • 09:49 PM - pming mentioned flametitan in post First Impressions – Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica
    ... setting (here's the direct link to that particular video: ). Dael is a breath of fresh air for me, really. Still new enough to not be jaded, smart enough to figure stuff out for herself, and honest enough to realize what she likes and doesn't like. Her expertise/focus on literature and stories REALLY shows in how she runs her games. Her Australian accent (and good looks) are just the icing on the cake. For the side of sweet, creamy ice-cream, add in her rather good production quality of her videos and you have a definite winner. :) But I digress a bit. Ravnica seems like a "half-finished" idea, really. I don't know. Maybe I'm just expecting too much from WotC on this. When I think "world guide" I think of Forgotten Realms (1e Grey Box), Aereth (d20 Goodman Games), or Greyhawk (1e boxed set). I guess I'll just have to sit and wait for others to start posting about their campaigns to see just how diverse/open/useful it may be for me. Thanks flametitan for the quick run-down. :) ^_^ Paul L. Ming
  • 07:15 AM - pming mentioned flametitan in post First Impressions – Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica
    Hiya! So, flametitan, it's not so much a "Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica" as it is to a "Guildmasters Guide to A Very VERY small area in Ravnica"? Or am I missing something...isn't the 'world' called Ravnica? Or is Ravnica just this small little district? If so, is there nothing about the rest of the world? I mean, you can't really call a book "Guide to Earth" and then only concentrate on the USA. Now I'm confused again. I guess one of my main questions is about the "Guildless" and how they play a part or otherwise fit into the scheme of the world. Those guys interest me...the rest of the guilds? Not so much (or at all, really). But then again, "Guildless" could just mean "Guildless in this little area of the world and this is how people think of them". For all I know there is an entire"district"...full of nothing but Guildless. Anyone? ^_^ Paul L. Ming

Monday, 4th June, 2018

  • 01:01 AM - Yaarel mentioned flametitan in post ‘Advanced’ Dungeons & Dragons
    @flametitan. Adventures should be setting specific. Some are specifically for Forgotten Realms. Some are specifically for Dark Sun. And so on. DMs can use Advanced D&D core rules to modify the adventure. Many DMs develop a homebrew setting, and might modify the adventure to make it suitable for a region within their own setting. @TwoSix. I agree, the 5e design model is financially successful, so far. The strategy of ‘bigger but fewer choices’ with baked-in setting flavor, makes a vivid ‘feel’ that is conducive to corporate branding, for brand recognition, movie licenses, and so on. Also, the fewer but salient options are helpful for beginner players, and newbies are how to ‘grow’ a brand. The ‘D&D’ setting is Forgotten Realms, but modified to port in Greyhawk (races), Planescape (great wheel cosmology), and even some 4e Nentir Vale (fey and shadow cosmology, and tiefling and dragonborn races). This baked-in setting flavor is the ‘branding’. On the other hand, many veteran players are growing...

Wednesday, 29th November, 2017

  • 12:56 PM - Coroc mentioned flametitan in post Move over Fireball and Spirit Guardians, there is a new best 3rd level spell sheriff in town!
    flametitan kudos, that is very much considered old school style these days. It is like i do it when i prepare a new Setting,*** diversity, i take out those parts of the game that do not fit into an official campaign world or some homebrew (in the end it is always part homebrew). In restricting things i see challenges for the players and the dm instead of limitations like younger People always seem to complain about. Guess i get to old for this egomaniac orientated world already. You want an adventure? You are sitting naked in a dungeon with NO starting equipment and gold. Your execution is scheduled in three hours. Try to find an item to pick the lock of your chains and the cell door if you want to escape. So now that i want this to work, that is why you are not allowed to play any teleport at will class.

Sunday, 7th May, 2017

  • 04:45 AM - MoonSong mentioned flametitan in post This is a directory of posters who think the sorcerer needs fixing
    ...test when I predicted that Neo-Vancian would mean balance problems for sorcerers, but over time I've noticed there is more and more posters who think the class could use a little help and recently that number has exploded. Just a beg, please, please pretty please with sugar on top, if you think the sorcerer class is not underpowered, or doesn't lack options, or overall doesn't need adjustment. (Or worse you don't want a sorcerer class at all), please refrain from posting here or being confrontational if you can't help it. This thread doesn't seek to prove a point or disprove yours. It just wants to be a hub for like-minded players and DMs to make acquaintance of each other. Double so for newcomers to the forum. The Directory so far. If you want to be included (or removed), edit this post to add or remove your name (and only your name, no vandalism plz). @Tony Vargas, @Hawk Diesel, @RangerWickett, @dco @Gwarok, @LapBandit @Sword of Spirit, @Gradine, @gyor, @Xeviat, @Yunru, @Jago, @flametitan, @Ketser, @cbwjm, @Immoralkickass @ScuroNotte , @Irda Ranger @dropbear8mybaby, Ilbranteloth Gradine's treatise on the sorcerer A brief(?) treatise on the plight of Sorcerer The fundamental problem with the Sorcerer in 5e is that the reason the class was created in the first place was to create a mechanical distinction that no longer exists in 5e. 4e solved the problem by creating a new mechanical distinction, but that no longer exists in 5e either. See, the 3rd edition Sorcerer was basically worse than the Wizard in all but a handful of ways (more spells per day being the big one, also they had slightly better weapon proficiencies and were more fun at parties). In exchange they had slower spell progression and no bonus feats, because WotC overestimated the power of spontaneous casting Monte Cooke hated sorcerers reasons. Pretty much everyone agreed that simply on the basis of the slower spell progression (something which was then saddled onto all future spontaneous full-casters), ...

Monday, 13th February, 2017

  • 08:42 PM - lowkey13 mentioned flametitan in post Unearthed Arcana: Wizards & Warlocks -- Hexblades, Raven Queens, and Lore Mastery!
    Can't say as I agree with that. Having double-locked invocations with unique features encourages playing non-obvious combinations, so you can get those unique features. Here's the thing, though. They aren't really unique. Take a look. You have four abilities (Curse Bringer, Claw, Mace, Moon Bow) that are all +2d8 damage per spell slot + (SPECIAL ABILITY). And based on my review, you'd have to have a really special character design cooked up to make a Bladelock that doesn't have a Hexblade patron. Because it's almost as if they thought, "Hey, let's level up the bladelock by giving them an even better patron." And that's the killer, for me. The great thing about the Warlock design was supposed to be the independence of the Pact/Patron. While there are aspects of this that I like, I absolutely abhor the design philosophy behind it. And, as pointed out by flametitan above, when you lock in invocations by pact/patron, you close the design space. Are you running an undying warlock? An undying light warlock? Well, so sorry for you! This isn't just about the specific abilities, but about the class.

Saturday, 12th November, 2016

  • 07:49 PM - Satyrn mentioned flametitan in post D&D Inducted Into National Toy Hall of Fame (Along with the Swing and Little People)
    That is the definite downside of only having a couple inductees every year... there's always a "Hey, wait, how did X get inducted before Y?" I know personally I have that reaction to the Game Boy going in before things like Hot Wheels, and The Game of Life getting to be the 5th board game to go in rather than something like Pachisi or Clue (behind Monopoly, Checkers, Scrabble, and Candyland) but it is what it is. When you start listing these things, and with flametitan suggesting this was - not rigged, more manipulated - brought about by heavy internet campaigning, I kind of feel like D&D doesn't belong in there. Not yet anyway. But as you say, it is what it is. And it's not bad. Not bad at all.

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Friday, 6th January, 2017

  • 08:25 PM - MostlyDm quoted flametitan in post Is morale used anymore?
    I try to, but I forget to use it sometimes, despite knowing I really should. After all, my party got a well liked NPC out of me using it to have a hobgoblin surrender. Yep, in nearly every game I run, the party ends up with NPC allies from the small monstrous humanoids sooner or later. Sometimes it’s just a lone goblin or kobold, but often times it ends up eventually being turned into an in-depth alliance, such as a current group’s Dragonborn Paladin that has two different kobold tribes that consider him to be their protector and chief. Goblins and kobolds in particular are so cowardly and prone to surrender, and more intrinsically amusing/nonthreatening than some of the larger monstrous humanoids, that I find it happens quite often.
  • 07:43 PM - DEFCON 1 quoted flametitan in post Retrospectives on the Yawning Portal adventures
    Just a thought, but how much easier will tomb of horrors be now that we have access to at-will cantrips (mainly Mage hand so we don't have to stand next to the door to set it off?) Probably! But the one thing that were I to run this for my players I'd have to remember and force myself to do... is to go against all my better instincts for how I like to run my games and never ask for Perception checks or coax players to tell me what they would like to do. As I'm usually a "story-first" DM... I help my players by reminding them of things that have happened previously, or abilities they have but might have forgotten. Which would make Tomb of Horrors less deadly, if I'm constantly giving little bits of info off of ability checks that either I've prompted them to take or they just do for grand overviews of what they are experiencing. Only if I play it completely blank and only speak when spoken to and give completely neutral information will I be able to run the game the way it was originall...
  • 12:20 PM - dave2008 quoted flametitan in post Let's Read: Volo's Monsters
    And that can be reflected with class choice, couldn't it? Yes, it was just that it wasn't a choice for the draconians, it was what they are, part of their species (of course they are not a true "species"). You could do it different to make them playable, it just wouldn't feel right to me personally
  • 07:08 AM - MerricB quoted flametitan in post Retrospectives on the Yawning Portal adventures
    In case anyone was curious how: According to what I've heard from Gary, Rob solved it behind an army of Orcs, while Tenser used his great intelligence to deduce that it was not a dungeon worth dying in. I left the explanations out of the original article due to the new players who'd read it. Fine to have it here, though! :) Cheers!
  • 01:13 AM - Parmandur quoted flametitan in post Discussion - Tales From The Yawning Portal is Season 6
    They're stand-alone modules, no real overarching story between them. Against the giants sounds like it'll be the full G series, so we might see a bit of story in it. I've not read Citadel or Forge, so I wouldn't know how those work, let alone how they'll be adapted. White Plume Mountain has a thin veneer of plot, while Tomb of Horrors has almost no plot (depending on which version of the module they source, it's been adapted and modified many times over the years). I heard Dead in Thay will just be the dungeon, and not the plot, but I don't know if that's true. Tamoachan is likely going to be like White Plume and Tomb, having somewhere between a veneer or no real plot. My own bit of speculation (I'm expecting this to be false, but it'd be so clever if it was true): The Yawning Portal's not just an inn in Waterdeep. It's also the entryway to the Undermountain. However, there's not Undermountain in the hardcover. What if the AL team is going to cover the Undermountain instead, allowing for some t...
  • 12:28 AM - Sammael quoted flametitan in post Tales From The Yawning Portal - 7 Classic Dungeons Updated To 5E!
    So I was listening to Dragon Talk, and they've explained why they chose the Yawning Portal name for the book. Apparently it's because the Undermountain is the most likely way for adventurers to be dropped into other settings from the Realms, meaning that the Yawning Portal is almost certainly going to be where these stories are told to Realms based adventurers. So these adventures are most definitely not in the Realms, but the Realms is still there as a framing device. Interesting. I disagree, because The Wild Goose (AKA The World Serpent Inn) in Arabel is far more likely to serve as a nexus point for adventurers to visit other settings.

Thursday, 5th January, 2017

  • 08:33 PM - Jer quoted flametitan in post Tales From The Yawning Portal - 7 Classic Dungeons Updated To 5E!
    I'm curious if they didn't put Undermountain in this so that the AL team could cover Undermountain (while the title of the book allows for an excuse for the AL season to be about Undermountain.) Now that's an interesting bit of speculation. I'm assuming that they didn't put Undermountain into this because they're planning on eventually giving Undermountain its own AP all to itself and are just figuring out how to go about doing that in a single book AP-sized book.
  • 08:31 PM - Parmandur quoted flametitan in post Tales From The Yawning Portal - 7 Classic Dungeons Updated To 5E!
    I'm curious if they didn't put Undermountain in this so that the AL team could cover Undermountain (while the title of the book allows for an excuse for the AL season to be about Undermountain.) Ooooh, good call: maybe the big Undermountain Open was testing out stuff for the season adventures to gon on DMsGuild? In that case, both ToH and Undetmountain theories would be right, at the same time...

Wednesday, 4th January, 2017

  • 07:17 PM - lowkey13 quoted flametitan in post Thirty-six views of VGtM
    You can make a character with that, but it's hard to make multiple characters off of one background element alone. (It's a good thing we have backgrounds as a focused mechanic) Well, given that I will always play Legolas, the AWESOME SAUCE archer of elves in all campaigns, ever, I'm not sure why anyone would need to have a diversity of backgrounds! I appreciated that the Lizardfolk (also a great band name, for, um, folk music) had that alien-like quality to them. I mean, in the end, when we discuss playing races, it's usually just saying, "Here's how I think a human would be, but with pointy ears and living in the forest," or we take a particular gimmick (I'm a dwarf, and I have a scottish accent!) as opposed to really playing up the fact that THESE ARE NOT THE HUMANS WE ARE LOOKING FOR.
  • 02:12 PM - lowkey13 quoted flametitan in post Thirty-six views of VGtM
    As for the races ... {snip} I really liked your writeup and thoughts on the races. I dunno- thought it was the weakest of the three sections, partly because the other two were better, and partly because I don't need more PC races in my campaign. All that said, IMO I would love to play a Lizardfolk. I disagree re: background. I thought the background had plenty o' flavor; enough for a a Lizardfolk to sink his teeth into. ;)
  • 01:26 PM - jaelis quoted flametitan in post Aarakocra in combat and a question about passive perception
    Feats that add to your movement speed add to your flight (and climb and swim speeds for the tabaxi and lizardfolk among us) unless they specify your walking speed. That is correct, btw, per twitter:

Tuesday, 3rd January, 2017

  • 10:22 PM - lowkey13 quoted flametitan in post Thirty-six views of VGtM
    It's a bit mixed. It's (supposedly, a lot of people leave out that despite being full of goddidit there's room for plausible deniability in VGM) the will of Maglubiyet that brings them together, but it's the glory of victory in battle that serves as the long term adhesive that keeps them together. As soon as there's a couple years of relative piece, everything falls apart (and there's no mention of Maglubiyet willing it to fall apart.) I just figured that it always a nilbog that causes it to fall apart! :) At least, that's what I want to believe. EDIT- I just love the part about all goblinoid war hosts having a goblin jester to ward off the nilbog. Nice touch.
  • 09:36 PM - lowkey13 quoted flametitan in post Thirty-six views of VGtM
    I feel like their point wasn't to unify the goblinoids into one entity, so much as to show that they are distinct entities that only put aside their differences for the greater glory of conquest. But yes, the Yuan-ti Section. I'm dedicating a part of my next campaign region just to a Yuan-ti Kingdom led by an anathema that forcibly took over. I have mixed emotions on the goblinoid section. I would slightly quibble with your characterization (not so much the greater glory of conquest, as a certain deity ... etc.), but I think the following two things can be true- 1. It is well written and amazingly coherent, and full of great campaign ideas. 2. However, there are areas of specificity that might make it unsuitable for some campaigns. I'm on the fence; on the one hand, I do like it a lot. OTOH, I've already developed goblinoids in a different way, and this will require .... RETCONNING in my campaign.
  • 07:34 AM - Demetrios1453 quoted flametitan in post Mike Mearls on D&D (New Interview with James Introcaso)
    The concept of Three products a year sounds like something we can mark our Calendar roughly to, essentially being confirmed as their marketing strategy moving forward. I was hoping a bit that they would decide to up it to four a year by adding a second rulebook/campaign setting type book each year, given the success of the edition. But I do see their points in keeping it limited to three, so I'm not overly annoyed by that. I do agree that the two hardcover adventures a year is about right, as I got SKT the day it was released and my group is getting close to completing it just as, no doubt, they are about to give us info on the first 2017 release. Speaking of that, we should probably be hearing something about that soon, I assume? Wasn't CoS revealed in early January last year?

Friday, 30th December, 2016

  • 10:36 PM - Saelorn quoted flametitan in post Crossbow Expert Sharpshooter vs. Defensive Duelist in a cage match
    It seems silly powerful, but it is realistic. Getting someone on the ground and holding them there is an extremely effective (if not the main tactic) tactic in warfare if you're dealing with armour.It may be realistic to grapple someone who is not much larger than yourself and force them to the ground so you can attack their weak spots with your dagger. If you want to make that argument, then I'm not going to argue with it. It is not at all believable for a mere mortal with human strength to shove a thousand-pound giant to the ground, using only a single hand to do so, and hold them there - again with one hand - while repeatedly stabbing them with a sword that is renowned for its length. For this to be the optimal solution is absurd.
  • 03:20 AM - FormerlyHemlock quoted flametitan in post Crossbow Expert Sharpshooter vs. Defensive Duelist in a cage match
    That's what I was concerned about. It felt like the Archer should do more than just shoot for parity with Brutus, but I couldn't think of anything that would actually help in a cage fight. Yeah. I just can't think of anything that really works without changing his build. I think in the case of that ruling, the problem was that they almost worked themselves into a hole making it still viable (and not a one off gimmick to open a fight with) while still requiring the "realism" of needing two hands to reload a crossbow. It's an odd ruling, for sure. This is insightful--but I don't think it's an actual corner. I think of the main benefit of Crossbow Expert as being that you get to use heavier weapons like a Heavy Crossbow. The fact that you can carry around a bandolier of loaded hand crossbows and snatch them up to fire them with your bonus action at the same time as your regular attack is just gravy. It doesn't make the feat useless or anything, it just makes it less cheesey and more logisticall...
  • 01:55 AM - FormerlyHemlock quoted flametitan in post Crossbow Expert Sharpshooter vs. Defensive Duelist in a cage match
    Sometimes the best offence is a good defence, and it shows. EDIT: That said, the Xbow user is a little lacking in tactics. I wonder if there's anything more they can do than fire wildly at the beast until it's brought down? In a cage match, there's a limit to how much the archer can do. Archers should avoid getting into cage matches in the first place. He can't really be built to do the grapple/prone trick effectively because of low Str and because he needs both hands to work his crossbow. If he tries to push prone every round without grappling first, in order to gain advantage on his attacks, he winds up losing more damage on average than he gains. If it weren't for the two-handed requirement on his crossbow, the archer could take Magic Initiate (Hex) to counteract his low Strength and then just ignore his crossbow and stab the enemy to death with a rapier. I actually think Sharpshooter + Mobile or Sharpshooter + Defensive Duelist is a better combination than Crossbow Expert, partly because yo...

Tuesday, 20th December, 2016

  • 10:27 PM - darjr quoted flametitan in post Have You played In An Official D&D Adventurer's League Event?
    I meant for the purpose of this thread (official events related to AL). The whole reason I did private AL games was because they counted for gathering XP from DMing. Otherwise, I haven't been to an actual AL convention or store game, so my experiences might not be what Morrus is looking for. I understand. Still I think it's one of the great things about AL. Official means a game run by the rules. Before I was an LC I was organizing AL events and cons without any official sanction more than the above following of the rules.
  • 09:17 PM - darjr quoted flametitan in post Have You played In An Official D&D Adventurer's League Event?
    I've been tempted to drop into ALOCON, but otherwise not really. My home game followed AL rules for a while, but I don't believe that counts. It counts. It is part of AL. I've run quite a few private games that were AL games. Many with characters that have gone on to other AL tables or come from other AL tables.

Monday, 19th December, 2016

  • 01:37 AM - Lanliss quoted flametitan in post What is your favorite dip?
    I've also been looking at swashbuckler 3 for an AL Bladelock build. How many levels of it did you take? It was planned for a 1:1 game, and my DM wanted me to build a 6th level character, so only 3 of each so far. Looking at the abilities, I think I will be going Swashbuckler 8/Warlock 12 by the end of it, if I survive that long. It is a fun pairing to play with, between them both having flexible storylines and mechanics that mesh well.

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