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    Friday, 28th June, 2019, 03:22 AM
    If you're worried about the balance, you could read them as "when channeling that type of magic..." i.e., in a round when you're throwing fireballs, you're immune to fire but vulnerable to ice. In a round when you're laying down that blizzard, you're immune to ice but vulnerable to fire. You're typical fire mage might always have a little fire around her and thus the immunity/vulnerability is...
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Tuesday, 14th March, 2017

  • 12:04 PM - Morrus mentioned easl in post EONS #46: Trader Captains
    Some useful observations there, easl. I do have some thoughts on them! You may be right, and it may need a little tweaking, but I wanted to add some extra food for thought. In order -- 1. Sure. You could model in some extra complexity there. I'm not convinced it would add to the game, but it's worth exploring! 2. Assuming you have at least 4 PCs, you have no crew cost there. That said, those small ships are designed for shorter runs - they don't even reach 1 parsec in operational range. I would assume inner-system trade there, maybe to a close-by neighbouring system. The limit on the CHA roll per parsec does seem to break a bit at those lower values. 3. Yep, the article assume that 1MCr=1,000cr. In general, that's my base assumption - the 1,000,000cr is more a nod to Traveller than anything else. 1,000cr works much better in almost every way - you can buy a small ship like you'd buy a used car. Note that the mortgage cost of a new Murphy is about 15Kcr, but you're not going to buy a brand new combat capable ship like ...

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Friday, 28th June, 2019

  • 09:06 PM - Morrus quoted easl in post Immunities and Vulnerabilities?
    Having said that, my personal opinion is probably to go with Morrus' 'immune to both'. The reason I'd see that as not unbalanced is because neither includes immunity to sword. This.

Monday, 10th June, 2019

  • 08:59 PM - Flips quoted easl in post New WOIN errata?
    You could simply add an exploit. E.g.: Hard to Kill (requires Agi or Str 15): opponents now need four 6's on a roll to gain a critical on you. yes, if all high level enemies have that, it will help. having all of your players need to get it is harder, but having the monsters stack up the bonuses on players is less likely.

Sunday, 19th May, 2019

  • 01:16 AM - Morrus quoted easl in post O.L.D. v1.2 Playtest Version B
    Hey Morrus, what's the status of v1.2? Do we have a release date? I *never* give release dates. But these errata have been collated and are in layout.

Thursday, 16th May, 2019

  • 03:28 PM - Morrus quoted easl in post Dual wielding and Weapon size question
    Given that all PC races are one of three sizes, another potential house rule fix is to eliminate undersized and oversized weapons as a thing and just use some appropriate smaller or larger weapon. Halfling broadsword? That's (the equivalent of) a shortsword. That only leaves the Ogres wielding two-handed weapons as something not covered by the weapons in the book. For them, +1d6. I think that's somewhat realistic too. Some short guy walks into a blacksmiths and asks for a sword, she doesn't create a small version of a big sword, she says "pick one of those smaller swords on the wall." Well, it's more that goblins and smallfolk make goblin and smallfolk sized swords rather than using small human swords.
  • 03:22 PM - Len quoted easl in post Dual wielding and Weapon size question
    Given that all PC races are one of three sizes, another potential house rule fix is to eliminate undersized and oversized weapons as a thing and just use some appropriate smaller or larger weapon. The problem with that is that we've got a goblin with the Two-Hands! exploit who wants to dual-wield a sword and a spear (wakizashi and sibat, for preference). He needs to use "small-sized weapons" and "small-sized" for a goblin means a weapon with a listed size of Tiny. There's only one such weapon: knife/dagger. (Not counting firearms.) For anything other than a dagger, it'll have to be an undersized weapon. We'll probably end up using one of the rules Woundweaver posted above, I think it'll work out fine.

Thursday, 2nd May, 2019

  • 08:00 PM - Len quoted easl in post O.L.D. Battle mage questions
    Well, the career prereq includes MAG 6 and tactics, which means only Humans and Grand Elves can start with it Yeah, I was looking at Grand Elf and a level of Man At Arms to get tactics. (But I think some people may have overlooked that requirement...) You still get a MAG roll of 3d6 plus skills & exploits. I don't think it's much of a glass cannon - Man at Arms gets you END and maybe armour. I'd be interested to hear from people who have one in a game as to whether it's over powered or not. You may hear back from us in a little while. :)

Wednesday, 17th April, 2019

  • 04:02 AM - Len quoted easl in post O.L.D. v1.2 Playtest Version B
    I had the same question on another thread. I believe Morrus said it's Spellcraft. Ah yes, I found that reference here. Thanks. It should be mentioned in the Magical Implements section (p. 168 in draft06).

Wednesday, 10th April, 2019

  • 10:09 PM - Steven Barker quoted easl in post O.L.D. v1.2 Playtest Version
    (Editorial aside: can we get some love for the Alchemists and give them the throwing skill? Morrus you gave them the ability to create magical grenades, but no skill they can use to accurately hit their target...) I'm no authority on WOIN, but I've increasingly been coming to the opinion that the skill options offered by each career should be taken as strong suggestions, but not strict limits. There are lots of careers that are missing skills that could be key to their function. Sometimes that's for skills that are very broadly useful (like Perception). But I think this is mostly due to the fact that the skills system isn't supposed to operate from a strictly defined list of valid skills. Skills in WOIN are supposed to be keywords, so you can make up a new one at any time, you just need to get your GM's permission. Anyway, I think that can be generalized to allowing you to take existing skills in careers that don't explicitly offer them, as long as it makes sense to both you and yo...

Tuesday, 9th April, 2019

Sunday, 7th April, 2019

  • 11:47 PM - GrumpyChromosome quoted easl in post O.L.D. v1.2 Playtest Version
    AIUI, the new version will require a roll for all spells, at target number = 10 + magic points required to cast. So...that's why you want magical skills. This is the new method of preventing mages from being monsters out of the gate - you want to cast that spectacular 10 MP healing spell? You have to have a 10 Magic and hit a TN = 20. Uh, can I get a page reference for that? Because as far as I can see, this line in the second paragraph in the Casting a Spell section Spells take place automatically with no attribute check required unless they are targeting another creature [...] or unless they are performing an action for which an attribute check would normally be required (such as picking a lock). wasn't changed, except for the part I omitted about what Defense to target. Same for later lines: For example, a spell which simply creates a wall of stone across a passageway requires no attribute check. The magic-user simply deducts the cost of the spell from his current MP pool, and the s...
  • 11:41 PM - Morrus quoted easl in post O.L.D. v1.2 Playtest Version
    AIUI, the new version will require a roll for all spells, at target number = 10 + magic points required to cast. So...that's why you want magical skills. This is the new method of preventing mages from being monsters out of the gate - you want to cast that spectacular 10 MP healing spell? You have to have a 10 Magic and hit a TN = 20. Question for Morrus: what skill lets you use the higher quality benefits of magical implements? Here's the two options I thought of: 1. The magical skill being used (example: creation, evocation). Pro: this doesn't create any new skills. Con: it means that the same person may get a different equipment bonus from the exact same equipment, depending on whether they're casting (for example) a creation or evocation spell. 2. A "magical implements" skill. Pro: easy for players to figure out what bonus they get from their equipment. Con: adds a skill...which none of the current careers have as a career skill. 3. Something I haven't thought of? Spellcr...

Thursday, 13th December, 2018

  • 02:35 AM - David Applegate quoted easl in post Helmets!
    Well...not just that. 1. Higher quality items can hold upgrades. Those aren't specified for helms, but I could definitely see allowing them to include eliminating the defense and initiative penalties that some helm types start with. 2. An exceptional quality helm is required if you want to enchant it. 3. An exceptional quality black metal helm is required if you want to give it 2-3 enchantments. ....those are official. Now, a couple unofficial ideas... 4. Items have HP and soak for when someone attempts to destroy/damage them. While there's no explicit rules for damaging a helm, it seems very reasonable to me that higher quality construction could add HP, soak, or both. 5. On the more story-side, I could see a unique, famous, or obviously expensive helm reasonably contributing to REP roles in some cases. It's basically like carrying a giant flag saying you're a noble/badass/guy who was able to steal this from the famous badass owner. If you treat your character as more t...

Thursday, 29th November, 2018

  • 12:12 AM - Steven Barker quoted easl in post WOIN Trait Tier List
    I'm a fan of Stoic. Conceptually, it's very heroic to be able to survive that one giant explosion or a fall from space to the ground or whatever. Heck if I were playing a character with it, just having it would encourage me to take stupid risks (at least until I'd used it for the day). "Don't worry, I'll be the one to jump out of the plane without a parachute and catch them on the way down." Who doesn't want to be the guy who stares down the dragon, takes the swipe that sends them flying across the room...and gets up again. That's the stuff of coolness. Hmm, I'm not sure I'd like giving Stoic that much power. If a stiff upper lip can undermine instant death effects, it risks breaking suspension of disbelief. I'd hope for a GM to say "No your stoicism can't help you survive being vaporized by that battleship's lasers. Make a new character." Of course, they might handwave it a bit. "Sure, you survived falling from that airliner 30000 ft with no parachute. You have one HP for the moment. B...

Tuesday, 4th September, 2018

  • 08:55 AM - Morrus quoted easl in post It's the official WOIN character builder!
    Very nice! How do you (or do you?) plan on integrating the options of taking defensive skills and universal exploits into the career choices? Also things like armor skills. I don't know how the code works but maybe have separate drop-down menus? I.e. under each "career skill" drop down put a "Common skill" drop down, and under the "career exploit" drop down put a "universal exploit" drop down. then either add directions or code in the ability to only pick 2 skills and 1 exploit maximum per career. When you pick your free universal exploit it also gives you a choice to switch any skills to defensive skills.

Saturday, 1st September, 2018

  • 05:28 AM - Brian I quoted easl in post [WOIN] How to handle minion groups?
    WOIN rules for crossfire and flanking can be used for minions - basically, let them fan out around a PC and their wimpy 2d6 attack becomes 5d6. The PC's would then be strongly motivated to not become surrounded by a group of "weak" minions. Nice - that's a great point. Allowing mob groups to engage and get crossfire and flanking bonuses, because that's what they do.

Tuesday, 29th May, 2018

  • 12:39 PM - Morrus quoted easl in post N.O.W. The Modern Action Roleplaying Game Is Here!
    Hello Morrus, quick question about NOW character creation and learning Chi stances. Are chi stances like universal exploits, in that you can take them instead of a career exploit? If not, how do you get them? Because there are no careers that allow you to gain one. They are universal exploits, yes.

Monday, 22nd January, 2018

  • 05:14 PM - DesertDogSledder quoted easl in post [WOIN] WOIN Character Assistant, a character creation tool
    Very cool app. My apologies if this wasn't covered in the 13 pages (!!) of other messages, but there doesn't seem to be any way for characters with a positive psi score to add universal psionic exploits. Will this be added in future versions? Hey there, easl! You just happened to spot one of my oversights. Nice catch! I totally didn't think to check the Psionics page for other exploits... This is easily added. Things have gotten a lot busier with work, so I can't provide an ETA just yet. I'll hold off pushing that tiny code update until I get this added, I think.

Saturday, 25th November, 2017

  • 01:53 PM - Morrus quoted easl in post N.E.W. v 1.2 is here!
    Congrats! I note the errata removing attribute substitution was not incorporated into p14 (though it is elsewhere). A small thing but if someone's using that page to guide them through char gen, it could be confusing. Something to note for version 1.3 :) Actually, if you redownload it now, that’s gone!

Friday, 25th August, 2017

  • 04:16 PM - Dalamar quoted easl in post O.L.D. Errata Document
    Defense scores are dice pool x3.5, rounded up (reference is page 56, OLD). The Squire exploit that allows you to take half your charges' damage rounds it down (OLD page 47). When you defeat an opponent of 'half grade' you get half experience, rounded down (OLD page 58). So, in conclusion, there doesn't appear to be a 'general rule'. That was what I had gathered as well. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite tell me what to do with Climb Speed (and swimming, etc.) or Jump distances without a running start. For the latter, I don't really have a problem with half-feets, but half a square of movement seems more out of place. Sent from my PLK-L01 using EN World mobile app

Saturday, 1st July, 2017

  • 11:59 AM - Morrus quoted easl in post Official Errata Thread
    Quick question on whether the Pirate career (O.L.D.) attributes are an error or not. They read as: AGI +1, INT +1, LUC +1, EP +2. Clearly that last entry should be "REP." But that also adds up to 5 attribute points. Is that correct or is there an error there? You're correct. That should be REP +1.

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