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Friday, 21st June, 2019

  • 05:37 PM - Azzy quoted The White Sorcerer in post Acquisitions, Inc.: First Impressions
    There is no place for silliness and whimsy in a game that has owlbears and beholders. I would have chosen flumphs instead of owlbears*, but the point remains the same. *Owlbears, if you ignore the magical crossbreeding fluff, can actually be actually bemade non-silly. Say that they're dinosaurs—the fur is actually quill-like protofeathers (as found on some theropods), with regular feathers in the appropriate places. And the beak with teeth is can be seen as an adapatation to an omniverous diet.

Friday, 7th June, 2019

  • 12:52 PM - jeremypowell quoted The White Sorcerer in post Baldur's Gate III Announced; Powered by D&D 5E
    This doesn't seem to be a sequel to the original games, so naming it Baldur's Gate 3 seems a bit confusing.Like, if there's no gameplay or plot continuity, why bill it as the third part?I’m sure there will be some continuity. The story of Gorion’s ward/Abdel Adrian (protagonist of I & II) may be over, but I’ll eat my hat if we don’t see other characters from the originals (Minsc etc.). And Bhaal, always Bhaal...

Wednesday, 6th February, 2019

  • 07:41 PM - doctorbadwolf quoted The White Sorcerer in post The Battle Continues Over "Childish Things"
    People will remember Stan Lee when Bill Maher's memory is dust. Glad someone said it. Maher, a baby boomer takes another swipe at a younger generation so squeezed the only recreational activity that I can afford is D&D even though I have a great job. That generation gave us student loan dept, skyrocketing housing prices, stagnate wages and a credit society. I don't think this is about Geek culture its about a generation suffering under sever economic stress and really pissed off about it. Exactly right. Part of the problem here I think is that Maher conflates “comic books” and “superheroes”. He’s really criticizing one genre but speaks as if he’s criticizing the entire media of comic books. And while he may have at least a little bit of a point about superheroes (and I say that as a fan), dismissing the entire medium is just foolish. There are clearly examples of comic books that rise to the level of literature. It displays his ignorance on the topic, which therefore makes it easy to ...

Monday, 28th January, 2019

Sunday, 27th January, 2019

Monday, 21st January, 2019

  • 11:26 PM - doctorbadwolf quoted The White Sorcerer in post A New D&D Book in 2019: Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeon Manual!
    Much of the controversy has been overblown but Mike has said some things that are, at best, incredibly tone deaf. He also seems to hold unpopular opinions about trans-gendered people, which I disagree with. He certainly has a right to express his opinions, but as a businessman, might want to keep those opinions to himself and close friends and off twitter. As I understand it he said some stuff out of ignorance rather than malice, and apologized once a trans friend explained things to him. So while Mike and Jerry may put their foots in their mouths on occasion, they do seem like guys who are willing to be educated. Gonna have to read up on that before deciding whether or not to purchase. I have doubts that the dnd5e team would be so closely linked with these guys if they hadn't gotten better on this stuff, learned from mistakes, etc. I've been surprised before, but I have a hard time seeing Jeremy working with someone who is even kinda transphobic, for instance. Inclusivity is extremely important to the...
  • 05:25 AM - pukunui quoted The White Sorcerer in post A New D&D Book in 2019: Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeon Manual!
    If you’re someone who, like me, runs a home brew world (or any world that isn’t Forgotten Realms) but is interested in using this book, how would you go about it? Just have AI be from whatever setting you use instead? Or set up an offworld franchise? Or something else entirely? Are they really all that tied to FR? The characters started out in Nentir Vale during 4e. If I’m not mistaken, they’ll be moving from FR to Ravnica soon. So AI could very well already be a multiplanar organisation.
  • 01:01 AM - CrimsonCarcharodon quoted The White Sorcerer in post A New D&D Book in 2019: Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeon Manual!
    If you’re someone who, like me, runs a home brew world (or any world that isn’t Forgotten Realms) but is interested in using this book, how would you go about it? Just have AI be from whatever setting you use instead? Or set up an offworld franchise? Or something else entirely? I like to stick to official lore as much as possible, so I’m going with the second option. I’m currently leaning towards first contact via crashed spelljammer. I'll be doing a cross-planar franchise: the first Acquisitions Inc franchise in Eberron. Or maybe in a Spelljammer setting, since those are my two most-often run settings these days.

Thursday, 11th October, 2018

  • 04:51 PM - DMMike quoted The White Sorcerer in post Svilland: A 5E D&D Norse Mythology Setting from Turkey
    Sami are an actual real world people, not a fantasy creature. What you just said sounds, probably inadvertently, super racist. Is that why people keep calling me an ISR? I wasn't being racist; I looked at the picture and thought "that ugly, skinny white guy must be the game's rendition of a troll." ...dang it. Okay fine. I'm an inadvertent super racist. :angel:

Monday, 8th October, 2018

Friday, 5th October, 2018

  • 07:19 PM - zztong quoted The White Sorcerer in post The Latest Pathfinder 2 Playtest Update Has Dropped!
    So the update doesn't include an updated rulebook PDF? That's weird. And what I mean by printer friendly is not having stuff like parchment textures and ornamental borders on the pages. Also no art. Just plain text as much as possible. I don't recall if the update docs have decoration, or not. I'm using the PDFs and I guess haven't taken the time to notice. If I'm not mistaken, Paizo is not updating the rulebook, though somebody outside of Paizo is rumored to be doing so. Also, the last I looked Hero Lab Online wasn't keeping up with the updates either. I'll know more in a week as the playtest game I'm in needs us to make 7th level characters next week.
  • 04:35 PM - zztong quoted The White Sorcerer in post The Latest Pathfinder 2 Playtest Update Has Dropped!
    Have they made any of the play test documents printer friendly yet? I'm not sure what you consider to be printer friendly, but I think the formatting is still the same. Update documents are not complete rulebooks, just summaries of changes.

Saturday, 15th September, 2018

  • 05:00 PM - Nylanfs quoted The White Sorcerer in post New System Reference Docs for Pathfinder & Starfinder
    Archives of Nethys doesn't seem to be aimed towards third-party publishers, because no effort has been made to remove any product identity. I sent them an email asking how they will differentiate between the PRD OGC material, what's allowable because of the Community Policy, and the allowed books of the Compatibility License.

Friday, 6th July, 2018

Saturday, 19th May, 2018

  • 08:01 AM - Saelorn quoted The White Sorcerer in post Let's Look At Some Monster Stat Blocks For Pathfinder 2
    Except that was (and still is) a huge problem for me in 3e and Pathfinder, since I don't play as much as I DM: Monsters having feats that I would forget existed, and if I did remember them I would have to flip through the Player's Handbook to see what they did. Pathfinder made it worse by having even more feats and giving more of them to everyone. The 4e style was a blessing.I guess it works if you're a full-time GM and don't already know how the player stuff works, because it means you only need to learn the monster stuff. For anyone who goes back and forth between playing and GMing, and who already knows all of the player stuff, it's an additional barrier to actually running the game. The absolute barrier from nothing to GMing is smaller, but the relative barrier going from being a player to being the GM, is much larger. Although to be fair, it probably would have been prohibitive to try and make monsters as PCs, given the over-all increase in PC complexity between PF1E and PF2E. The monsters-as-...

Wednesday, 4th April, 2018

  • 08:54 PM - Obryn quoted The White Sorcerer in post Do We Still Need "Race" in D&D?
    I just see racism as race-based prejudice, no institutional power required. I have too many white-, Hispanic-, Korean-, Jew- Indian-, ________-hating people in my (mostly black) family* who have little or no such power. Put differently, institutional power makes racism easier to inflict/observe, but it isn’t a necessary prerequisite. An impotent racist is still a racist, in my book. About a decade ago, Ta-Nehisi Coates (who is, by the by, a giant D&D and comic book nerd) said, "America has lots of racism, but very few racists." That has stuck with me. The idea is that the bar for personal racism has been raised unrealistically high - so high that in 2017, many or most of the nazis marching in Charlottesville would have told you with a straight face they're not at all racist (...and that they have friends from all cultures and that you're the real racist for even bringing it up). Anyway. I think it's important to remember that the term has a lot of meanings. The institutional definition (which ...
  • 06:22 PM - Obryn quoted The White Sorcerer in post Do We Still Need "Race" in D&D?
    Hence why I said it has no place outside fantasy. In D&D it's fine since, unlike Earth, most worlds in D&D have multiple races. Yeah, so this conversation is about what it's called in earth-books that are written and published in the real world. Mordenkainen can call it whatever he wants; this is about Paizo and WotC trying to be better than they have been in the past through tiny, incremental changes.

Tuesday, 3rd April, 2018

  • 11:05 PM - Caliburn101 quoted The White Sorcerer in post Do We Still Need "Race" in D&D?
    The concept of race is pseudoscientific nonsense that doesn't have a place outside fantasy. Wrong. The Human Race. Race as a reference to insignificant genetic, appearance and cultural differences is an outmoded term, but we are talking about FANTASY races here. Outmoded for inter-human discussions about ancestry - sure. Still relevant to made up races from Scifi to Fantasy - yes. The article is conflating the two and saying that fantasy has to drop the term because it is thought that because the word racism has race in it, that humans should drop any use of it when talking about each other. The fact is, from the beginning, D&D and other fantasy rpgs described humans as a single race. If anything they were ahead of the times, and have been in no way outmoded or become out of sync. The article sets up a fallacious 'truism' and then conflates the error with a question about whether we should all abandon the word race when talking about elves and dwarves and orcs. It doesn't stand up to examination,...

Sunday, 4th June, 2017

  • 06:55 AM - Scrivener of Doom quoted The White Sorcerer in post News Digest: PaizoCon 10 Announcements for Pathfinder and Starfinder, Star Trek Adventures Gets Assimilated, and more!
    Going by that description, Ultimate Wilderness will be same old, same old. A new class, archetypes, feats, spells, yawn. Not even a passing mention of something potentially interesting like new subsystems, unless the druid sects go beyond fluff. I imagine its juxtaposition with a genuinely creative, innovative, and interesting new product line makes it seem arguably more boring than it would normally be. That said, I'm amazed these sorts of products are still selling - I looked at some of the recent player guides and was underwhelmed by the absence of interesting content - but they must be selling otherwise Paizo, which is run by much smarter people than TSR was, wouldn't be publishing them. Then again, towards the end of 3.5E, I remember seeing the announcements for Frostburn, (the desert one), and Stormwrack and I thought they would be similar sorts of duds- instead, they're all books I use to this day even though I run 4E.

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