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Thursday, 24th May, 2018

  • 03:24 PM - Greys of Shade quoted Tizbiz in post Starting Adventure Six Questions (possible Spoilers)
    Drop some stink bombs at him? Let him swim through Parity Lake? My female players had this danorian Fordren Guy as an NPC in her background story. We had startet the first adventure an she mentioned him to her RHC partner at some point comparing him to other industrialists. She had defined him in her story and i wanted to involve him with a twist. Right now she has an uneasy truce with this Fordren and i kind of want to see her face when she later allies with him against the OB. I do not want her to discover him being a dragon to early. Playing good Industrialist versa bad Industrialist is a nice idea. I would paint Pemberton more the "bad" guy to later on strengthen the shock wenn they discover more about Fordren. Thanks for the idea. Ah, so you fear that she may break the truce and re-oignite her feud with him should she find out he's a dragon too early in the campaign. I guess you can then safely reveal Pemberton, unless you got something planned for him as well. But if I unde...

Thursday, 17th May, 2018

  • 05:46 PM - hirou quoted Tizbiz in post Starting Adventure Six Questions (possible Spoilers)
    She is head of golden cell and at this stage probably does not know of the grand plan. What have they told her to motivate her? Lya must have a reason why she needs Tinker Oddcog alive and even more a reason why she would kill him. That is the part i can not yet understand and i know my players will have the same question. She's a minister of foreign affairs of Danor (Minister of Outsiders, I think it's called) and niece of Han Jierre. When your uncle and Sovereign of Danor commands you to jump, you jump, then you may ask some questions. If you want Lya with some genuine interest in Tinker, look at her this way: a mad gnome, whose genius helped to build undoubtedly the greatest weapon in Lanjyr, in service of so-called civilized minotaur is one thing. Mad genius in service of freaking steel dragon? This is a perfectly justified case of "shoot first, ask questions later". She may regret a loss of innocent life (although Tinker is implied to kill his superior during undeground contruction in S...

Wednesday, 16th May, 2018

  • 11:12 AM - hirou quoted Tizbiz in post Starting Adventure Six Questions (possible Spoilers)
    Interesting. I hope i can incite my party to negotiate as well. Who were the three parties in your case? What did Teraklir reveal and what did they settle for as their solution? I would try to avoid revealing to the public that the dragons of old are still alive though. Thank you for your insight. Three parties were Pemberton (in dublicant body), with support of Teraklir and former-PC-turned-willing-servant-NPC (changeling gunsmith with somewhat weird and unhealthy father-daughter fixation on Teraklir, projecting his dead daughter on her), Lya with bodyguards and PCs. PCs offered a safe passage from the island for Teraklir (via teleport), Lya suggested some help with Ber fleet by Ob's submarines and further help with Pemberton's plan of revolution through the country (replacement of Danor industrial specialists by dublicants). As party was neither willing to start the fight (Lya was never openly hostile to them and shared their slight disgust with Bruse and his games) nor wanted to raise ...

Wednesday, 14th June, 2017

  • 05:02 PM - gideonpepys quoted Tizbiz in post Digging for Lies: Xambria back in Flint
    I still hope to be able to play out the dramatic ambush at the gala. I like the idea of Xambria crashing trough the glass ceiling and her minions materialising between the audience because i am still toying with the idea of doing something with Kvarti Gorbatiy. He was paid to assassinate Rock Rakus at the Kaybeau Arms and Technology Exposition but ended up shooting the monsters instead. Kvarti is a philosophical assassin. When Rock Rackus intercedes at the arms fair, Kvarti decides to let him live. I would recommend not using Kvarti at this stage. He does come up a lot in subsequent adventures. You could always substitute someone else, but the whole point of having an established character is that he is... established. Using Pemberton was a risky option that as for now played out nicely. The female player had read a lot of the information available in the players guide to risur but invented her own enemy-she-loves-to-hate. Finding someone who can fill that role and who will revisit t...
  • 12:50 PM - gideonpepys quoted Tizbiz in post Digging for Lies: Xambria back in Flint
    I think as the seal of Apet is attuned to divination magic, it could be a potent means to undo any attempts of finding Sijhen. Its a great idea to have Sijhen move often and the only problem i see is justifying how he timed his attack at the most convenient time, if he is arrested unprepared. Probably he would call them to his prison cell at the time the ritual should discharge? Good idea. Or he strings out his interrogation until the exact moment. (Although Xambria is theoretically in charge at this point, so...) As to how banishing works .... i am at a loss. Because summoning has to work as Sijhen somehow calls upon his minions? Or is that not a kind of summoning? I think, if he can call them somehow, someone else should be able to send them away in a similar way? That is a good point. I would say that sijhen unleashes Apet energy - the same or similar way to the ancient artifacts do - and this energy attracts thoughtforms that - because they are not physical, are able to arrive...

Saturday, 10th June, 2017

  • 09:21 AM - gideonpepys quoted Tizbiz in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.
    Never mind the complexity. If the player responded well to the NPC, by all means involve that NPC. I like the idea of a NPC that only one player can see. If i were running your campaign i would play more on his doubts and keep him not knowing if she is only a product of his mind. :cool: Yeah, except I've been doing that for six years! Mainly because I never had a fixed idea about who she was. Now I do have a fairly firm idea developing and this kind of fits. But until I had that idea yesterday one of the beats I had planned was Leon suddenly seeing Lavanya in the audience while Nicodemus gave his opening speech. I liked that idea too. Maybe I could use both. (So Lavanya is in Erskine and broadcasting her presence so that Leon identifies himself...)

Monday, 1st May, 2017

  • 12:59 PM - Lylandra quoted Tizbiz in post Designing Auryn
    I love people who put a lot of work into their backstories. And I dig that you thought about and rejected the more obvious and cliched character hooks, and thus came up with a more nuanced and detailed history. I'll feel really bad if something I wrote kills your character. Thanks, I'm glad that you like it :) I'm trying to keep her alive as much as possible and she doesn't really have suicidial tendencies. She's already taking far more risks than she was taught to, but mainly because she cannot simply watch while other people sacrifice themselves. What Lylandra did not mention is that we use an other NPC as her former captor and tormentor. I changed the name of Mr. Pemberton (hope i spell his name right and please no spoilers about who Mr. P really is!!!!. If someone wants to comment about that i will be happy if you hear your thoughts at my thread about changing NPC Roles.) to Mr. Fordren and placed him to be one of the most wealthy danorian industrialist with international economic ...

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