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Monday, 10th June, 2019

  • 08:54 PM - easl quoted Flips in post New WOIN errata?
    Other than scaling up the number of 6s required (like half your pool, min 3) I am not sure that there is a solution. I think an early draft was like this. You could simply add an exploit. E.g.: Hard to Kill (requires Agi or Str 15): opponents now need four 6's on a roll to gain a critical on you.

Saturday, 8th June, 2019

  • 12:41 PM - Morrus quoted Flips in post New WOIN errata?
    I am still concerned that just needing 3 sixes for a guaranteed hit trivializes high defenses at higher levels. Once you have a dice pool of 12 (through skills/attributes/equipment/bonuses) the target's defense is irrelevant 1/3 of the time. For a party of 6 that is 2 guaranteed hits, on average, every round, where they also deal a critical effect. Dang, that’s a grade 78 character minimum!

Wednesday, 27th March, 2019

  • 11:54 AM - Morrus quoted Flips in post O.L.D. v1.2 Playtest Version
    Page 66. You can only benefit from high quality equipment (including armor) up to your skill level. I thought that this was done away with, is it back? This is the only revision of the book there's ever been.

Sunday, 10th March, 2019

  • 12:44 PM - kingpin000 quoted Flips in post [WOIN] My homebrewn Mass Effect adaption - Part 1: player races
    Looks great! I was also figuring out how to adapt the races for WOIN. My Asari work similar but are based on the race from NEW which has the life steal touch and is naturally psionic. I may co-opt your list of races instead. This is my current draft. I was occupied by other things in last few months, so I couldn't finish the careers, yet. I will add the six base classes of the ME games (you can combine them with normal careers but you are only allowed to have one of this base classes in your life path) and so I was waiting for the Judge Dredd book to look how the Judges are handled ruleswise. The psonic powers from NEW are divded into Biotic, Tech and Combat powers with their own power points. The life stealing touch is a mutation of the bioelectric reproduction touch. This means, only Ardat-Yakshi steal lifeforce when they try to reproduce. This mutation happens mostly when the father was also an Asari. For this case I made an origin which is mentioned in the statblock as "Pureblood". ...

Thursday, 6th December, 2018

  • 10:10 AM - Steven Barker quoted Flips in post Official Errata Thread
    Does this means that the leadership skill should be removed in all places (also it appears under Mental Defense calculations), or just that its utility is removed in this one place (leadership as a dice pool you can donate)? I'm pretty sure you still can have leadership as a skill. Skills are a keyword system, so you can have anything as a skill, subject to GM approval (both for picking the skill, and for applying it on any given roll). In addition to mental defense, you are likely to be able to add it to CHA tests when doing things like making speeches, and maybe some tests when you're bossing people around.

Wednesday, 1st August, 2018

  • 01:25 AM - easl quoted Flips in post Polearms
    I just see areas like this where you have something really good (like a great selection of polearms) but no incentive for a lot of people to even consider using them (since the long spear is arguably better in most cases). I want people to have to make harder choices about what weapon they will use because they all have good pros and cons. The bane of rpgs: try to give weapons realistic attributes, and all players will gravitate towards giving their characters the mechanically optimal. Make them equal enough that you have a whole variety of styles amongst characters, and guaranteed someone will complain about non-realism. :) I haven't looked at the weapon attributes lately, but IIRC, in the OLD system it's really hard to compete with the longsword for mechanical benefit. Hopefully some polearm exploits will help with rounding that out. I think a unique general exploit per weapon type that differentiates them would be an excellent addition to the system. For illustrative exampl...
  • 01:06 AM - easl quoted Flips in post Shifter style Druid questions
    Ya, that is what I had figured originally too. Unfortunately, it means in many cases that not only are you working with a smaller MDP but you also don't have many of the skills that would be why you might use the form (like tracking and combat). Certainly certain skill would come as part of the changed physiology (like scent). I will have to think about it more and see what we come up with. The shifter exploit already has two levels; perhaps one solution to your problem is to add a third level to it where you get the animal's skills too? That would still only let your shifter be the animal for 1 hr, but it would let them be the 'full animal.' I could also see adding additional exploits to extend the time. Maybe +2 hrs per exploit? The main problem I see with this way of doing it is your skill set is very limited; taking the Druid career over and over again for the exploits is going to mean your character has outdoor and magical skills...and that's about it. Now, if you want the animal...

Wednesday, 18th July, 2018

  • 10:30 AM - Morrus quoted Flips in post What are you doing / what hooked you about WOIN?
    Thanks again! I missed these exceptions. In the case where i was looking to apply it, they were trying to use Accelerate (Displace 5, for an extra action) and Speed Flurry (Displace 4, for 2 attacks in one action) to be able to stand still and make 4 attacks a round for 1 minute. Maybe this is allowed, but it seemed awfully powerful for some Grade 6 character. You still can't have more than two attack actions (speed flurry is one attack action), so you'd have to use the third action for something else. Dual wielding is the specific exception to that.

Tuesday, 17th July, 2018

  • 09:49 AM - knikpiw quoted Flips in post Defense Options
    Full Defensive - 2 action. Gain +4 Melee Defense and +2 Ranged Defense until your next turn. These bonuses double if wielding a shield. So let's say you use these rules, with the bonus doubling with the use of a shield, does this mean all shields? Or does vary with shield?
  • 09:45 AM - knikpiw quoted Flips in post What are you doing / what hooked you about WOIN?
    (like you only get to attack 2x a round regardless of how many actions you get). If you attack twice with one weapon in your dominant hand, you get a free attack with the other, e.g. a shield punch or your second pistol. But if you don't have the ambidextrous trait you suffer a -2d6 penalty. If you got an accelerated weapon also, you could attack twice, get another attack for the acceleration and another free attack with the other hand for a total of 4 attacks in one round.

Friday, 25th May, 2018

  • 06:37 PM - Morrus quoted Flips in post O.L.D Help with encounter building
    Since characters basically start at 5MDP, Skeletons and Goblins have a very short shelf life. I was trying to get away from the idea that all these very common minor pests like goblins suddenly go away once the characters hit mid level and find ways to extend their usefulness, but theses are fairly limited. I guess they are cannon fodder for a reason and to be used to maybe burn up a few resources, but playing it out is frequently tedious. Any suggestions, or should I just move on to Orcs, Humans, etc. as the main forces? Level them up. It’s super quick. Give them +1d6 MDP. Add +1d6 to all checks and damage and add +4 to HEALTH and defences.

Friday, 8th September, 2017

  • 12:02 PM - Morrus quoted Flips in post Official Errata Thread
    Quick questions: Reading through the errata document I see that the Armour skill have been added to various careers (which is great since there wasn't a way to get them without ad hoc advancement), but the skill requirements for higher quality gear have been removed. What is the purpose of the armour skills then? I didn't think they were used to calculate the defenses You are correct; in fact my players pointed that very thing out last night. The armour skills no longer have a use. I see a reference also to this new Vitality Defense, but not where you would have a situation to use it. What attacks will target this defense? Is it for magic that affects your health? Yep. Or poisons, etc. Also, the shaking off section of diseases is supposed to be remove, but none of the new statuses seem to cover how to get rid of them now. I'm not sure I understand the question there? You need three medical checks to cure a disease.

Friday, 23rd June, 2017

  • 09:44 AM - Morrus quoted Flips in post Combat Questions
    Morrus: that is fantastic. Thanks. One last thing (I hope), are there any rules about grappling or is it just multiple str/agi vs. str/agi checks? There's the brawling, boxing, wrestling, and martial arts skills; plus a variety of unarmed combat exploits; plus, as you say, opposed checks. Also there are the martial arts careers in NOW (Action Careers will be out very soon; you. And see already see the careers in the draft rules document on the website though).

Thursday, 22nd June, 2017

  • 11:03 AM - Morrus quoted Flips in post Combat Questions
    Morrus: I know it isn't trying to be D&D, but I know that this system is meant to be quite flexible to be able to work in many different settings. If we were trying to more accurately replace the higher magic setting, other than increasing the MP slightly, do you have any suggestions about how to rescale the damage progression? If you just want spellcasters to do more damage, just give 'em an extra d6 of damage when using evocation or something, I guess. Maybe tie it to an exploit ("Evocation Specialist") so it's not quite so easy.

Wednesday, 21st June, 2017

  • 10:50 AM - Morrus quoted Flips in post Combat Questions
    I'll take a shot at these! It sounds like you have two issues: 1) Selena isn't much of a combat blaster; and 2) Magic is more Tolkien than Forgotten Realms. Hi, A friend and I sat down recently to play test for our group how combat works before we tried to introduce the system to our main group. We were left with some questions about things. For our test we used Sir Mandallan (knight) and Selena (firemage) sample characters from the PDF and we had a them fight in a group against copies of themselves (ie. M&S vs Evil M&S). That's definitely an oddly balanced encounter, and I imagine it would play a bit odd. They're not designed to hit themselves - Mandallan is a high defense tank and medium offence (his job is to be a meat shield) and Selena is a non-combat build. As pre-gens they are both very, very basic, simple characters designed for new players. Sir Mandallan has a really difficult time killing himself. It takes really good rolls to him himself even with Feinting on each r...

Friday, 19th May, 2017

  • 12:53 AM - Morrus quoted Flips in post OLD Magic Question
    I have looked all over for the part in the O.L.D. book (I have the version 1.1 PDF) where it says you need a certain amount of skill to cast a spell (i.e. Infuse 4 to give attributes) but I was unable to find any. Page 167, "Skill Prerequsites". Does this mean that if I want to give Str and End in a 10' area, I only need Infuse 4 (Infuse Metal 4, Infuse Earth 4, Area 1) even though the total MP is 9? Yup.

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