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Really want to start all player campaign, with all the users here.
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CHeck out my Tiefling Barbarian Noble
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Friday, 17th May, 2019

  • 05:36 AM - Ancalagon mentioned EarlyBird in post (OOC) Fitz's Folly (Full)
    Ok so I was under the impression we were "close" to the ship, the heart, and close-ish to Omu. After seeing these maps, I see we are quite far. So, reasons to return to Port Nyanzaru: - Resupply - Do research - Report Reasons to keep going: - Go to the Heart of Ubta and the wreck of the star goddess. Because if we come back and go around by ship, then those locations aren't "sort of on the way" anymore! I'm hesitating because in part I have a pretty limited understanding of our supply situation. EarlyBird was our quarter master, now I have no clue.

Saturday, 20th April, 2019

  • 05:18 AM - Ancalagon mentioned EarlyBird in post (OOC) Rise of the Dracolich (Full)
    Well first, there isn’t anywhere to go except down the slope. Second, Primus will teleport 10 ft back as a reaction if he gets hit, increasing his AC by 4. Meant to say that in the post. Hey, just looked it up and it looks like Nomads at lvl 6 always add 10 ft to their teleports, so if an attack would hit him, he’ll teleport to the bottom of the slope as a reaction. Sounds like a solid plan! ... I miss EarlyBird , would be nice to have him on the front line...

Tuesday, 20th November, 2018

  • 11:43 PM - Radaceus mentioned EarlyBird in post [OOC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Pathfinder 2 Playtest Adventure. (Closed)
    I assume this, sans an epilogue, is the end of the party#1 playtest? I will probably bow out of PbP now, I have a lot on my plate currently. This being the last I was involved in. The others were all run by @EarlyBird, I hope nothing serious became of him, I was really looking forward to the 'living' campaign of Keep on the was a great idea ( 1E feel with 5E rules) But I digress, Thank you for the opportunity to playtest this, you did a great job GMing it for us! jmucchiello I doubt I will play PF2 over D&D(5E), it just didn't grab my attention my critique of PF2: ~The guide is all over the place, and needs to be better laid out ( dont tell me to 'see pg etc etc' and then tell me to ' refer to page etc etc') ~To many variables involved in the actions ( crit fail/crit success normal fail/normal success), it's cumbersome,(reminds me of THAC0 and having to look up the chart every time and check my weapon type versus the Armor type and then the modifier...) ~Action Economy for melee versus arcana caster feels weighted, a melee class making 3 attacks to an arcane casters 1(ish) spell, coupled with the melee's (I'm looking at you rogue/ranger) additional feats and tricks, puts the spe...

Monday, 1st October, 2018

  • 10:10 AM - JustinCase mentioned EarlyBird in post (IC) (OneShot) JustinCase's Within The Circle
    ...see the others back at the baron's table, celebrating victory. Strange to be able to watch, when nobody else seems to notice you. It is also more gloomy than you remember, althought that might be what some call the Mists of Death. And there it is; your lifeless body. It feels familiar, despite leaving it for what seems like years ago. SOON, a familiar but still bonechilling voice speaks suddenly. You dare not look behind you, your vision fixed on your physical remains. SOON YOU WILL INHABIT YOUR BODY AGAIN. IF YOU SO CHOOSE. Looking back, you see the figure fade away, the skull that forms its head seemingly grinning at you before that, too, vanishes. And then you realize it's not the strange figure, but you that have disappeared, and it's darkness around you for a long, long time. Until suddenly, a spark of light in the distance. Inviting, alluring. This is your chance! Back to the living! Alright, that's it! Thanks for playing everyone! TallIan eayres33 KahlessNestor Azurewraith EarlyBird Here's the xp and gold you get from this adventure: Traubon: 112 xp, 461 gp Gorir: 412 xp, 522 gp Magdalena: 412 xp, 522 gp James: 412 xp, 522 gp Thadius: 412 xp, 522 gp Experience points: * denotes that Traubon was still part of the PC's; after that he was functionally an NPC. *muckdweller: 50 xp *goblin x1: 10 xp goblin x9: 90 xp mlarraun: 200 xp Belig: 450 xp Chief Krig: 450 xp roleplaying: 100 xp each 60 / 5 = 12 1190 / 4 = 300 So Traubon gets 12 + 100 = 112 xp. Everyone else gets 12 + 300 + 100 = 412 xp. Gold: Baron awards each PC 400 gp fine rapier 25 gp sacrificial bowl and dagger 100 gp gold brick 50 gp 30 spearheads 90 gp 7 bottles of wine 70 gp masterwork painter's tools 55 gp masterwork flute 100 gp 3 fine portraits 60 gp It seemed fair to grant Traubon half of what everyone else gets, except for the Baron's reward. Assuming everyone wants to trade these goods for money (if not, feel free to replace your money with the items, as prized above), Traubon receives 400 +...

Sunday, 16th September, 2018

Friday, 14th September, 2018

Monday, 3rd September, 2018

Saturday, 25th August, 2018

Thursday, 23rd August, 2018

Tuesday, 21st August, 2018

  • 06:39 AM - FitzTheRuke mentioned EarlyBird in post (OOC) Fitz's Folly (Full)
    Ancalagon Yeah I'm okay with you changing your turn in this case - you'd rushed it before and I hadn't resolved it yet anyway. So no problem, your second post will stand. How'd the wife do at her event? EarlyBird What's Dellrak up to?

Monday, 20th August, 2018

  • 03:11 AM - mips42 mentioned EarlyBird in post The adventure is begun!
    ... Then again. And again. Arbold looks around nervously and begins to drag his handlers towards the rear of the tent. Darvo turns to the audience and says "What is that?" Someone in the crowd says "The alarm. Something is wrong."The bell begins pealing over and over again and now you can hear shouting and screams from outside the tent as Arbold drags his two handlers out the rear of the tent. It's difficult, through the throng of people trying to exit the tent all at once, but you manage to make it out and, there, see flames lighting the cool night air as they lick the tops of several roofs and, just to the east, there are two large groups of creatures that do not appear to be human. As the crowd begins hustling back towards their homes, one of the groups heads into town while the other fires a round of arrows into the crowd. Several people fall amid shouts of pain and anguish. You are under attack, now would be a good time for initiative rolls. JustinCase KahlessNestor tglassy EarlyBird Charwoman Gene Archon Basileus

Thursday, 16th August, 2018

  • 05:40 AM - 97mg mentioned EarlyBird in post The Rhyot Break (OOC) - Discussion
    ...acter submissions, general game discussion, questions, ideas, general chat. Game threads: IC Thread - Chapter One: Endless White OOC Discussion (Game-related banter, questions and chat) Tome of Knowledge (Approved characters, and an evolving repository of world information from the DM) Welcome to The Rhyot Break This to be a long-term homebrew game set at first in frozen and remote highlands (before moving on to other locations). Themes covered will be survival, depression, slavery, war and comradeship. Pace: Expecting players to post at least twice per week. Just let me know if you need some time off for real life. Approved Characters: @daindarkspring - Zemryn Neveryn - Female High Elf Paladin @Steve Gorak - Gimlak - Male Human Barbarian @Imladir - Faenala Onarieth - Female High Elf Wizard @JustinCase - Welkin di Vicomte - Male Tiefling Warlock @TallIan - Rorik Brigward - Male Human Fighter @McD MIA- Rolin Nazfell - Male Half-Elf Rogue @EarlyBird MIA - Gob Ironfoot - Male Halfling Monk @tglassyMIA - Thorin - Male Dragonborn Sorcerer Character Creation: 5E races, classes, spells and equipment from core rulebooks (PHB, DMG, MM) only. Starting at 1st level. Stats: 27 point buy Hit Points: Max 1st level, roll for future levels Dice Rolls: Use or preferably stating your character name and reason for roll, eg: #d20+3 #Bob Initiative Equipment and Gold: You start with nothing other than a waterskin and the miner's clothes (furs) on your back, and a torch. Do not fear this lack of equipment (and spell books), that will be sorted quickly IC. Backgrounds / Flaws / Personalities: These are important. Please consider how you ended up in slavery at The Rhyot Break, and how long you have been here. Your origins, known locations, contacts, history, family members etc are entirely up to you...

Monday, 13th August, 2018

  • 09:07 PM - jmucchiello mentioned EarlyBird in post [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Party#2 Chapter#1
    This is the PF2 playtest adventure "Doomsday Dawn" in character thread for party #2. Link to RG (char gen info is here) Link to OOC tglassy: Coralin Pagebinder, Male Elven/Budding Osirenologist/Bard 1 VLAD the Destroyer: Bixby Buckhollow, Halfling Mind Quake Survivor Druid 1 & Bucky, a small honey badger [-]EarlyBird: Noboru, male human(half-orc), Pathfinder Hopeful, Barbarian 1[/-] [-]ccs[/-]: Elkhorn, Male Dwarf/Warrior/Fighter 1 Taken over by Tailspinner Shayuri: Triessa Elrich, Half Elf Wizard 1 Charlotte of Oz: Alan Oake, Human/Pathfinder Hopeful/Paladin 1 In the year 4707 AR (11 years ago, shortly before the Rise of the Runelords), in the Varisian city of Magnimar, at around 9 or 10 am, a messenger finds you and hands you a sealed envelope. When he remains, he says he was asked to find out if will be attending. You promptly open the envelope. It is an invitation from Lady Keleri Deverin, a local scholar and aristocrat. You became acquainted with her some time ago and she occasionally meets with you to discuss mutual interests. In the invitation, she reminds you of the times you told her you were hoping your life would involve more adventure and that she might have the job to kick off that new part of your life. No other details, other than lunch being serve...
  • 08:41 PM - mips42 mentioned EarlyBird in post [5e] One shot - Frolic and Fire [IC] [FULL]
    ...ager price of five copper pieces you, too, can see the mysterious, the mesmerizing, amazing and, yes, possibly even miraculous!" He gestures broadly, as if to encompass the whole of the town, "Come, join us this evening in our celebration of life and he many wonders it holds!" With that, the music begins again and the performers begin their various activities as they begin weaving in and out of the townspeople. Darvo, looks and, apparently, sees Whisper and Milady. Donning a huge smile he walks over to them and says "Well, i must say that I've traveled many leagues and not seen ladies of your quality in many a moon. I certainly hope you two will join us this evening. Or at least me." He gives a elaborate wink and sidles back into the crowds, greeting people and shaking hands. Eventually, after about twenty minutes of this, the group begins heading back north to the large tent they've erected. Darvos persuasion [1D20+9 = [11]+9 = 20] JustinCase KahlessNestor tglassy EarlyBird Charwoman Gene Archon Basileus

Thursday, 9th August, 2018

Wednesday, 8th August, 2018

  • 05:57 PM - jmucchiello mentioned EarlyBird in post [5E] [OOC/Full] JM's A Bit of Trouble
    EarlyBird Thateous TallIan ArwensDaughter Zadolix I have to say, I didn't expect everyone to survive so long. (Mostly I expected you not to go to the inn the first night. But that's decision point is long since passed.) But the battle for the inn is almost finished. This is just a convenient time to do this: I'm doing something unorthodox. I'm having you level up in the middle of the fight. So everyone is now level 2 and there are still wolves incoming. I'll resume the IC in a few days once everyone has leveled up. Spellcasters gain an unused 1st level spell slot but if your class has to prepare a list of spell for the day, that list remains unchanged until you long rest. (sorry wizards, clerics and druids). Hit points: Take half the die for your class + 1. And you get those HP immediately.

Saturday, 4th August, 2018

  • 04:06 PM - mips42 mentioned EarlyBird in post [5e] One shot - Frolic and Fire [IC] [FULL]
    ...ome or is there somewhere else we need to go?” "Caravan? Oh yeah. thats here. come in, I'll tell dad, er, Mr. Corvan you're here." Walking inside reveals a decent sized office with a wooden table piled with parchment and another door, presumably leading to the warehouse itself. After a minute or so wait, a wiry human male enters through the other door. He is roughly 5'5" with short brown hair. The family resemblance to the young lad is clear. His skin is well tanned and he wears a light blue tunic and leather apron similar to the one the boy wore, although this one is much dirtier, and he has a strong odor of sweat about him. He's clearly been working hard already. "Ah. you..." he looks at the group "You must be here for the guard job. Good. We're loading the last two wagons today so they should be ready first thing in the morning. Two silvers a day plus meals. Meals provided as you go, silver payable on delivery to Daggerford. Sound good?" JustinCase KahlessNestor tglassy EarlyBird Charwoman Gene Archon Basileus

Sunday, 29th July, 2018

  • 05:23 AM - mips42 mentioned EarlyBird in post [5e] One shot - Frolic and Fire [IC] [FULL]
    With a hearty country breakfast of smoked ham, eggs, fresh bread with butter and honey under your belt, yo head outside. The sky is gray and cloudy but, at least so far, no sign of rain. the streets are busy with people in their morning errands. Most either nod greeting or at least acknowledge you as you head to the building referred to as "The Ward". The building is large, probably fifty feet to a side or more and has its' own wharf out into the lake. The wooden sides of The Ward are well weathered from years of exposure to rain, sun and wind and the wood is somewhat sun-bleached. There is a man door as well as a over-sized door on the side nearest teh main street. JustinCase KahlessNestor tglassy EarlyBird Charwoman Gene Archon Basileus

Thursday, 19th July, 2018

  • 05:47 AM - Salthorae mentioned EarlyBird in post Underwater Adventures!
    Emerging from the cabin with a long stretch and yawn, Jamoar checks his gear and makes sure that everything is in place for a dive into the depths. Walking over to Corus, Jamoar clasps his hand, "my thanks Corus. Your faith saved me and many of the crew on this ship from a wasting disease. Now, let us plumb the depths together!" he adds with a still weary smile. As the genasi states his peace and jumps overboard, Jamoar turns with a smile to Kanglin. "Well, you did hire adventurer's... and, he's not WRONG you know Kanglin. If we're not here, we're probably dead. So, there's that. Hey, what do you want us to DO about your brother's people? Being purposefully infected sure doesn't incline me to show them any mercy. I guess we'll see how that goes down there." With a shrug and a last check of his gear, Jamoar steps up to the side of the ship and dives into the depths EarlyBird you're bringing torches into the water? :confused:

Tuesday, 17th July, 2018

  • 07:06 AM - Neurotic mentioned EarlyBird in post EB's ToEE and RttToEE Campaign - IC
    Zanword covers his movements with the shield as he stretches the hand to touch Aridha. Soft golden-green glow comes from the niche she lies in as her wounds knit closed. He continues protecting Hexiros on his flank, but actually focuses more on Aridha in case ghoul gets funny ideas as she stands up. Shayuri, 10 HP to Aridha and I'm all out of healing touch. EarlyBird, preferably protect Aridha, but if the ghoul#3 attacks Zanword or Hexiros use reaction to protect Hexiros.

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Friday, 17th August, 2018

  • 01:06 PM - 97mg quoted EarlyBird in post EB's Ravenloft Tours 2017/2018 OOC (FULL)
    Twopaz character review: - AC should be 14 (if your wearing your armor) - HP should be 31/31 (lvl-1:10, +7, +7, +7) - Under abilities you should list Tinker: music box - just to keep track which device you have created at the moment or by listing none, to remind us you don't have one at the moment - Also don't see Expertise listed under abilities, I think you listed thieves' tools on the pdf. In the RG you can list it as... - Expertise: thieves' tools (+7), then the other skill ...and I don't see any of your listed skills with double your proficiency bonus (example: Stealth (Dex) 7 - expertise - please list Thieves' Cant under languages - missing one more skill choice; background gives you Arcana and History, and +4 skills from Rogue (I see sleight of hand, stealth, and investigation) - magic missile not allowed as your one spell at 4th lvl, you must choose from the enchantment or illusion spell schools (you could switch it for identify if you wish) Going to introduce your character ...

Wednesday, 15th August, 2018

  • 07:48 PM - TallIan quoted EarlyBird in post EB's KotB: (Group 1) Courage of the Lions
    Rorik Monster Ho! hears Rorik. He whips his head around to find it. As soon as he spots it he starts running towards it, dropping his borrowed axe. "One of you proper mages make it sparkle!" he shouts, quickly closing the distance. He raises he empty hands high then brings his greatsword down in a crashing blow that barely scratched the creature but left Rorik off balance for a second swing. By "sparkle" I mean Farie Fire 5e got rid of the 5' then 10' then 5' etc. rule so each square is 5' I guess they went to the keep it simple options and wil play it that way. Try not to houserule to much as then I need to remember what rules are for which game. That's true, I find that a lot of DM's still use it - I guess its a "It's always been that way" rule, like critical fails Move: S14 Bonus Action: Summon bonded weapon Actions: Attack: Rorik attack and damage: 1D20+7 = [18]+7 = 25 2D6+4 = [1, 2]+4 = 7 1D20+7 = [8]+7 = 15 2D6+4 = [5, 4]+4 = 13 Passive Perception: AC: 17 I...

Tuesday, 14th August, 2018

  • 03:22 PM - jmucchiello quoted EarlyBird in post [OOC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Pathfinder 2 Playtest Adventure. (Closed)
    Right my impression is Noboru was in Sandpoint when the mayor got word of his cousin looking for adventurer types. And the half-orc hopped on over to Magnimar to see if he could "sign up". I wrote (vaguely) that he met the Lady the night before (just for introductions), and is now killing time the next morning, till he returns to see her. Except that it is 3 days journey between cities. So you have to start out in Magnimar, as the intro says. Keleri doesn't have three days for the message to get to you and three days for you to return.
  • 12:11 AM - 97mg quoted EarlyBird in post The Rhyot Break (OOC) - Discussion
    I am also interested - thinking right now is to try my monk whose game never got of the ground. Hi EB :) Love it. Lets do this, I reckon Gob is approved.

Monday, 13th August, 2018

  • 09:48 PM - TallIan quoted EarlyBird in post [5E] [OOC/Full] JM's A Bit of Trouble
    Is it Beastmaster as in the 80's film and a lot of different creatures. Or does he just get the one companion upgraded? You choose one companion at level 3 and keep it until it dies. The PHB was built actively trying to avoid making the Beastmaster two PC's in one, keeping the companion weak and requiring direct input from the PC to do much (ie PC has to use action to make companion attack). The companion doesn't scale well as you level up - which IMO is the main problem with it - it doesn't get any more HD, and its ability scores remain the same. So the upgrade is quite poor. The UA version tries to make the companion much tougher and better at the expense of the PC. Eg the beastmaster doesn't get the Extra Attack feature, because the companion can attack on its own. So the upgrade requires you to use the companion fully as it is most of the power in the class. When I first envisioned the character he should have been a mounted archer, but the PHB companion was too weak (though ...
  • 11:22 AM - JustinCase quoted EarlyBird in post EB's One Shot #3: The Lady of the Mist - OOC (full)
    Woohoo, level-up for Mister Bubbles! I wish to RP the few that I can... looking at JustinCase (not evilly, well not to evilly anyway). Woo... hoo? :uhoh: Er... methinks making a deal with a fiend may not have been the best life choice for my poor half-orc. LOL :D Please list here all your changes and choices for me. warlock 2 1 extra spell known: Command (from Fiend list) 2 invocations: Devil's Sight (see in normal and magical darkness up to 120 ft), Mask of Many Face (cast Disguise Self at will) extra 5+Con = 7 hitpoints

Saturday, 11th August, 2018

  • 04:25 PM - Ancalagon quoted EarlyBird in post (OOC) Fitz's Folly (Full)
    Fear not. All we need do is survive and then we can level up. I'm sure that will give Rodrigo a bit more skill/abilities to play with. I was thinking about either the healer feat or +2 dex... and right now that +2 dex looks reaaaly good (+1 to hit, +1 damage, +1 to ac, skills...). Dex is such a good stat (even with initiative removed in this game) and with Rodrigo being a melee dex-build... Thankfully as a fighter I get a bonus feat at level 6, so if it turns out we really need the healing I could take it then... It's a bit frustrating because Rodrigo isn't doing his job essentially.

Friday, 10th August, 2018

  • 04:20 PM - Ancalagon quoted EarlyBird in post (OOC) Fitz's Folly (Full)
    Soon as Dellrak can pull away from his current spot he'll come up to help the others.Oh it's normal that we are split in sub groups to hold the flanks, but we've been doing a poor job within those subgroups at hitting the same foe to reduce their numbers quicker. ... that and Rodrigo has been rolling terribly the last round. Riposte failed, action surge did nothing, saving throw failed...

Thursday, 9th August, 2018

  • 05:34 PM - jmucchiello quoted EarlyBird in post [OOC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Pathfinder 2 Playtest Adventure. (Closed)
    Round 1: hill giant atk#1 +17 to hit 3d10+5 dmg atk#2 +12 to hit 3d10+5 dmg atk#3 +07 to hit 3d10+5 dmg You best kill it before round #2 LOL Remember your AC by level 7 is 6 higher than now. Plus magic items. You probably have a +1 armor for 7 higher than 1st level. Paladins gain expert in heavy armor at 7th level for another +1. And most martial classes have gained a level of proficiency with their favorite weapons by level 7 so that makes the giant easier to hit. If you get AC up to 22, those 2nd and 3rd attacks can easily miss. Finally most giants lack Attack of Opportunity, so just rush in, attack, and rush out. :)
  • 05:13 PM - jmucchiello quoted EarlyBird in post [OOC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Pathfinder 2 Playtest Adventure. (Closed)
    Not yet, was reading combat and actions. Question Do monster get the multiple attacks -5/-10?? if so a mountain giant can do 9d10+?? (a lot) of damage in a round A hill giant is a level 7 creature. Your fighter can probably survive that one round. :)
  • 05:07 PM - FitzTheRuke quoted EarlyBird in post [OOC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Pathfinder 2 Playtest Adventure. (Closed)
    Not yet, was reading combat and actions. Question Do monster get the multiple attacks -5/-10?? if so a mountain giant can do 9d10+?? (a lot) of damage in a round As far as I can tell they do. A few good rolls can really mangle someone.

Wednesday, 8th August, 2018

  • 08:40 PM - jmucchiello quoted EarlyBird in post [5E] [OOC/Full] JM's A Bit of Trouble
    Sweet! I presume Con bonuses also apply to HP? Also, Surina gains spellcasting at level 2 but has no spells already prepared. I presume that means she has no spells prepared? I'm cool with that, since she can use spell slots for Divine Smite, but I thought I'd clarify. Yes, +CON Mod. Yes, she has no prepared spells. Just the open slots. Warning, the wolves probably aren't evil. :) I'm lookin ginto doing the same thing in a few of my games. Kind of like the level up from a video game or what not. The PbP format is so slow, anything that can make it seem video gamy can't be bad. :)

Tuesday, 7th August, 2018

Monday, 6th August, 2018

  • 09:44 PM - jmucchiello quoted EarlyBird in post [OOC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Pathfinder 2 Playtest Adventure. (Closed)
    Here's what I got so far, working on background (its in my head just not on paper yet). Name: Noboru (NO-bow-rue) A/B/C: male human(half-orc), Pathfinder Hopeful, Barbarian Align: Chaotic Good, Deity: Cayden Cailean Languages: Common, Tien Perception: +3 (E) add "low light vision" here AC: 16 TAC: 12 HP: 25/25, Resonance: 1/1 Speed: 20 ft, Hero Points: 1 Combat skills unarmed strike: +5 atk, 1d4+4(B), agile, finesse, nonlethal, unarmed lg greatclub: +5 atk, 3d10+4(B), backswing, shove, reach 10' I don't think this is right: dagger +5 atk, 1d4+4(P) agile, finesse, versatile(S), thrown 10' dagger/thrown +2 atk, 1d4+4(P) lt hammer +5 atk, 1d6+4(B) agile, thrown 20' lt hammer/thrown +2 atk, 1d6+4(B) <snip> Spells n/a you can just delete this Equipment (Bulk n L m) This is were bulk goes, n = 8, m = 2 in your case Bulk: 8 (2L); (0-9/unencumbered, 10-14/encumbered) mountain giant greatclub free (or 24sp?), bulk...
  • 02:33 PM - jonathonhawke quoted EarlyBird in post Keep on the Borderlands - OOC (Filled UP)
    True, but it seems chases area bit to involved for pbp. So we will just go back to a regular combat. I think it was more that the Giant lacked a decent head start, and that I had picked a perfect form for chasing it down. (I picked the dire wolf for speed, to reach the scene quickly.)

Saturday, 4th August, 2018

  • 06:03 AM - Ancalagon quoted EarlyBird in post (OOC) Fitz's Folly (Full)
    Thanks, I am thinking of going to 5th as a ranger (and then 5 as a cleric) just to get the extra attack. But Planar Warrior is like the Hunter ability you only get the extra damage on your first hit. Still would like the two attacks per round with my crazy dwarf warrior, even though he will be more into spell casting when he gets into higher levels. That's an intriguing build - it may not be the "best" build but it's going to be bloody useful. And you'll be a terror at level 10. Cast Spiritual Guardians, maybe spiritual weapon, so you're now looking at 3 attacks + 3d8 dmg area of effect....

Wednesday, 1st August, 2018

  • 03:00 PM - jonathonhawke quoted EarlyBird in post EB's KotB: (Group 2) Soul of the Lions
    Chases don't work like a "regular" combat. Although they have similarities. It uses Dash actions to "keep up" with your target. If your target uses a Dash and you don't you aren't further away it just effects the lose the pursers roll (gives them advantage). Characters may cast spells as to help or hinder the creature/end the chase. Say like using entangle or web and they fail their save (chase over). As can the chased creature casting things like fog or grease to help them evade a group. Erevan hasn't caught up to the swamp giant yet he is still in pursuit. Think of it as the thing runs into the woods and goes around a tree to the left. Erevan follows immediately but lost sight of his quarry and when he sees the tree he moves off to the right. He moves ahead and stops, listens (or sniffs the air) and then turns left, and is now a little behind but still in pursuit. Going to play this like any challenge - you need three success before three failures to catch your target. And then regular co...

Tuesday, 31st July, 2018

Tuesday, 24th July, 2018

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