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Tuesday, 18th June, 2019

  • 01:09 PM - Tormyr quoted trencher7 in post [WotBS] 5ed. still a thing?
    Just bought pt.6! Thanks a lot for your work! Will start pt. 5 on the coming weekend if everything works according to plan. Thanks! I remember reading through the entire adventure path and thinking that every adventure was pretty good, but Tears of the Burning Sky is where it seemed to put the pedal to the metal and not let up until the end. Scary monsters, rival adventurers, rooms with subjective gravity, and a flying escape down a canyon with a dragon in pursuit made me think, "Oh this is awesome." And the story payoffs start hitting in adventure 6 as well.

Tuesday, 12th March, 2019

  • 11:26 AM - Tormyr quoted trencher7 in post [WotBS] 5ed. still a thing?
    Just bought my PDF! Thanks a lot for your work! Your welcome! You should have a lot of fun with some of the monsters and NPCs in The Monastery of Two Winds!

Wednesday, 27th February, 2019

  • 12:11 PM - Tormyr quoted trencher7 in post [WotBS] 5ed. still a thing?
    Is there any update concerning part 5? Funny you should ask, I had posted this not even two hours before. It is with my technical reviewers right now, so I look forward to having it out shortly!

Friday, 15th February, 2019

  • 08:39 AM - Tormyr quoted trencher7 in post WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)
    So next session will be more or less the battle for Gallo´s Fend. I will start with sending the PCs out to eliminate the war magician Kelkin the night before the battle starts. I decided against sending them to sabotage the war engines because I think that two black ops missions in one night might be a bit too much. Over the course of the day they will, if they decide to join the battle directly, be attacked by three waves of enemies. That´s the plan at least. First wave will be Steppengard Knights and Troll(s), second wave will be Brakken, Soldiers and Commander and third wave will be Soldiers, Knights and Bowmen (in order to lure them out of the battleline). In the night Gallo will send them on the mission to attack Königsmarschall Malkan and to turn the tides of the otherwise lost battle. Now I am looking for ideas to spice up the three waves during the battle with some objectives the PCs have to achieve á la Red Hand of Doom. Something like "secure a portion of the wood to prevent the e...

Wednesday, 28th November, 2018

  • 09:56 AM - Tormyr quoted trencher7 in post [WotBS] 5ed. still a thing?
    Guess what I just bought... Thanks Tormyr for the work! Will be starting with Adventure 4 in mid- January. Oh good, we finally caught up with your group! I am glad you are enjoying it! :)

Tuesday, 16th October, 2018

  • 09:39 AM - Lylandra quoted trencher7 in post WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)
    Why do you think adventure 7 will be tough? Because they'll be sent to Ycengled by the Shahalesti who are usually more or less your opponents. There they'll witness that those people they will most likely be working for have committed real atrocities in the past and are trying to brush it under the rug. So there will be a huge moral dilemma once they meet Fayne. Freeing Liat might be easier though.

Tuesday, 18th September, 2018

  • 06:09 PM - Tormyr quoted trencher7 in post WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)
    The summer is almost over... Gaming season begins soon. I am preparing the second part of adventure 3 (luckily it just was released for 5e) and I am also preparing adventure 4. As you might remember my group extinguished the Seela and made the wood burn down. So now when the Ragesians march to Dassen there seems to be no need to use the Alydi Gap to Gallo. As far as I can see it the Ragesians could now just march through the remains of the burning forest. So what to do? Change the locations? Let just a scouting group come through the forest while the main part of the army uses the Gap? I´d like to make their decisions have an impact on the future. Thanks in advance! Keep in mind that my advice is only for the adventures as they are written, not for how you make it your own. Up through adventure 9, the Second Ragesian Army has only made it through the six western districts of Gate Pass before they are defeated by the Resistance. They needed to make it to district 11 to be able to bring an army t...

Monday, 17th September, 2018

  • 09:08 AM - Tormyr quoted trencher7 in post [WotBS] 5ed. still a thing?
    3rd part just arrived! Brilliant timing! Will be gming the second half of part 3 in two weeks. Keep up the good work! Thanks, future adventures should be coming out a bit more regularly now that summer is over. :)

Friday, 15th June, 2018

  • 07:03 AM - StreamOfTheSky quoted trencher7 in post WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)
    The burning wood was great to play in Terms of roleplay but whatever could go wrong, actually went wrong. The barbarian tried to cross the wood with Crystin as fast as possible, while the other characters took their time. This was because they thought they would not have enough potions of stand the heat for all and they would have a better chance if two of them tried to be as fast as possible. Did you know Stand the Heat is available as a 1st level spell in the new spells section of the campaign? I provided the info to my party before they even left Gate Pass, so they could prep by buying up the material component. The cleric, sorcerer, and (once 4th level) ranger could have always cast it some more (expanding it to the bard spell list wouldn't have broken anything, either) if they ran low on potions or supplemented each day so less potions could be used. If Torrent was with them, she could also cast it. They're also supposed to be able to find the caravan in the gorge early on w/ a ton m...

Wednesday, 13th June, 2018

  • 05:04 PM - Tormyr quoted trencher7 in post WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)
    You can´t imagine... They hate him so much right now :cool: OMG: The more questions I have, the more stupid I feel... Is there any common knowledge about the creation of the Torch? And thanks a lot to all of you who contributed to this thread so far! That would be hearsay and rumor. Only a few were present at the creation of the torch...and half of them ended up dead or missing.

Tuesday, 12th June, 2018

  • 04:51 PM - Tormyr quoted trencher7 in post WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)
    Thank you, Lylandra! No worries, they retrieved the sword from the stag´s corpse after Indomitability fled from it. They now also know whom it belonged to and want to find out more about Anyariel. Luckily this is more or less covered in the 3.5ed., which I am using, so that I can prepare something for them to find in Seaquen. Also the trip through Dassen was overshadowed by the inner conflict of the group about what happened in the wood (they more and more realize that they did something veeeeery stupid) and how they could avoid a repetition in the future. So they more or less stayed away from settlements only sending Haddin to get what they needed for the trip and after they realized how he got the stuff from the merchants although they always gave him some money to actually pay for the goods the situation within the group got even worse (which lead to really intense roleplay within the group). One of the Players just messaged me a couple of minutes ago that he would like to have some b...
  • 04:49 PM - Tormyr quoted trencher7 in post WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)
    I think that because my group seems to not have a way to learn the song of forms anytime soon (or maybe never...) I will follow the route of Lyceum´s magicians coming up with the enforced flesh spell. Maybe I will have my group fight Madness and seeing that they stand no Chance as Long as the creature is incorporeal. Together with the magicians they can then develop the spell. @Lylandra could you please point me to where exactly to find the 4e Tiljann´s Quest concerning Etinify? I am willing to buy the mentioned supplement if I just knew which one it is :) So now my group will get some answers (even though just vague ones it seems) in Seaquen. I think I will message them and ask in advance whether there is more they´d like to investigate concerning the background so that I will be prepared in advance. BTW: maybe someone could just tell me what is common knowledge about the Torch itself? Reread the "If the Seela Died in the Conclusion of chapter 2. The song is ingrained in the heroes' minds....

Wednesday, 6th June, 2018

  • 08:40 AM - Tormyr quoted trencher7 in post WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)
    Thanks a lot! Great insight here! I am really looking forward to "Shelter from the Storm" for the aforementioned reasons. I came across a knowledge check for Trilla in adventure 2. It will be a DC 23 Intelligence (Arcana) check in the 5e version. If none of the heroes are successful, you could have Simeon or someone at the Lyceum make the check with advantage (via research and help) and see if they know anything.

Monday, 4th June, 2018

  • 03:49 PM - Tormyr quoted trencher7 in post WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)
    I think they made their choice after Indomitability´s offer. After that they listened to Papuvin and Vuhl but thought that stopping the song would be the best course of action. Now they have to live with the consequences which culminated in a couple of hours of very deep roleplay between the characters. Great session but they now have a feeling of ignorance of what is going on and they desperately need some sort of success and gaining some information in Seaquen would be a great start. Thanks for your insight. Interesting, this could be the launching point for them looking at problems on multiple levels. One of the prevailing themes of WotBS is "healing the land" ravaged by war. The Fire Forest of Innenotdar has a tough moral quandary for low-level characters (not saying hard choices are limited to any level; just they often do not show up so early in a big story). That the players ran with their choice and kept the role play going is great. :) There likely will be frustration as they r...

Tuesday, 29th May, 2018

  • 11:39 AM - Tormyr quoted trencher7 in post [WotBS] 5ed. still a thing?
    Great news, Tormyr! Just got my copy of the first adventure and the two guides yesterday and after skimming through it on my way to work I must say that what I saw so far looks really good! Looking forward to the point where your work catches up with my shedule! :) Thank you for buying a copy even though you are past that point! If you find the time, please consider leaving a review for one or more of the products on DriveThruRPG / RPGNow. :)

Friday, 25th May, 2018

  • 01:30 PM - Tormyr quoted trencher7 in post [WotBS] 5ed. still a thing?
    I will end chapter 2 and start chapter 3 next weekend. Next sessions will be end of June and then after the summer break end of September. Really looking forward to your 5e conversion! Okay, then if everything goes according to plan, we should catch up to you by the end of summer at the latest. In the meantime, I hope you can make use of the campaign guide and player's guide!
  • 12:11 PM - Tormyr quoted trencher7 in post [WotBS] 5ed. still a thing?
    Absolut great news!!! Follow up question: Does anyone know anything about the coming releases? I just started the campaign and like to know whether the 5e WotBS will catch up with my preparations. Where are you right now? My plan, now that I am not dealing with a big, international move and only have to release 1 book at a time, is to release a chapter every month or two. I am also planning on releasing the bonus adventures. So GMs could use those to run a "B" team with the backup characters periodically, expanding the scope of what is going on past the primary PCs.

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