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Saturday, 2nd March, 2019

  • 04:56 AM - FrogReaver quoted Adb0782 in post EK Half orc Shield and longsword
    Hi, well I actually choose shield, find familiar and protection from evil and good, she added me to use BB so i have my malee cantrip. As first feat I choosed magic adept and I picked up shield of faith (we r now lv 4 from yesterday ). At lv 6 ill pick up war caster as i need to free my BA from lv 7, than lv 8 ill pick up resilient (wis) and next, having booming blade, I was thinking about mobility. Than maybe mage slayer. What you think about it? Mobile is interesting. I'm not sure I'd choose it but it's an interesting choice. Mage Hunter isn't very good IMO. Fighting mages isn't super common in my experience and so its beneftis rarely see the light of day. I recommend lucky. It helps on really important saves and can also be used some out of combat. I want to through sentinel in the mix. With your defensive buffs it makes enemies want to focus even more on you which in general is a good thing. Alert is also a feat worth mentioning. Going first is a big advantage and thus reall...

Thursday, 28th February, 2019

  • 02:30 AM - FrogReaver quoted Adb0782 in post EK Half orc Shield and longsword
    Hello, my EK is an Half orc with long sword and shield. Im actually thinking if its worth get the duelist or the defensive style fighting. I can use only the Player's handbook spells, so i actually took chill touch and minor illusion as cantrips(i can change one of this, but seems work), than shield, pretection from evil/good and Tasha's Hideous Laughter (also this i can change, but whats better?). We ll start on lv 3, i later would like to get as 2 spells lv hold person (the combo with sure crit its too juicy :P ) and mirror image (no concentration for me is better than blur), for get haste as lv 3 spell and fire shield spell lv 4 (or? without absorb elements this looks still more important). My stat are generated with dice throws, i was really lucky about that throws lol, i actually have: STR 20 DEX 13 CON 16 (or 14, i can remember it wrong bcs i dont have the sheet with me) INT 14 SAG 14 CHA 14 That said, i was thinking to get the dueling fighting style in the beginning, for don...

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