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    Monday, 15th July, 2019, 07:54 PM
    We can debate this forever. It is supposed to be fun. That is why we play the game. Right? A wise man once said, "the job of the GM is not to say no, but find a way to say yes to the players".
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    Wednesday, 3rd July, 2019, 06:54 AM
    What an interesting map.
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  • 01:48 PM - TaranTheWanderer mentioned Telvin in post Group Iniative Order
    In some situations, the DM may effectively be having some monsters move and take the Ready action to ready an attack when certain triggers are met (e.g. when some number of blood hawks surround the target). So it's rules legal as long as the movement, Ready action, and trigger are all faithfully applied and resolved. Whether or not you find the outcome satisfying even though it's rules legal is another matter though. This. The dm can move them, one at time, and then have them wait to ready an action to attack. but Telvin: - If they had multiple attacks, they'd lose their extra attacks because readying takes your action and then it takes your 'reaction' to make the attack. You can't ready multiple attacks. Really, in this scenario(because of pack tactics), only the first bloodhawk (per PC) needs to ready until any of their other allies moved in. The others can just move in and attack as long as one of their allies was already adjacent. So, if they DM felt bloodhawks were smart enough to move and ready and only attacked once, then it's legal. With INT 3, I might have made the first bloodhawk attack with a normal attack...maybe. 3 is still pretty smart. Morrus Hmmmm. What *is* the rule for simultaneous initiative? Having them all move then all attack creates a massive tactical advantage over having them each move then attack. For me, they all go at once but still 'one at a time.' It probably evens out because now the PCs can all go simultaneously and use the same tactics. Although...

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Tuesday, 16th July, 2019

  • 01:05 AM - Harzel quoted Telvin in post Death and 0 Max HP
    We can debate this forever. It is supposed to be fun. That is why we play the game. Right? Yes. A wise man once said, "the job of the GM is not to say no, but find a way to say yes to the players". Not sure whom you are quoting, but he has, at least, a rather narrow view of GMing - in particular, what makes a game fun. Applying the stated principle is fun for some players, but for others it strips out (or at least deprioritizes) some aspects of the game that they find most enjoyable. Unless your table uniformly enjoys that sort of thing, a neutral stance - neither (intentionally) an advocate, nor (intentionally) an adversary - seems, to me, a better spot from which to provide a game that everyone will find engaging.

Monday, 3rd June, 2019

  • 08:30 PM - doctorbadwolf quoted Telvin in post What previous supplements would you like to see brought back for 5e?
    For me, it's a no brainer. I'd like to see a 5e version of the 2e Core Rules CD ROM. Obviously it doesn't need to be a CD ROM, but a program that you can use offline that: DnDBeyond will soon have all of that functionality offline. THe app is fully offline usable, and will soon include character builder, and eventually include all the tools the website has. If you are willing to program things in yourself, it's also 100% free to use. You only have to pay to have access to the pre-programmed content, and you can get 10-25% off standard amazon prices for the content if you use the bundles and/or use promo codes. I have no fond memories of any editions splat books. Well maybe the original 1e Deities and Demigods. Splat books create a power creep for the PCs that the monsters cannot keep up with. Its the main reason I am leaving Pathfinder. I will not be buying any splat books for 5e, or allowing my players to use them in my game. I mean, the 5e supplements don't particularly add pow...

Sunday, 2nd June, 2019

  • 09:15 PM - ccs quoted Telvin in post What previous supplements would you like to see brought back for 5e?
    Point 2, however, dredging up an old copy (especially if you the type that likes physical books as opposed to PDF) can be time consuming and expensive. You've heard of EBay right? A moments search for D&D Deities & Demigods yielded me at least 70some results starting as low as $10 (for a 1e Legends & Lore - same book, just different cover art & title used on the 6th+ printings) up to the ridiculous$ (for 1st prints with Cthulu/Elric). With many 2nd+ prints being in the $20-$40 range. It's consistently like this btw. So I'm guessing by expensive you meant "likely cheaper than a current 5e book", & by time consuming you meant "greater than 3 minutes"?

Thursday, 30th May, 2019

Thursday, 9th May, 2019

  • 07:48 PM - lowkey13 quoted Telvin in post Greyhawk is the official setting for Ghosts of Saltmarsh
    I totally agree with you on this. I ignored the wars as well. What I did do though, was when my party failed at saving The City of Greyhawk while I was running Age of Worms (part 6 I believe), I left it like that. The city is now known as The City of the Dead. Nothing like leaving their mark on the world, whether it was through success or failure. "So, are those the ruins of the City of Greyhawk?" ", it's the City of Fred." "The City of the Dead?" ", the City of Fred." "What? Why would they call those ruins the City of Fred?" ".....*sigh* So, you see, my name is Fred. And I had one job to do during the Age of Worms .... JUST ONE JOB! ...."

Tuesday, 9th April, 2019

  • 08:39 PM - jasper quoted Telvin in post Group Iniative Order
    New to 5e, in fact this happened in my first ever session I attended. So I am wondering if this was done correctly, It seemed kind of questionable to me. In the initiative order a group of 8 conjured Blood Hawks all went at the same time. That part I get. But the DM would move them all. After he moved them all, he had them take their attack actions. This resulted in every Blood Hawk having advantage attacks against the party members (5 first level characters) using the pack attack. This actually resulted in a TPK when the two conjured hippogriffs were added into the mix. Now I would have thought that the a single Blood Hawk would move and take it's attack action. Then the next one would go and so forth. Am I wrong. Legal but I think conjured hippogriffs were a bit much. Homebrew or a purchased adventure.

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