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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Reverse Sort Order Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Quickleaf Member Quickleaf's Avatar Hawaii, Honolulu, D&DHonolulu, HIMale31-40
Queenie Queen of Everything Queenie's Avatar Looking for a new game! Open to different systems.N Babylon, New York, USAFemale31-40
Quartz Member   Looking for a casual, not hard-core game.AberdeenMaleOver 40
QuietBrowser Member       
Quasqueton Member    Far from the nearest settlement, away from traveled routes, and high upon a craggy hill. . .  
qstor Member qstor's Avatar 3.5/Pathfinder in MarylandMarylandMaleOver 40
Qik Member    New Orleans, USMale25-30
Qualidar Member Qualidar's Avatar  Boston  
questing gm Member   Always looking for more GMs and players in the Land Below the Wind. Know a few gaming friends, so give a ring and I can hook you up.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 19-24
Quantarum Member Quantarum's Avatar Looking to meet new people and explore new worldsMetro Chattanooga TN area (LaFayette GA)MaleOver 40
Quajek Member   Manhattan-based player seeking a game.NYCMale25-30
QuaziquestGM Member       
Quantum Member       
quindia Member       
Queen_Dopplepopolis Member Queen_Dopplepopolis's Avatar  Odenton, MDFemale19-24
QuinnHarlech Member    Arlington, VA 31-40
Quixote Member       
Qlippoth Member Qlippoth's Avatar Haven't played in years, but looking to get back in.Cambridge MA 02140 31-40
Quenditar Member       
Q Stark III Member Q Stark III's Avatar  Virginia  
Q-Ball Member Q-Ball's Avatar  6th layer of Hell  
Q-workshop Member       
Q1000 Member    In calif  
Q7599 Member    South Yorkshire  
qaaral Member    New Jersey  
Qaldim Member Qaldim's Avatar I'm a cosy and fun guy to hand around. I don't complain much and I like watching a story to unfold. As a player I usually like player a "spellcaster". As a DM, everything is possible, depending on my mood.Αετορράχης 34, Θεσσαλονίκη 25-30
Qaltessil Thassir Member    Des Moines, IA  
Qaran Member    Hazleton, PA  
Qarnaj Member       
qatesiurade Member    Cheyenne, WY  
Qaz Lanan Member    Sao Paulo, Brazil  
Qazbah Member       
qazertyonds Member       
Qazir Member       
qazytheory Member       
Qball Member   I'm a long time gamer since I was 11 when I got ahold of my first set of D&D. Most would know it as the Red Box. I play RPGs, and Strategy/Euro/Party Board Games12009 E 114th PL N, Collinsville OK, 74021 31-40
Qbis Member       
Qbista Member    Poland  
QbnGuy Member       
qbracken Member       
Qentol Member       
QewXyl Member       
Qflash Member    Rochester,NY  
QgoQ5dqb950j Member       
Qi'Nalias Member Qi'Nalias's Avatar  Fenway Pahk  
Qianglong Member       
Qijdi Member       
Qijdi Goldwing Member Qijdi Goldwing's Avatar     
Qiks Member       
Qisumos Member       
Qit_el-Remel Member       
qix_gaidin Member       
qjfilth Member       
Qkrch Member       
QLI/RPGRealms Member       
Qliphoth Member       
QMan Member       
qness Member       
qntoinoo Member       
QobHixif Member       
Qomannon Member       
qonyin Member       
Qoo Member       
Qor Member       
qq Member       
QQQ Member       
qrmzlpt Member       
qschilling Member       
Qshio Member       
QthDRaven Member       
qthush Member       
qt_pie889 Member       
Qu3st33 Member       
quaero Member       
Quafel Member    Oregon  
quaga Member   My standard alignment is sarcastic-goodTempe, AZMale25-30
quahgg Member       
Quai Member       
quaidbrown Member       
quaidbrown4t Member       
Quaint Member       
quakebot Member       
Quaker Member   Rockingest Dungeon Master ever. Male 
Qual Member    Canada  
Quale Member       
QualFlohowl Member       
Qualir Member Qualir's Avatar  ohio  
Quandrum Member       
quannacause Member       
Quanqued Member       
Quanta Member       
Quantanephilim Member    Sioux Falls, SD  
Quantrill Member       
Quantumboost Member       
QuantumCh@*s Member       
QuantumEcho Member       
QuantumRhymes Member       
Quarion Hawksong Member    Sleepy Eye, MN  
quarionis Member    Oak Harbor, WA  
quarkstomper Member   In my secret identity I'm a Ninja CartoonistSheboygan, WisconsinMaleOver 40
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