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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Experience Points Reverse Sort Order Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
Fenris Member Fenris's Avatar Long Island, New York 31-40
Grazzt Demon Lord Grazzt's Avatar  Chattanooga  
Jago Member    Fort Worth, TXMale25-30
Kurotowa Member       
ardoughter Member   Stil like 4e but have move on to 5 as the players did not like 4e.North kerry Over 40
Fenris-77 Member       
dmccoy1693 Member   Gamer, Writer, Publisher, All Around Good GuyHamilton, New JerseyMale31-40
Redthistle Member   Even my battle-axe gets a senior discount now.Minneapolis MNMaleOver 40
Jeremy E Grenemyer Member Jeremy E Grenemyer's Avatar  Chowchilla, CAMaleOver 40
Draegn Member    dark rural wet rainy BritainFemale 
Goonalan Member   GSOH, smoker- WLTM Orcus for fun & frolics, maybe more.Grimsby, UKMaleOver 40
Xetheral Member       
Matthan Member       
jadrax Member    Middlesbrough, UKMale31-40
Forged Fury Member   Enjoy spending long walks, candelit dinners, and crushing goblin skullsBaton Rouge, LAMale31-40
Charles Dunwoody Member   I play 2300AD and Year Zero RPGs.MichiganMaleOver 40
hastur_nz Member    NZ  
JohnRTroy Member       
mflayermonk Member    Anaheim, CAMale31-40
dd.stevenson Super KY   Interested in DMing or playing games evenings JST.Japan 31-40
perrinmiller Member   Avid PC Gamer and other games; PBeM, CRPG, Strategy, etc...Tokyo, JapanMale 
Zaruthustran The tingling means it’s working! Zaruthustran's Avatar Always Be GamingSeattle 31-40
drothgery Member   13th Age, 4e or SWSE in Escondido (can DM if necessary)?San Diego, CAMale31-40
Mal Malenkirk Member   I am 31 and gaming with old friends. Wouldn't mind new blood as there has been a thinning of the herd over the years.montreal 31-40
pathfinderq1 Member   Just moved (back)- seeing how things lookAuburndale, MA Over 40
Radiating Gnome Member Radiating Gnome's Avatar Dm and Player (4e, DDN, Savage Worlds)Wichita, Kansas, United StatesMaleOver 40
skerritthegreen Member       
Storyteller Hero Member     Male31-40
Dykstrav Member   Greyhawk and my own homebrews with Pathfinder rulesMarietta, GA 31-40
Jaelommiss Member    Guelph, ONMale19-24
Dragonhelm Member Dragonhelm's Avatar  Kansas City areaMaleOver 40
Lord Mhoram Member Lord Mhoram's Avatar RPGs: HERO, Genesys, D&D 5EUtahMaleOver 40
Thateous Member Thateous's Avatar   Male25-30
Trickster Spirit Member     Male19-24
Kinak Member    Columbus, OHMale31-40
Kris Member Kris's Avatar ...needs to roll more dice.Walsall, EnglandMaleOver 40
Staccat0 Member   Started with 2e, played a little 3e, left @ 3.5e, bought books but never played 4e & podcasting 5eAustin, TXMale25-30
Flatus Maximus Member   It's a secretSt. Paul, MNMale31-40
InVinoVeritas Member InVinoVeritas's Avatar Plays and runs just about anything. Favors AD&D 1/2/3.5, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, and HERO. Glen Ridge, NJMale31-40
NotActuallyTim Member   Gm, Player, Homebrewer!Danville, KentuckyMale19-24
Ashkelon Member       
ClaytonCross Member   Playing D&D in Okinawa JapanOkinawa, JapanMale31-40
Edwin Suijkerbuijk Member Edwin Suijkerbuijk's Avatar     
GarrettKP Member     Male19-24
ProgBard Member   Filthy narrativistCharm City badlands Over 40
tomBitonti Member       
CTurbo Member    NashvilleMale31-40
Doctor Futurity Member    Albuquerque, NM  
Illithidbix Member       
Jeanneliza Member     FemaleOver 40
Eridanis Bard 7/Mod (ret) 10/Mgr 3 Eridanis's Avatar  Fairfax County, VAMaleOver 40
pdzoch Member   DMing since '78.KansasMaleOver 40
aurance Member aurance's Avatar     
CharlesRyan Member CharlesRyan's Avatar  Kansas City areaMaleOver 40
Gulla Member   Mostly been GMing the last years, now looking for games to play as a player.Trondheim, NorwayMaleOver 40
Valetudo Member       
Infiniti2000 Member Infiniti2000's Avatar  Orlando, FloridaMaleOver 40
scruffygrognard Member   Long-time gamer who still feels the love for all things geeky!Staten Island, NYMaleOver 40
Skyscraper Member Skyscraper's Avatar  Montreal, QuebecMaleOver 40
Jack Daniel Member Jack Daniel's Avatar  OmahaMale25-30
Daztur Member   Hi, I'm part of an established RPG group that's been playing in and around Seoul since 2005. Email me at for more information.Seongnam (Seoul, South Korea suburb) 25-30
Fildrigar Member    Waterdeep  
Maggan Member Maggan's Avatar  Sweden Over 40
pkt77242 Member       
Archon Basileus Member   Straight from the days of AD&D.Far away, trust me!Male31-40
Cristian Andreu Member   Chilean olive-oil maker and DM for 22 years. Mostly D&D, 7th Sea, and stuff with steam engines.Santiago, ChileMale31-40
Rabulias Member Rabulias's Avatar Currently closedFairfax VAMaleOver 40
Wrathamon Member   Mission Viejo 31-40
Beleriphon Member    Ontario, CanadaMale31-40
Cerebral Paladin Member   I'm an experienced gamer who likes campaigns with significant character development and player flexibility. I'm very flexible on system.Kalamazoo, MI 31-40
Osgood Member    Columbus, OHMaleOver 40
thethain Member       
Yardiff Member    Greater San Diego AreaMaleOver 40
alienux Member   D&D 5E, in 2 groups.Beavercreek, OhioMaleOver 40
CAFRedblade Member CAFRedblade's Avatar  Ottawa, CanadaMale31-40
Frostmarrow Member Frostmarrow's Avatar  Katrineholm  
Jimlock Member   2nd edition still the best... Male 
Joker Member    Amsterdam 25-30
Kynn Member    Alhambra, California, United StatesFemaleOver 40
bganon Member       
Dark Mistress Member Dark Mistress's Avatar Yours in DarknessThe Dungeon.Female 
Erekose Member Erekose's Avatar  Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, UKMaleOver 40
Heathen72 Member Heathen72's Avatar   Rather not sayOver 40
Inchoroi Member    New Bern, North CarolinaMale25-30
Daern Member   Longtime D&D player and DM. I like classic fantasy and S&S. 5e is great.Santa Cruz, CA 31-40
hero4hire Member hero4hire's Avatar Gaming since I was Eight!Syracuse, NYMaleOver 40
twilsemail Member   I've been playing in various tabletop and LARP games for years. I'm currently in looking for additKing of Prussia, PAMale25-30
variant Member variant's Avatar     
Wepwawet Member Wepwawet's Avatar 5E DM and playerBrighton, UKMale31-40
Riastlin Member   11 year D&D/Shadowrun VetTolono, ILMale31-40
werecorpse Member       
Aulirophile Member     Rather not say25-30
bmfrosty Member    Pleasant Hill, CAMale31-40
Derulbaskul Member Derulbaskul's Avatar  The PhilippinesMaleOver 40
Upper_Krust Member    Belfast, Northern Ireland, U.K.Male31-40
eayres33 Member   D&D 5e playerDes Moines, WAMale31-40
Melkor Member Melkor's Avatar  Middle Earth  
River Song Member   Hello sweetie!NoosaFemale31-40
Siberys Member Siberys's Avatar  Ludington, Michigan, United StatesMale19-24
triqui Member       
Results 601 to 700 of 314130