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Members of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News

User Name Reverse Sort Order Experience Points Avatar IntroductionLocationSexAge Group
@CriticalFumble Member    Alexandria, INMale31-40
@Mjolnir Member @Mjolnir's Avatar  Goose Creek, SC  
@ndrea Member       
@Syrinx Member @Syrinx's Avatar  Goose Creek, SC  
@TheRealDeadpool Member       
A & E_Digital Member       
A A Member       
A AJA Member       
a alasi Member       
A B Member       
a b1 Member       
a ban Member   { hoang|lan|tu|a|ba|ban|bon} { hoang|lan|tu|a|ba|ban|bon}{ hoang|lan|tu|a|ba|ban|bon} { hoang|lan|tu|a|ba|ban|bon}FemaleOver 40
a big Sojiro fan Member       
A Bob Pim Member       
A Boyd Member       
a c Member       
A Coleman Member       
A Craig-Sheldon Member       
A Crazy Fool Member A Crazy Fool's Avatar  Somewhere Outside of the Cardboard Box  
A Creative Username Member       
A Curmudgeon Member     Male 
A Dave Member    Cleveland  
A Dub Member       
A dude named Felix. Member       
A Dumb Door Member       
A flannel shirt Member   Biweekly games of Star Wars / Marvel / D&D. The games are run in Joliet and we are looking for more players. ILMale31-40
A Fry Member       
A G Thing Member   I prefer Ravenloft but have played most core D&D settings from 2nd to 3.5 edition...Currently the Dread Realm of Mount Pleasent MIMale 
A GM Named Mike Member       
A Grace Dunehew Member       
A Guy Called Fez Member       
A Guy Named Guy Member   In Calgary, D&D nerd, looking for group. Geared for 5e(3.5,4e as well). Experience as player and DM.Calgary. Southwest.Male19-24
A Har Member       
A Healthkit Member       
A Hero’s Quest Member       
A Horse Member       
A Human Member       
A J Alex Armstrong Member       
A Jann Monk Member       
A Jone Member       
A K Member       
A Little Zombie Member       
A Lone Chocobo Member   Just a RandoRockingham, NCMale19-24
A loveable scoundrel Member   AD&D to Dread to Fate - No card games pleaseNewton, MAMaleOver 40
A M Member       
A Man In Black Member       
A Mash Up Printery Member       
A McGirr Member       
A Murder of Crows Member       
A Name Member       
A Nonny Mouse Member       
a nudler Member       
A Or Member       
A passerby Member   i add to answer this question   
A Passing Maniac Member A Passing Maniac's Avatar I don't have a regular game, but I'm part of a gaming club at the U of I. We meet every Saturday for board and card games in addition to arranging RPG sessions. As for me personally, I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.Champaign, IL 19-24
A Person Member       
A Person :3 Member       
A Powerful Necromanc Member     Female19-24
A R Member       
A Rain Spencer Member       
A Real Live Bear Member    New Jersey  
A Ro Member       
A SadNinja Member       
a Schmitz Member       
A Shmyt Member       
A shop test Member       
A SIBB Member       
A Silent Wail Member       
A Skeleton Member       
A small goblin Member       
A Snail Member       
A Stray Cat Member    United StatesMaleOver 40
A Tactical Burp Member       
A test Member       
A the Little Red Member       
a to the idan Member       
A Tony Ramos Member       
A Trackless Stranger Member    Massachusetts  
A truly evil toaster Member   I will be the one toaster to rule EVERYTHING!Australia, Home of truly evil creaturesMaleUnder-18
A Virtual Stranger Member       
A Watching Owl Member       
A Wild Lhurgoyf Member       
A'Kin Member    Lower Ward of Sigil  
A'plex Nyctophilia Member       
A'rai Member   I adore sci-fi, and very much like fantasy RPNorth CarolinaFemale31-40
A's And T Riley Member       
A'Shaymis Member       
A'Talsen Member       
A'vandira Silvermane Member    Somewhere on this mudball called Earth  
A--A Member       
A-A Member       
a-d Member     Rather not say 
A-Fallen-Wolf Member       
A-hole Member       
a-home Member       
A-Jay DiGirolamo Member       
A-macaroni1230 Member       
A-macaroni12301 Member       
A-macaroni12302 Member       
a-song-of-icee Member       
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