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  1. Journal of Etona 25

    It was decidedly not interesting talking to ‘Winston’. ‘He’ has very much become an ‘it’, with little left of what was a person. We will end its torment and destroy the husk that ties that little bit...
  2. Journal of Etona 24

    Our full party departing for points unknown consists of:
    Verdre and myself
    Rey Dragon-Child, with “Robi”, her new Obi-in-war machine
    Jodan, Burning King of the Past
    Treig, our scowling schemer...
  3. In the past: Verdre unconscious at the Great Tree of Rishkar's tribe

    Verdre is unconscious in the nursery of Rishkar’s tribe, having called forth her Mistress’ radiant wrath from deep inside herself. She collapses with a curse to Sehanine on her lips.

    She is...
  4. Journal of Etona - 22

    (removed due to many errors introduced by this site)
  5. Journal of Etona - 21

    The courier seems to be waiting for our arrival. He is enjoying a sandwich, a Greyhawk invention I am still wary of. Bred does not wholly agree with me but it is very important to the humans so I...
  6. Journal of Etona - 20

    “Do you see it?” I call.

    “You were correct: here in about an hour,” she replies from the top of the Cairn hill. A solid bank of dark blue clouds flaring with lightning is approaching from the...
  7. Journal of Etona 19

    (sending Journal to players because of persistent formatting errors on this website's part).
  8. Eleanor's Journal - Part 04

    I take my leave of my companions.

    Officer Vereene is heading to the Watch.

    The ambassadors travel to locate Lady Etona, probably near her temple or down by the docks where she seems to be...
  9. The Journal of Eleanor 03

    Rest Day
    Ah, our order of liquid mischief has arrived. What do we have here?
    • Four water breathing distillates which typically last an hour each
    • An invisibility mix, another hour, I...
  10. Eleanor's Journal - Part 02

    The master changeling, Telaken the doppleganger, was to watch a demonstration of his new powers at the games. From his letter: I was pleased to see a few tickets to the Champion’s Games awaiting me....
  11. Journal of Eleanor 01

    “My name is Eleanor.”

    I felt my eyes widen.

    “What?” I said. My lips moved repeating the name Eleanor. Had I heard it before? Yes, that name again. It wasn’t right. Or was it? “Eleanor of,...
  12. Journal of Etona - Seventeen

    The New Moon Ceremony (25 Coldeven)
    “It is so dark tonight.”

    Etona sees the faces around her, uncertain, fearing to open themselves even to so common a thing as hope. But she remembers. It was...
  13. Journal of Etona - Entry 16

    I have listened to descriptions, different races explaining their experience of falling unconscious. They use many of the same words for sleep though most agree that it is unlike slumber in that it...
  14. Journal of Etona, Entry 15

    The changeling comes in through the window, sees the half moon I had waiting for her upon triggering the trap, and pauses.

    “Rocktar,” I begin weaving my spell which in Common would sound a little...
  15. Journal of Etona, Entry 14

    My impressions of this city have been mixed: there is the stench and disease of humans living in filth and poverty, but other shinier parts fairly drip with greed and self-interest. A less empathetic...
  16. Journal of Etona - Entry Twelve

    Coldeven 10th day
    When everyone woke up, we undertook the task of convincing the dragon to drink what we had wrought. We tried this line of reasoning at my urging:

    Mistress, this potion will...
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