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    WotBS 4E #4 (Banquet) Revised

    WotBS 4E #4 - The Mad King's Banquet has been revised and updated.

    You may redownload the file from the location where you originally got it.

    [Note - there's a slight issue with RPGNow again, and I've had to email them and ask them manually update the file, so it may take a day or so there].

    Update list:
    • Page 10: Torrent's Vengeance. Sentence now reads, "The heroes are free to accept or pass on the request, but both women will be disappointed if they decline."
    • Page 11: Simeon's picture no longer covering text.
    • Page 20: Book of Eight Lands sidebar. Item naming consistency to: "The Book of Eight Lands".
    • Pages 37 et seq.: Hyperlinks fixed.
    • Page 52: Immunize. Changed to "Adds a +10 bonus to all saving throws versus effects with the Poison keyword." ELP
    • Page 54 and others: All references to "confused" in Appendix D deleted and replaced as needed with "dazed." Fluff text added to mindhaunt affliction: "You are overwhelmed with a sense of disorientation and can barely sort out your thoughts from the confused cacophony in your mind." ELP
    • Pages 63 and 65: Veteran Ragesian soldier's combat challenge power added "(free, whenever the veteran Ragesian soldier attacks)".
    • Pages 104 and 111: Madness's suggestion power added "(std; at-will) * Psychic".
    • Pages 63 and 65, the Veteran Ragesian Soldier attacks renamed Iron Torrent, Screen of Steel, Shatterproof.
    • Pages 69, 79 and 92, Steppengard Soldier's Hold the Line ability AC bonus added as note to AC wherever Hold the Line appeared (Soldiers and Infantry).
    • Page 72, Pixis's Swift Attack changed to read "Effects on Pixis enabling her to deal extra or bonus damage do not increase the damage dealt by this power."
    • Page 77, Steppengard Infantry Acid Splash attack changed to Area Burst.
    • Pages 100, 104, 108 and 109, Steppengard Knight Precision Flail, changed damage to 2d6+4, recharge to 4+. "Shield Bash" attack renamed Shield Smash.
    • Pages 101 and 104, Steppengard Prelaet and Kelkin Thravanosts' Stand Firm ability changed to Imm Int, many locations. Steppengard Infantry Covering Attack renamed Protective Attack.
    • Page 110, Blade of the Kingsguard stat block changed to:
    Blade of the Kingsguard (B)
    Level 9 Elite Soldier XP 800
    Medium natural humanoid (human)
    Initiative +4___Senses Perception +4
    HP 202; Bloodied 101; see also friend-shielding the King
    AC 23; Fortitude 22, Reflex 18, Will 17
    Speed 5
    Action Points 1
    ___M___Blade of the Kingsguard (std; at-will)~~* 2H, Weapon
    +13 vs. AC; 1d10+7 damage (crit 17 + 1d6).
    Power (Daily*Healing): Free action. The Blade of the kingsguard regains hit points as if it had spent a healing surge.
    ___r___Friend-shielding the King (minor; enc)
    Ranged 5; Provides the target with a +2 power bonus to all defenses through the Blade of the kingsguard's next turn.
    ___>___Hold the Line
    The Blade of the kingsguard and any allies adjacent to it gain a +2 bonus to AC.
    ___>___Stand Still (imm int, when a taerget moves out of a threatened square)
    Use in place of an opportunity attack; +10 vs. Reflex; Hit: the target's iis stopped, and its movement action is wasted.
    Alignment Unaligned___Languages Common
    Skills Intimidate +8
    Str___17 (+7)___Dex___13 (+5)___Wis___11 (+4)
    Con___21 (+9)___Int___10 (+4)___Cha___9 (+3)
    Equipment Blade of the kingsguard, ring of friend shielding
    • Page 112, Lord Dashgoban's Watchful Eye changed to Imm Int.

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    Wow! That's great!


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    I think that the updated PDF's are one of the bigger selling points for WotBS.

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    Hmm, I just downloaded the archive from RPGNow again. Apparently they haven't put up the updated version, yet.

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