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    I'm blessed to live in the same city as the excellent Patriot Games in Sheffield. Open to 10:30 most nights, plenty of gaming space (which is often full), keen and knowledgeable staff...

    And if I wanted alternatives, there are at least two in Leeds and one in Huddersfield. Plus two independent miniatures stores in Sheffield.

    We don't have a gaming cafe though. In that respect I'm envious of Nottingham, which appears to have two!

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    I feel like Mox on the eastside has a better selection of RPG's than the one in ballard. Even some stuff I've never heard of. That said, it's not great merely adequate.

    As far as straight up RPG selection? They are the best I've seen.

    Lets face it though board games sell a lot more copies than RPG's, and the markup on war games is non-trivial


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    I just discovered one near me last week. Niche Comics and Bookstore, on the High Street in Huntingdon. Only 10 minutes drive from my house! They've been there about five years. It's a small shop but the staff are really friendly and the guy who runs it is super-knowledgeable and happy to order anything they don't stock. Great find

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    I do not live near a full-on game store. There is what some might call a game store in town, but it is really just a glorified card shop. The store does seem to be branching out into other products like Bolt Action etc, but their RPG support is almost nothing.

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    There are at least a couple within what I would call 'local'. Probably more, but they are downtown and I tend to avoid that place as much as possible. At least if I have to drive.

    I would say one is clearly better than the other. By that I mean, friendly and promotes an atmosphere that is different than the stereotypical 'Gaming' store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiblioTek View Post
    This is my FLGS as well.

    I've had several thanks to my time in the army, but The Sentry Box is special. The first time I walked in the front door I was gobsmacked - utterly blown away by the sheer vastness of the space and its contents. Add to that the ever-helpful staff and it will always be the standard by which I judge game stores.
    Third one here for Sentry Box.

    I'll just copy the review I posted on Google Maps.

    I can probably best describe The Box as being the Platonic ideal of a gaming store. It is the ideal, that each of us holds, that allows us to identify the imperfect reflections cast by all other game stores.

    This review has been a long time coming. I grew up in Calgary, and have been coming to Sentry Box since probably about 1996 or so. I remember dedicating entire days to trips to The Box where my friends and I would take the train downtown and then walk 45 minutes just to get there.

    They have more square footage dedicated to Warhammer alone (including its weird spinoffs dating back to the 90's) than most Games Workshop stores have in total and that's on top of their massive selection of RPG's, board games, a fantasy and sci-fi novel selection that is three times the size of anything you'd find in a Chapters, enough CCG cards to destroy the suspension of a good sized truck were you to load them all in, and that's just the mainstream stuff.

    The real magic of the place comes when you start digging through old stock and obscure stuff. Are you looking for an obscure Green Ronin D&D 3rd edition splatbook from 2001? There is a reasonable chance they might have it. Maybe you've always loved Paladium? Well, from RIFTS to Heroes Unlimited, they have all the black and white line art and bizarre rules Siembieda's ever released. Have you embraced the OSR and are hunting for a hardcopy of OSRIC? Yep, they got it. Do you want a copy of Queen of the Demonweb Pits to go along with that? Check the used stuff, and assuming I haven't been through recently they might have it. The prices are fair, generally in line with Noble Knights, and although their used selection has been shrinking over the past couple years you still occasionally find some real gems.

    Last but not least maybe you feel like going full grognard and doing some proper wargaming. Well, at the back of the store there's a staircase leading up to the second floor where you will quickly realize that they are quite possibly the only gaming store on the planet that stocks miniature, as well as hex and chit board wargames. Everything from Advanced Squad Leader and the latest releases from GMT games to 15mm Napoleonics.

    The staff is great, especially once you get to know them and can figure out who is the best one to ask for certain things, but I'd like to give a particular shout out to the gentleman with the British accent, I believe his name might be Greg. He's been there for years, knows the store about as well as anyone possibly could, and he once spent the better part of half an hour helping me hunt for a Shadowrun book that had been miss-shelved.
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    Yup. I shop at Tempest Games. There are a couple others in the area, but Tempest is basically a straight shot down the first non-residential street from where I live. Since I practically back up to corn fields (it was literal, a couple years ago) at the edge of town, location matters. They offer what's essentially a 10% discount by giving you $5 credit for every $50 you spend. Plus, they host AL games. I think the board games probably take up the most space, followed by minis. The RPG section has shrunk, considerably, in the last few years, but they still have all the 5E books, most of the PF books and a smattering of other games like Fate, Shadowrun, and several others on which I'm drawing a blank, currently. I think they do a health CCG business, but they don't devote a ton of space to it -- mostly just a little bit in the counter display case.

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