High Elf cleric 1/wizard 3
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    High Elf cleric 1/wizard 3

    Hey guys, I'm playing a high elf cleric 1/wizard 3. He's a knowledge cleric and a diviner wizard.

    I have to use the standard array, and I'm playing with a new DM who doesn't want to be overwhelmed, so we're using the PHB only. No UA, SCAG, ect..

    I'm going to take the cleric level first, because I'll get more HP, better saving throws, and since I'm specifically starting with only the starting gear in the PHB, I like having armor.

    I'm not sure which background works best.

    I have two stat arrays that work, I'm not sure which is better (high elf bonuses in parenthesis):

    Stat array 1: STR: 8 DEX: 12 (14) CON: 14 INT: 15 (16) WIS: 13 CHA: 10

    Stat array 2: STR: 8 DEX: 12 (14) CON: 13 INT: 15 (16) WIS: 14 CHA: 10

    I'm guessing stat array 1 is better since I'll want to hold concentration. Of course, the argument could be made that stat array 2 is better, and when I hit wizard 4, I should choose the resilient constitution feat.

    Are there any spells I should keep an eye out for? I'd prefer to be a utilitarian type of wizard.

    I plan on taking expertise in arcana and history skills. All elves get perception. Are there any other skills I should really keep an eye out for?

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    LOL, dont all jump out at once!

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    Alright so you have several options.

    War Caster. Like Armor? Adding on a Shield with that Breastplate (Best medium with no stealth disadvantage) brings your AC to 18 at level 1 and a respectable 24 with +3 Shield and Breastplate. Add on the Shield Spell and you can hit 29AC on reaction. Super sexy and the main reason I go Cleric 1/Wiz 19.

    Next Resilient Con, Resilient Dex and Shield Master are all quite strong. However boosting your intellect to 20 is arguable better.

    I would choose STR: 8 DEX: 12 (14) CON: 13 INT: 15 (16) WIS: 14 CHA: 10
    Take War Caster > Int 20 > Res Con finally Res Dex or Shield Master (Smaller bonus on targeted affects and evasion). Both are good.

    Skills? Arcana&History(Doubled via knowledge cleric), Perception,Persuasion,Stealth. Insight is also one you will end up with.

    If you want spell lists check the guides.
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    I'd take sage as background.
    Depending on how much you will cast divine spells that require a saving throw, I'd take the first or second array.
    Actually I would agree with you that the first array will have the more immediate effect.
    If you somehow notice that you need better wisdom, you cab easily raise wis to 14 and make con 15 preparing for resilient con.
    In the meantime, you could also as already suggested, take warcaster.

    Generally: don't sweat it.

    To the poster above me:
    You can't take resilient more than once.

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    I played this multiclass as a deep gnome in a home brew game.
    I would choose array 2
    I would get Res Con EARLY as lots of the spells you play are concentration

    You keep Diviner Roles to force save or suck/fail spells so stat not as important for ASI. (I never spent an ASI on stat and we played to lv12)
    Standout spells
    Clr - Bless (main concentration spell at low level)
    Absorb elements (get later)
    Shield - (Sleep at ealy level then replace with Shield)
    Flaming Sphere (used all the way)
    Web (used all the way)
    Counterspell (Key spell)
    Evards Black Tenticals
    Conjuring Elemental (Surprisingly useful for us)

    Get any rituals you can as they are free to use (no slot) and give lots of game utility

    We were playing to test 5e and our gm allowed a house rule of two concentration spells
    If you are playing standard, the Concentration rule MASSIVELY shapes how you play.
    your memorisation decision becomes which Concentration spell will I cast today (likely highest level) and then what other non-concentration could be vaguely useful

    Generally high level combat will look like
    Cast concentration spell
    Sustain and plink with ranged weapon / cantrip and swoop in with save the day CounterSpell or DivinerSave or Suck

    Character was a very solid contributor to the group, however play style is more like a supporter

    Re skills, I also picked Medicine and Religion for RP/Theme mechanical reasons but hardly used them. Investigation is very usefull as you will have the party highest and some situations need it instead of Perception

    Have fun!
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