D&D 5E Help me optimize Bladesinger w/ 3 Potential feat at lvl 1 and decently rolled stats!


Hey everyone, I'm going to be playing in a Icewind dale campaign soon starting from level 1 - level 15, and I wanted to be a bladesinger since I've never played a wizard, before let alone a Gish style character before and needed some help making an optimized character!

Setting It's going to be Icewind dale (please no spoiler) so was thinking Con Save Prof is a must ( Don't care for Cold Resistance )
Level 1 - 15
Base AS 16, 16, 15, 14, 13, 10
Race Custom Lineage is allowed ( I was thinking Shadar Kai maybe )
Starting Feat is allowed
Backgrounds Feat are allowed (Lucky, Tough, etc)
Possible Party Moon Druid | Barb? | Cleric 1 / Fighter X Dex based | Warlock | Me
Special Note: My DM allows for Shadowblade + BB/GFB Combo

I definitely want to be a huge threat with Shadowblade + SCAGtrips as from what I've been told by DM Icewind dale is almost always dim light, but I keep seeing potential fall off of using Shadowblade. I was following a build from d4: D&D Deep Dive for my bladesinger but I feel like there can be a way more tailored version seeing how I can start with 2 or 3 really good feats and decent stats.

To summarize the build from D&D Deep Dive with my modification of what I was going to go was:

My Slightly Modified Blade Singer from the Bladesinger 2.0 - D&D: Optimized #19 on YT

Shadar Kai
Class: Wizard, Bladesinger, 15
Starting Stats:
10 STR / 18 DEX (16 + 2 Race) / 16 CON (15+1 Resilient) / 17 INT (16 + 1 INT) / 13 WIS / 14 CHA
Starting Feat: Resilient CON
Background: "Rewarded" for Lucky Feat
ASIs: Elven Accuracy (18 INT) @4, 20 DEX @8, 20 INT or War Caster or Resilient @12
Starting Equipment: Gold buy w/ 2x Short Swords, Leather Armor, Spellbook, etc.
Key Spells by char level BB/GFB + Find Familiar @1, Misty Step, Shadowblade, Mirror Image @3, Summon Fey (For Fuming) @5, Animate Object (Tiny Objects) @9

Basic Tactic
[What’s the best spell to use for your concentration? By spell level:

Level 2: Shadowblade
Level 3: Summon Fey (unless you’re in dim light/darkness and have two weapon attacks, then Shadow Blade)
Level 4: Summon Fey
Level 5: Animate Objects*
Level 6: Animate Objects** from enemy AC 0-15, Tenser’s Transformation beyond that
Level 7: Animate Objects**

*Unless enemy is resistant to non-magical weapon attacks, then go Shadowblade

**Unless enemy is resistant to non-magical weapon attacks and you have a magical weapon, then go Tenser’s Transformation (if they’re resistant and you have no magical weapon, go Shadow Blade)
Would love to do insane damage as a melee wizard, and still do wizardry stuff it it calls for an still be versatile but I feel like there's so much you can do with 3 feats esp thinking about maybe feats like Strike of the giant (fire) as I can't imagine many things in a frozen area will be resistant to fire or with Strike of the giant (hill) the extra damage is nice plus a chance that eventually you knock something prone or use up a legendary save or something.

Not sure what is possible / optimized but just throwing out things that could be interesting. Not really dead set on one thing or another and open to ideas that make a badass Blade Singer Gish.

Excited to see how smart people use to optimize this!

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