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D&D 5E Rainbow Tempest. Zard Original BG3 Build. Playable level 1-12.


In Baldurs Gate two weapon fighting sucks right? Well it's decent at level 1-4 and Act 3 lower city. This is because things like tavern brawler exist and Paladins along with the -5/+10 feats.

But what if you know what you're doing?

Level 8 screenshots but you can do this level 6-7.


16-42 damage primary hand 16-35 off hand. No -5 to hit required.

Required equipment is mostly Act 1. Towards the end. Replace the charge bound Warhammer with Cacophony and BoL with the shining Staver of Skulls for an earlier version.

The build switches on the nautiloid and is playable up until the final boss (not optimal then but no melee build is).

Basic concept. Add lots of damage onto as many attacks as you can make. Not trying to beat the metabolism just get TWF within sniffing distance eg not suck.

Race doesn't matter I'm a haf orc in this situation.

Feats used are dual wielder. I'm also using Savage attacker but that's more nice to have vs needed. I am using strength elixirs but you can go dexterity based if you have objections.

Basic Build. Fighter level 1-6, war cleric 1 or 2 then fighter. EK required for charge bound Warhammer otherwise use whatever.

Relevant items. You can use whatever boots, cloak or helmet you like.

Charge Bound Warhammer. Replace with Cacophony if you don't want to be an elritch knight. 1d6 lightning damage.

Flawed Helldusk gloves. 1d4 fire damage. In Act 3 these become helldusk gloves. Act 1 replacement use whatever you like/prefer/have.

Caustic Band. Acquired from underdark vendor Act 1.

Strange Conduit ring. Githyanki Creche. Requires concentration on a spell for d4 psychic damage. Expeditious retreat or protection from Evil are my go to or use a scroll of blur, stoneskin etc. Whispering promise ring is an acceptable earlier substitute.

Broodmothers Revenge. 1d6 poison damage if you heal. Raspberries are a free action and heal you 1 hp. Otherwise drink a potion, eat a good berry or friendly cleric with healing word (ideally with healing equipment). Kill Kagha to aquire. 45 raspberries at least are in ACT 1.

Weapons. Charge Bound Warhammer /Blood Of Lathender. You have wiggle room here. Generally use any weapon with bonus damage dice. Other early game options include Shining Staver of Skulls, Phalar Aluve, Cacophony. Dexterity based options short swords and daggers without the dual wielder feat or Phalar Aluve and Larethian Wrath with the feat. Short Sword Options First Blood, Knife of the Undermountain King, and Life Stealing (Act 2).

You can also use a shadow blade and resonance stone combo. Requires the ring and end of act two. One can exploit hirelings to get two permanent shadowblades. I have heard you ca al get flame blades but haven't confirmed it. Without exploits 1 blade and screaming blade and strange Conduit ring works. Vulnerability to psychic damage.......

The Drakethroat Glaive is available from Moonrise towers. You can cast elemental weapon from it. One can twin it. In this situation I used the thunder option. Having a sorcerer is my hard or having a camp one. Early Act two they Essentially have unlimited sorcery points via angelic slumber potion in moon rise tower.

I'm also using the fleshmelter cloak, titan string bow, diadem if arcane synergy. The diadem let's you add your spellcasting modifier to weapon damage. Fighters modifier is intelligence, adding a war cleric last make it wisdom. 16 stat, 14 con, 16 dexterity is your default stats.

Armor. Yuan ti armor, armor of agility Act 3, best medium armor you can aquire Act 1 (generally grymforge). Graceful cloth if dexterity based (cast mage armor).

That's the guts of the build. If you are not planning on respecting you just have to pick a direction and go with it. Endgame build would be Fighter 11/War Cleric 1. The War Cleric is optional if you're Eldritch Knight or have enough scrolls. You need a concentration spell to trigger strange Conduit ring.

Low level. Generally short swords and daggers until 4 where you can take the dual wielder feat. Ruined village has a +1 dagger, shortsword and haste helm so you can get them around level 2 or 3.
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