WOIN Human Explorer Conflict
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    Human Explorer Conflict


    I am looking in my PDF (Version 1.1) and for the Human's Explorer trait is says:
    Explorers. Driven by an inquisitive, exploratory nature, Humans gain bonus XP equal to their grade every time they take a journey of more than one week. They cannot gain this bonus more than once per month.
    But the website lists its as:
    Explorers. Driven by an inquisitive, exploratory nature, Humans recharge their LUC pool every time they stand on a planet new to them (future humans), go to a country new to them (modern humans), or take a wilderness journey of more than one week's length (fantasy humans).
    However, I cannot find where it changed. Since characters can already replenish their LUC pool once per day (and often more with exploits) it seems pretty underwhelming. The number of times that this will come into play is very minimal since it would refresh with the new day anyways (if they are travelling there is very little incentive to not refresh it daily and it would be at max). The rare circumstance would be if you happened to have an encounter the day right before the end of the week of travel.

    Any insight that can be given is much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Your PDF is correct.
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