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    Thoughts on evolving exploits

    While I was working on a Mass Effect conversion for Shadowrun, specifically with biotic stuff, it got me thinking about how to implement a similar kind of leveling system for exploits and stuff. Now, obviously, a system like that wouldn't work with all exploits, but it could be very useful as an upgraded version of some psi stuff, among other things. A system like that would be undoubtedly awesome, but at the same time, it'd come with a few caveats that might need addressing. For instance, how does one cleanly denote an upgradeable exploit vs. a non-upgradeable one? How does one handle XP costs for this, too?

    If you need any assistance visualising what I'm trying to say, look at Mass Effect 2 or Mass Effect 3's power stuff. Failing that, I could mock up a neat little table.

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    The mutations in Action Careers are exploits with three levels each. I think the concept works pretty well, and will likely do more of that stuff in future.

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    Oh, right, yeah, mutations are a thing.

    At any rate, this is something I put together using the idea to demonstrate my concept, and also using my obsession with pretty tables.
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    This replaces Mind Shield, Shield Other, and Mental Fortress with one levelable exploit.

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