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    Sorry, no Felan martial arts. Their's is a game of cunning subterfuge and manipulative social one-upmanship. I've been playing with some new social mechanics. I hope they work out because they really define the Felans, in my mind.
    I am intrigued. Sounds like it’ll be as different from Vendalyr as Boria, which is as it should be. I assume Spartans probably have a few martial arts ... anyway, I distress. Pleased with Vendalyr (having finished the read between last night and today).

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    @ M3 Woods. If you do as good a job on the Felans sourcebook as you did with the Venetians it'll be well worth all the effort you put into it. I wish you all the best in your endeavour.
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    Thanks for the votes of confidence, guys. It pleases me knowing Vendalyr is appreciated. Again, thank you.
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