Homebrew Exploding Toads! Turtle Grenades!
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    Exploding Toads! Turtle Grenades!

    Inspired by the Polymorph Is a Bad Debuff thread, I have created a new category of critters that might make Polymorph a more fun debuff.

    Torgue Beasts

    These underdark animals tend to be tiny, palm-of-the-hand sized animals, and they all share a distinctive light and dark checkerboard coloration that is nature's way of screaming DON'T TREAD ON ME. The lighter color even seems to shimmer when seen with darkvision in darkness and dim light. Torgue beasts all share the following properties.

    DON'T TREAD ON ME: when a torgue beast is dropped to 0 hit points by force, bludgeoning, piercing or slashing damage, it explodes. Each creature within 5 feet of that point must succeed on a DC 12 Dexterity saving throw or take 3d6 EXPLOSIVE damage.

    Chain Reaction: A torgue beast caught in an explosion is automatically dropped to 0 hit points and the original blast is augmented. That blast deals +1 damage and its area increases to include a 5 foot radius around this torgue beast. Resolve all torgue beasts caught in the explosion before determining how any other creatures are affected.

    Torgue Toad
    This warty fellow with yellow and black coloration uses the same statistics as a frog with the torgue beast properties. Hags delight in polymorphing adventurers into a torgue toad. A creature polymorphed into a torgue toad is vulnerable to EXPLOSIVE damage, automatically failing any related saving throw and suffering double damage.

    Torgue Turtle
    This cute little guy sports a white and black checkerboard shell that provides no protection (AC 10). It has 1 hit point, and a crawling speed of 1 foot. Goblins often carry a few of them to use as weapons. As an action, you can throw a torgue turtle at a point up to 60 feet away. If it hits a solid surface, the shell cracks and it EXPLODES (see DON'T TREAD ON ME).


    Torgue guns share the distinctive checkerboard pattern with torgue beasts. So are the beasts named after the gun, or is the gun named after the beasts? Which came first, the turtle or the gun? The answer is simple: EXPLOSIONS! (History check, DC 2)

    The checkerboard coloration on a torgue beast forms a mystical connection to the Weave, making these underdark animals inherently magical. The legendary dwarf smith applied this knowledge in the crafting of his guns. This is why a Torgue gun is decorated with its signature checkerboard pattern. (Arcana or Nature, DC 15)

    Sharktocrab! I mean, so whaddya think?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Satyrn View Post
    Hey, at least your thread got replies! Nobody replies to mine
    Ok, I can kinda see why.

    BTW, a friend & fellow GM back in the day used to say "Pop like a toad!" usually in reference to some monster or character being attacked by something quite potent, or taking a lot of damage. Never did get the reference...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Vargas View Post
    Ok, I can kinda see why.

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