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D&D 5E Homebrew Psionic Druid Subclass-Thoughts?

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This one may indeed need retooling or dialing back a bit, but would it be a hindrance or opportunity? I imagine having a character with this feature would change the way an entire party sees and interacts with everything. But is it too much? That’s a thinker.
I think the only part that feels off to me, more from a lore than mechanics perspective, is the Speak with Plants part.

The rest feels correct per the lore you are establishing and the mechanics.

It's similar to the Circle of Spores ability, but better

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Honestly the original concept was going to be that it was an ectoplasmic construct. Ectoplasm in this situation being a semi solid psychoactive material manifested from the ethereal. So…not so much an illusion as a thought given mass.

I’ve trimmed a lot of fat off the subclass and it does what I want and envisioned but is it still too much?
Yeah, in this case it is a telekinetic mind that is manifesting Ethereal Force.

Ectoplasm doesnt really exist in 5e. However, "ether" exists, and the Ethereal Plane overlapping the Material Plane pervades matter with ethereal forces.

Plus, since "ectoplasm" is the stuff of ghosts, this too is ether anyway.

An ether Construct is the same thing as a Force Construct (which exists in 5e). A Force Construct might be the force of an Ethereal Ghost, the force of an illusory Fey manifestation or a quasireal shadowstuff of a Shadowfell manifestation, or the force of an artistic telekinetic.

Whether something is an Illusion (quasi reality) or a Dunomancy (force effect), depends on the nature of the effect. For example, the spells Leomunds Tiny Hut, Shield, and I add Mage Armor are solid objects made out of force. One might think of these as solid Illusions, but they are simple force fields, so Dunomancy. I add Unseen Servant to Dunomancy. By contrast, an effect that resembles the appearance of a material reality or even permanently becomes this, would be an Illusion − and Mage Armor might be this unless understood as a repelling invisible aura of force.
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I would drop the familiar and make a stat block for the summon. Mostly to reduce the number of things to keep track of, but also being able to summon any type of beast is a bit strong. (5.24 will also reduce the number you can wild shape into, as well as move it to level 3).

Perhaps the summon gets weaker (vulnerability to all damage, min damage, reduced size) if it's more than 60' away from you. So you still have some familiar-ish scouting.

I would also put a once per short rest limit on the concentration check network, especially if you can have the Barbarian roll a save for the Wizard. It's a cool effect to do every once in a while, but too much to be permanent. And you already have the shared sense benefit.


Made the following revisions:

-Wild Telepathy: At 6th level, your growing mental strength begins to blur the boundaries between individual minds. You gain the ability to communicate telepathically with any creature within 60 feet of you. You do not need to share a language with the creature for it to understand you. This form of telepathy allows you to communicate mentally with beasts as if you were under the effect of the Speak With Animals spell.

-Shared Consciousness: At 10th level, you learn to link the minds of your allies into a telepathic network. As a Bonus Action, you can link a number of willing allies within 60 feet of you equal to your Wisdom modifier. While connected you gain the following benefits:

-Allies linked to your network gain access to your Wild Telepathy feature, but they do not gain the ability to communicate with Beasts.

-You may cast your spells through a linked ally as if they were the source of the casting.

-If you fail a Constitution save to maintain concentration on a spell, you may draw upon the strength of a linked ally. Choose one ally in your network to make a Constitution saving throw for you as a reaction. If they succeed, you maintain concentration on your spell.

This telepathic network connection is severed if you fall unconscious, die, sleep, or will it to end as a Bonus Action.

bedir than

Full Moon Storyteller
Going over the various official Constructs to find something similar and one came up rather quickly -- the Living Unseen Servant, a type of Construct that is a spell that never goes away. There's a Living Demiplane as well.

There's also the Fractal Mascot, which is basically math that can kill you.
Shadow Duplicate is only the fourth of the first 50 Constructs from CR 0 to 1/2.

So they're really rare, but that Servant and Fractal are very appropriate for what you are going for

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