[WOIN] What's Old is... (O.L.D. advice)
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    [WOIN] What's Old is... (O.L.D. advice)

    What's old is Me! It's been many years since I've hung out on ENWorld. But recently my DM told us he wants to use O.L.D. for our next fantasy campaign. I bought the book and was surprised to see Morrus's name on the cover. Nice work! I look forward to playing it.

    I have a couple of questions, maybe someone who has played O.L.D. can help me out.

    1. I'm making a Druid character and I could use some examples. Has anyone posted a druid character online that I can look at? maybe with some spells?

    2. I found a few different versions of the O.L.D. rules. Which should we use? Which are you using?
    • Core Rulebook version 1.1 - This is what's currently for sale.
    • O.L.D. Errata (v1.1c) - This seems to have not only corrections but also some significant changes, e.g. casting a spell is reduced to 1 action.
    • O.L.D. v1.2 Playtest Version - This is available in the downloads section but I don't know how complete and "official" it is.

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    The v1.2 playtest is the latest version. That (with some resultant changes from the player feedback) is whats going to be the imminent v1.2 and what will replace the v1.1 book currently on sale.

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    Thanks. Our campaign won't start for a little while, so 1.2 may be out by that time.

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    Hi Len,
    Here's an example druid. I built him as a fighter/mage, with the maximum base ranged and melee defense and the maximum 5d6 dice pool in one regular attack and one magical skill type. He won't necessarily be the best in the party at either magic or fighting, but he'll be able to do both pretty well. I did not flesh out his magical expertise or give him a spell list...that's for you to decide!
    Okay with that intro, first, the build:
    Sylvan Elf: AGI+2, END+2, MAG+2, Bows 1, Nature 1, Stealth 1; all the racial exploits.
    Primitive: STR +1, AGI+1, END+1, INT+1, survival 1, tracking 1; fleet
    Druid: INT+1, WIL+1, AGI +1, MAG+1, spellcraft 1, [magical#1] 1; nature priest (secret of plants, beasts)
    Mage: LOG+1, AGI+1, REP+1, MAG+1, spellcraft, [magical#1] 1; arcane knowledge base [magical#2, magical#3, magical#4, magical #5, secret of air
    Druid: INT+1, WIL+1, AGI+1, MAG+1, spellcraft 1, [magical#1] 1; beast form
    Druid: INT+1, WIL+1, AGI+1, MAG+1, meditation 1, dodge 1; greater beast form
    Final touches: Aim exploit, deadly strike exploit as your freebie, Deadeye trait, and assuming you roll about average, the Young exploit to boot.

    Now, the result:

    Barky E. Greenthumb; a young deadeye sylvan elf druid who [hook]
    Medium Fey, Age:108, Grade 5; max dice pool 5d6
    Hook: ??
    STR 4 (2d6) AGI 10 (4d6) END 6 (3d6) INT 7 (3d6) LOG 4 (2d6) WIL 6 (3d6) CHA 3 (2d6) LUC 3 (2d6) REP 1 (1d6) MAG 6 (3d6) Magic points: 18
    Health: [6d6 roll; average 21]

    Combat section
    Melee Defense 19; Ranged Defense 18; Mental Defense 14; Vital Defense 11
    Soak 7 (studded leather and mail coif); Vuln
    Initiative 3d6 Perception 3d6
    Speed 6 (8 outdoors); Climb 6; Swim 3; Jump 20/4; Carry 100 lb.
    Actions: 2. Natural Damage: 1d6+2
    Unarmed attack 4d6 (2d6+2 blunt)
    Longsword attack 4d6 (4d6+2 slashing)
    Longbow attack 5d6 (3d6+2 piercing, 18 increment)
    Shapechanged tiger claw attack 7d6 (5d6+5 piercing)

    Skills Bows 1, Dodging 1, Meditation 1, Nature 1, Spellcraft 3, Stealth 1, Survival 1, Tracking 1, [Magical#1] 3, [Magical#2] 1, [Magical#3] 1, [Magical#4] 1, [Magical#5] 1
    Secrets Beasts, Plants, One other
    Gear (starting gp = 100 or (REP roll+LUC roll) x20; for this build I assumed an average 3d6 roll of 11 = 220 gp)
    Remaining money: 21gp. Gear weight: 42.5 lb.
    Longsword (15, 4), Longbow (70, 4), attuned wand (50, 0, holds 12 MP), studded leather armor (50, 20), Mail coif (3, 1), Mail gloves (3, 1), Backpack (4, 2), Blanket (0.5, 3), Crowbar (1, 4), Flint and steel (1, 0.5), Waterskin (1, 2), Whetstone (0.5, 1)
    Agile. May increase AGI instead of a different career attribute (once per career taken)
    Fey. Fey type.
    Healthy. Immune to non-magical illness and disease.
    Nature Affinity. Can communicate with animals.
    Longevity. Multiply career years x4
    Trance. Does not need to sleep.
    Tree-dwellers. Gain Climb equal to speed.
    Unimpeded. Not slowed by difficult terrain.
    Fleet. +2 speed in outdoors, non-urban environments.
    Nature Priest. Secret of plants, beasts.
    Arcane Knowledge base
    . Secret of ???; 4 new magical skills at rank 1.
    Beast Form. Once per day, you may turn into a medium or small beast for up to one hour. You cannot speak but retain your mental attributes.
    Greater Beast Form
    . You may now become a large or tiny beast.
    Aim. +1d6 bonus to a ranged attack roll taken in the same turn. The attack action must come immediately after the aim action.
    Deadly Strike. +1d6 damage
    Young. Once per day, you may declare a dice pool exploding.
    Trait. Deadeye: once per day, you can automatically hit with a ranged attack out to 2 range increments. You cannot exchange attack dice for damage dice on this attack and cannot combine it with other exploits.
    Careers. Primitive, Druid, Mage, Druid, Druid.
    Character Description. Barky grew up in the forest, doing regular elf stuff hunting, caring for plants, using goblins as target practice. Despite a complete lack of formal education, a local shaman saw magical potential in him and began his training. But Barky soon got tired of that and decided to study with the best of the best at a local grand elf magical university. 12-16 years later, his professors suggested he was more suited to self study, so he returned to his beloved forest. Recently, hes learned how to turn into a tiger. Cool! And hes practiced this ability in the local human village. Not cool! So hes been asked to leave. What group of daring adventurers might like to join forces with this young, impetuous, warrior/mage elf?
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    Quote Originally Posted by easl View Post
    Here's an example druid.
    That's great, thanks!

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