WOIN Let's Have A Closer Look At The WOIN Starter Set Contents!

So much stuff all in one box!


With the all-new starter set just around the corner, here's a quick look at what you'll find inside! This boxed set is crammed with stuff--and it contains everything you need to start play with the What's OLD is NEW roleplaying game system. The boxed set comes with a 68-page softcover rulebook, three 20-page adventures (one for each era of play), three poster-sized battlemaps, a sheet of cardboard tokens, 18 pregenerated character handouts, and 8 six-sided dice. Everything you need to play for just £24!

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A 60-Page Rulebook
This softcover rulebook contains all the rules you need to start play, along with a bestiary of about 40 monsters and foes.



3 Thrilling Adventures
WOIN is designed for fantasy, modern, and sci-fi adventures, and so we have an adventure for each!


18 Pregenerated Characters
18, you say? Yes, we have three adventuring parties ready to use. There's the fantasy-themed Grey Fellowship, the modern Alpha Squad, and the futuristic crew of the Starship Murphy! We talked more about these characters in an earlier preview.


3 Reversible Poster-Sized Battlemaps
One for each adventure, one side shows specific locations in the adventure, and the other side is a generic terrain for use in that genre.

Monster & Character Tokens
Cardboard tokens fo represent your characters and their foes in play!


And, of course, a set of 8 six-sided dice... because you wouldn't get far without those!

It all looks so good that we even made a trailer for it!


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Well, that was fun
Staff member
Anyway. Very curious how you put all those stuff into 68 pages. Will be backing for sure.
It looks something like this:

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 10.30.26 AM.png

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