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WOIN Let’s Take A Look At The All-New What's OLD is NEW Starter Set!

Three adventures, a rulebook, poster maps, tokens, and dice!


This flexible tabletop roleplaying game, which can be used for heroic fantasy, explosive modern action, and futuristic science fiction adventures, comes with a fully open, non-revocable third party license. Welcome to What's OLD is NEW!

Coming next month to Kickstarter is a boxed set which contains everything you need to start play!

In addition to a 32-page rulebook, poster maps, tokens, pregenerated characters, and dice, the upcoming What's OLD is NEW starter set contains three short adventures, one for each genre of play--fantasy, modern, and sci-fi. These adventures are designed for use with the pregenerated characters and should take 1-2 sessions of play.


Dilemma and Decay​

The stench of decomposing vegetation and stagnant water hangs in the air like a thick, inescapable fog, permeating the once-vibrant Verdalon Woods. Can the Grey Fellowship find the culprit responsible and undo the damage, or is it too late to reverse this most unnatural of disasters? A fantasy adventure by Anthony Alipio.


Habits and Happenstance​

When the Alpha Squad witnesses a violent attack upon a supposedly innocent bystander, they're drawn into a web of conspiracy, corruption, and public transportation. To solve the mystery - and stay alive - the party must ally with an ancient order of nuns; learn how to exploit their enemy's weaknesses; and possibly even commit a high-stakes subway train heist. A modern horror adventure by DM Sarah.


Zephdon Station's Silence​

A distress signal from Zephdon Station prompts the megacorporation Chen Zua to recruit a group of spacefarers to investigate, rescue any personnel on board, and salvage important data from the research facility. But the space station hides a dark secret, and this mission quickly becomes a much more complicated task than the crew of the starship Murphy signed up for! A science fiction adventure by Mike Myler.


Starter Rulebook​

This softcover rulebook contains all the rules you'll need to start play. Also included is a bestiary of nearly 40 fantasy, modern, and sci-fi monsters and foes to challenge your heroes, including bounty hunters, carnivorous plants, ghosts, goblins, trolls, droids, soldiers, xenomorphs, and more.


Maps and Counters​

3 reversible poster maps (one for each adventure, showing key locations) and cardboard monster and NPC counters. The reverse side of each shows a generic genre-applicable terrain (grass, concrete, and bulkhead) with a one-inch grid. These are not the final designs.


Pregenerated Characters​

18 pregenerated characters ready for play! The Grey Fellowship, the Alpha Squad, and the crew of the Starship Murphy each represent the fantasy, modern, and sci-fi genres respectively.

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This is very cool news! But may I suggest that EN Publishing consider VTT versions of these three scenarios? A lot of people play their RPGs mainly online these days (including myself) and a large audience segment will be missed by not making this ruleset and its accompanying adventures VTT-friendly on at least one of the popular platforms. Personally I'd really rather have the money that is spent on the physical maps and cardboard tokens put towards VTT options instead. I'm unlikely to ever use those physical props and would rather save some paper/cardboard and kill the environment with electrons instead. :p

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