Grey Fellowship, Alpha Squad, Starship Murphy: Meet the Pregens in the What's OLD is NEW Starter Set!

6 fantasy, 6 modern, and 6 sci-fi pregenerated characters come in the boxed set.


What's OLD is NEW, first released in 2016, is a mid-crunch (think 5E, but different) tabletop roleplaying game which is designed for fantasy, modern, and sci-fi adventuring. It features d6 dice pools, lifepath character creation, a flexible magic system, and much more. It is well-supported with a wide range of additional rulebooks and adventures.

This all-new What's OLD is NEW (WOIN) Starter Set coming to Kickstarter in a couple of weeks is perfect for those new to the game, or for existing GMs looking to introduce players to the system. The boxed set comes with a 68-page softcover rulebook, three 20-page adventures (one for each era of play), three poster-sized battlemaps, a sheet of cardboard tokens, 18 pregenerated character handouts, and 8 six-sided dice. Everything you need to play for just £24!

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Take a look at the pre-generated characters you get in the box! There's 18 of them--6 fantasy, 6 modern, and 6 sci-fi--designed to be used as three adventuring parties, but you can mix and match them if you want.


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I must say that I love the look of this boxed set - the layout and art are fantastic - and the amount and type of content is a great value. I’ve haven’t tried out WOIN yet so I think I’ll get this to try it out.

I’m been looking for a system for a couple of home brew settings I GM in that I currently play with 5E and HERO System 6E. Maybe WOIN would work better…

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