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News Digest for the Week of January 20
  • 0
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! OGL v1.2 draft released, new Star Trek Adventures Mission Briefs, glittery liquid dice from Fanroll Dice, and more! For a quick summary...
Podcast #76 O.L.D. Is Brand New Again
  • 0
This week, Morrus and Peter talk about the updates for the new revised edition of O.L.D., the fantasy roleplaying game using the What’s OLD is NEW System. In the news, another new D&D Unearthed...
Luna-1 Is Now Available!
  • 2
Missed it when we sold out on the first day at UKGE? Luna-1 for Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000AD! Now available in softcover and PDF from DTRPG!
Spirits of Manhattan Now Available!
  • 15
There's a new WOIN book in town, and you can grab it right now in PDF format over on DriveThruRPG! SPIRITS OF MANHATTAN is the latest in the "W Series" (the series which has included Xenomorphs, Dark Decade, and Santiago).

WOIN Catch The Most Wanted Criminal In The Galaxy!

  • 3
Looks Amazing! Can't wait to sink my teeth in!
W2 Dark Decade: From Dust To Dawn
  • 0
Released this weekend was the second in the "W"-Series of genre-spanning adventures for WOIN, which started with W1 Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing, and continues with W2 Dark Decade: From Dust to Dawn. Explore New York in 1980s, against a backdrop of vampires and worse!
Sector 49: A Judge Dredd Livestream
  • 0
Our friends over at Tablestory will be live streaming their Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD campaign!

2000AD Behold This Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD Tabletop RPG Hardcover!

  • 16
Why, that appears to be a thing you have...!
The Empire State Building: A State of the Empire Preview
  • 0
It's time for another look at the upcoming Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD core rulebook - in particular, a map of the Empire State Building from the introductory adventure "State of the Empire"!
Take A Sneak Peek At The Cover Of The Upcoming WOIN Starship Recognition Manual!
  • 5
Over 80 starships from various races, ranging from Class 0 shuttles and fighters all the way up to Class XVIII carriers and battleships, by way of cruisers, frigates, destroyers, liners, transports, freighters, and more! This book contains ready-made starships for use in your WOIN games (compliant with the Starship Construction Manual). Coming Soon!
83 Starships For Your WOIN Games!
  • 11
This week's WOIN update isn't a PDF - it's something much, much bigger! We have 83 starships for you, fully statted and illustrated! Need to grab an appropriate vessel for your PCs or a suitable foe for an epic space battle? Need the stats of that pirate ship, Spartan destroyer, or nimble freighter? You'll find civilian ships, plus ships from the United Space Force, Venetians, Borians, Ogrons, and Spartans!
The Moons of Boria: The WOIN Borian Sourcebook Is Here!
  • 3
There's a new What's OLD is NEW (WOIN) sourcebook in town for the sci-fi gamers out there. The Borians are a core race in N.E.W. The Science Fiction Roleplaying Game, and now they have their own expansion - 30 pages detailing their culture, physiology, homeworld, along with new careers, exploits, equipment, and starships. If you're playing a Borian, or running a game with Borians in it, this book contains a trove of information. Special thanks go to wacksteven and the crew of Turn Order: Warped, especially PeachyPixel8, who provided welcome inspiration for this book!
EONS #61: Ten Magical Careers
  • 6
WOIN fans asked for them, and here they are! EONS #61: Ten Magical Careers. WOIN fans have been asking for new magical careers for a while now, and so we present you with TEN of them for your O.L.D. fantasy campaign! The Archmage, Battlemage, Enchanter, Healer, Icemage, Illusionist, Magician, Shaman, Soothsayer, and Witch/Warlock add to the seven magical careers in the core rules, taking you up to 17. Only on EONS, the official Patreon of the WOIN roleplaying game system.
Merry Christmas! Here's Two Free Books!
  • 19
It's Christmas! I hope everybody has a wonderful time. There won't likely be much news over the festive period, but I wanted to offer a free gift to those who are kind enough to swing by EN World over Christmas. If you're a fan of science fiction or fantasy RPGs which aren't D&D, I have attached PDFs of the character creation sections of both N.E.W. and O.L.D. from the WOIN (What's OLD is NEW) roleplaying game system - a lifepath based d6 system which enables you to create a wide variety of characters, and mix and match different genres as you wish. These will only be here over the Christmas period, so grab 'em quick! And if you create a character, post it in the comments. I'll send a hardcover of the full NEW game to my favourite.
Houseki, Pajak, Jamila, & Zetan: 4 NEW Alien Races
  • 0
New on EONS, the official magazine of the WOIN replaying game system. The Houseki are a race of good-natured, ponderous crystalline beings. The Pajak are greedy insectoids. The Jamila are beautiful humanoids who exude strong pheromones. And the Zetans are a race of phased beings who move with incredible speed. All of them are official new player-character races.

[Reposting] NEW Alien Race Competition

  • 22
One of my favorite concepts in Sci-Fi is Uplift, where advanced races take sub-sapient creatures and advance them to full sapience for various reasons. So, I created a few Uplift Races for NEW...
Download the six iconic pregens from the W.O.I.N. Starter Set!
  • 7
The What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. Starter Set is nearly done, and will be available soon, but RIGHT NOW you can download the six iconic pregens as PDFs! These six include Alejandra Vanistos, tech wizard, Ben Madjos, international superspy, Gorrat, Ogron star marine, Mandallan, honorable knight, Dr. TikTok, android medic, and Selena, firemage extraordinaire - two iconic pregenerated characters each from O.L.D., N.E.W., and N.O.W., the trilogy of games which makes up What's O.L.D. is N.E.W.
N.E.W. Character Creation Book [Feb 2015]
  • 28
I have just uploaded N.E.W. Character Creation Book [Feb 2015] to the downloads area. This 73-page playtest book details character creation in N.E.W., including species, careers, exploits, and equipment. Careers have undergone an extensive overhaul, and all the latest changes and updates have been applied, including to derived statistics. The equipment section is a trimmed section designed for starter characters; it doesn't include drugs, cybernetics, vehicles, upgrades, or customizations from previous documents. You can find the file here in the downloads section.

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