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Why Back The What's OLD is NEW Starter Box Kickstarter?

Open-licensed, incredible value, well-supported, VTT support, fast fulfillment... and its pretty!


Thanks to all of our loyal backers, our project is off to a great start. We're nearly halfway through the Kickstarter campaign, the project is fully funded (four times over!) and we're excited to deliver the rewards as quickly as we always do!

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What's OLD is NEW has been around since 2016, is a bestseller on DTRPG, and has a loyal fanbase. The 'main' game is represented by three standalone hardcover rulebooks (ie you only need one of the three, although all three are fully compatible) representing heroic fantasy, explosive modern action, and futuristic sci-fi respectively.


This Kickstarter is for a brand new Starter Box. It contains a streamlined versions of the rules, a ton of pregenerated characters from various genres, three adventures, and everything else you need to start play right away.


But if you haven't checked it out yet, here's a few reasons why you should!
  • It's a fully open-licensed game, using Open Gaming, Creative Commons, and Open RPG Creative (ORC) license. This means that anybody can create material for it and sell it. If recent 'open' licensing issues have hit your radar, you'll know that it's more important now than ever that fully open games, using non-rescindable licenses, be put out there.
  • It's incredible value! With 3 adventures, a 60+ page rulebook, reversible poster maps, tokens, and dice, there's a lot in the box.
  • It's well-supported! There's a full online rules suite and bestiary, various web-tools and generators (including a character builder), and a ton of existing supplements and adventures.
  • We have VTT Support! For free we include a VTT asset pack including tokens and maps, plus WOIN is already on Fantasy Grounds and Foundry, and there are Roll20 character sheets. We're speaking to other VTT platforms to widen that scope even further!
  • We fulfill fast! If you've backed one of our Kickstarters before you'll know we do all the hard work BEFORE launching the Kickstarter. The digital versions are ready to go, and you'll get them the moment the Kickstarter ends. The physical boxed set is all set up with the printers/manufacturers, and they're just waiting for us to give them the go-ahead, which we'll do as soon as the Kickstarter funds clear. You'll be amazed how fast we are.
  • It's beautiful! Well, it is rather pretty....
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But if thats not enough, let's look at a few previews. Here's three of the pregenerated characters. There are 18 of these in the box, six each of the fantasy, modern, and sci-fi genres. Below is one from each.

Screenshot 2023-07-15 at 1.25.40 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-07-15 at 1.26.13 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-07-15 at 1.24.16 PM.png

If you've been looking for a new game to jump into, this Starter Box is the ideal way to do it. You and your friends will be playing in no time!

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I can’t think of any words ending in OIN that are said like that. Coin, join, groin, loin…. well maybe you say coah-inn and joah-inn too! What do I know? :)

Tolkien names do it (so I'm assuming an early British civilization did it): Like Gloin the Dwarf.


I have never played this system. Most of the stuff seems to be for NEW... I like fantasy a lot too, but I dont see much for OLD.

Is there any known VTTs that have WOIN character sheet and stuff?

Thomas Shey

I ended up backing it at the low end even though I already have the PDFs because I'd like the system to stay viable (I wouldn't mind the hardcovers, but I can't justify either the cost or the space).

(Though my own feeling is NOW is the weak-sister of the three).


Well, that was fun
Staff member
There's a monster-hunter kind of product for NOW.

The biggest problem I saw was that I thought the NOW paranormal systems were less thought-through than the magic in OLD or the psionics in NEW.
They are 3 levels of complexity, with NOW's chi as the simplest, NEW's psionics in the middle, and OLD's magic as the most complex. That lets you choose the supernatural system which matches the rules crunch you prefer.

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