What's old is Me! It's been many years since I've hung out on ENWorld. But recently my DM told us he wants to use O.L.D. for our next fantasy campaign. I bought the book and was surprised to see Morrus's name on the cover. Nice work! I look forward to playing it.

I have a couple of questions, maybe someone who has played O.L.D. can help me out.

1. I'm making a Druid character and I could use some examples. Has anyone posted a druid character online that I can look at? maybe with some spells?

2. I found a few different versions of the O.L.D. rules. Which should we use? Which are you using?
  • Core Rulebook version 1.1 - This is what's currently for sale.
  • O.L.D. Errata (v1.1c) - This seems to have not only corrections but also some significant changes, e.g. casting a spell is reduced to 1 action.
  • O.L.D. v1.2 Playtest Version - This is available in the downloads section but I don't know how complete and "official" it is.